Meet Anna Albertini…and FUN NEWS!

on June 29, 2020

cover: Disorderly Conduct

Howdy all!  June is on its way out, and July will soon be here – hopefully with some sun for us.  We’ve had a lot of rain.  So, I have a new series about to debut, and it’s called The Anna Albertini Files.  Here’s the blurb:

Bullets and Kisses Can Burn

The last person Anna Albertini expects to see in an orange jumpsuit in District Court—a place she SO doesn’t belong as a new prosecuting attorney—is Aiden Devlin, the man who’d saved her life when they were kids. For years, she has dreamed about him. Now here he is—his eyes blue, his chest wide, and his hands in cuffs.

Sure, Aiden says he doesn’t want her help, and his ties to a deadly motorcycle club should give her warning. Yes, her new boss is a sexy Italian bad boy who might be using the case to climb to the top. Plus, the detective assigned to the case, with his green eyes and broad shoulders, wants her to stay out of his way.

With so much testosterone surrounding her all of a sudden, most women would find it hard to concentrate. This might be why the case leads Anna to yelp during a spa appointment, fall out of a tree, and chase a naked old man around the courtroom. It’s a good thing Anna learned a long time ago to be her own hero, no matter how fast the bullets fly or the kisses consume.

As you can tell, it’s a little different from my other books.  Sure, there’s some romance in the series (of course), and suspense, and a lot of humor…but it’s different in that the story is written in first person from Anna’s point of view.  I had a ball writing this first book, and I hope you like it!

Here are some buy links, if you’re interested:Barnes and Noble IconKindle IconAmazon IconiTunes IconKobo IconNook Icongoodreads Icon

For fun news, Broken (Deep Ops #3) is one of Amazon’s best books of the year so far, and it hit at #63 on the USA Today Bestseller list, so that crazy Deep Ops team is going strong, especially Roscoe.  That dog never fails to get into trouble, right?

Here are a couple of reviews:

“In the fiery, action-packed third romantic suspense novel of the Deep Ops series, Zanetti gleefully revisits the rough and ready (and sometimes ridiculous) Homeland Defense Department’s band of merry misfits… Their chemistry inevitably ignites into all the blistering sex scenes fans expect, and Zanetti introduces some exciting new faces along the way. Series readers will be chomping at the bit for what comes next.“
Publishers Weekly

“If a team of misfit agents, a dog with a drinking problem, and a swoon-worthy romance with an intense case sound like your kinda thing…. run don’t walk to grab Broken by Rebecca Zanetti. Part of the Deep Ops series, I love this group of agents and their romances…The perfect escape read.”
Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Other than that, the Zanetti crew is still social distancing and attending graduations and even weddings via the internet and Youtube.  I hope that you and yours are as safe and healthy as possible right now.



50th Book Release!

on May 30, 2020

Hi all!  It turns out that BROKEN is my 50th release, which is just crazy.  FATED released in March of 2011 and was my first book.  The 50 number includes novellas, as well.  Anyway, it has been a good release week, I’m pretty sure.  Being traditionally published (I have NY publishers), I don’t get numbers until the week after release, so I’ll know more then.  If you have the book, I hope you’re enjoying it!  If you are planning to purchase, today is a great day, considering the numbers for hitting a list close at the end of the day.  See the fascinating info you pick up here?  LOL!

Also, if you’re in Kindle Unlimited, it looks like FALLEN is in KU right now.  It’s VERY rare that my publishers put a book in KU, so if you’re interested, grab it now.  I have no idea how long it’ll be included in KU and am happily surprised to see it there.

Before I forget, we did randomly draw a name for the gift card, and I haven’t heard back from the winner yet.  As soon as I do, we’ll post the name, if it’s okay.  We’ve learned to DM or email winners directly before doing so, because that way, we can’t be scammed by a ‘false winner.’  Yes, it has sadly happened.  Jill was furious.  You guys know Jill – she manages all of my social media?  Well, she’s one of the nicest people on the planet, and seeing her so angry shouldn’t be funny, but it kind of is.  Don’t tell her that, though.

Spring has continued to hit my little neck of the woods.  Today it’s supposed to be around 88 degrees, and tomorrow it drops to 60 and rainy.  Yep, spring.  I’ll keep taking pics of the area, but today it’s smokey out there.  I’m not sure if there’s an early forest fire, or if maybe fields are being burned in the distance.  Anyway, any pics today wouldn’t be much fun. But here’s one I took a few days ago of a nook besides our deck.  It’s a pretty area, I think.

I’ve been continuing with my planner and playing with tons of stickers.  It’s a fun hobby and actually helps anxiety a little bit.  Plus, I zoom with Asa Maria Bradley and Boone Brux (awesome authors) every Sunday night, and we do our planners while gossiping.  Oh, not gossiping.  I mean chatting about the industry and planning our careers.  Yeah.  That.  🙂

So, in the Dark Protector world right now, I’m working on page proofs for Guardian’s Grace, which is Adare’s story, and those are due on Monday.  Also due on Monday is the first chapter of Rebel’s Karma, which will be Benny’s story, and the release date for that book was just set for June 8th of next year.  We also named the next book Immortal’s Honor, and it’ll be Sam’s book.  Whoo hoo!  After that…how about Garrett’s book?  Anybody?  Should we publish Garrett’s book?  🙂

For books hitting the shelves, coming up we have Vixen releasing in August (1001 Dark Nights novella), and then Guardian’s Grace ( Dark Protectors novel) in October and then Driven (Deep Ops Novel) in January.  I’ll also have a couple more releases in there of a new series that I should be able to announce soon.  It’s different than my other books in that it’s a not a romance.  Oh, there’s romance in it (of course), along with suspense and humor.  The first book is called DISORDERLY CONDUCT, and I should have a cover and a blurb to share in June.

Until then, please stay safe and healthy.  I’ll be back!

XO Rebecca

My June Plan so Far:




Celebrate with us and win a $50 Gift Card from Amazon!

on May 18, 2020

Howdy all!  I’m celebrating that BROKEN releases in just over a week.  So, I’ve decided to start blogging again – once a week on Tuesdays.  Yes, I know it’s Monday, but I promised my FB Street Team (Rebecca’s Rebels) that I’d post a contest today, so that’s why I’m here a day early.  We’ve had a rainy and beautiful spring here, and I thought I’d share a couple of my pictures along with my planning page for the week.  Also, Broken releases in a week, so I’ve added an exclusive excerpt below, just so you can get a taste of Wolfe and Dana’s romance.

I’ve decided to use one planner for my schedule, which will be busier next year when travel starts up again, and one planner for fitness/wellness, because after this whole Covid-19 situation, I’m getting healthy.  Here are my two plans for the week – both mainly using Happy Planners and their awesome stickers.  In the Big, I still have the fitness/health stuff this week, but next week I don’t.  Also, in the fitness layout, I have a place for a quote or idea from either my time on the nordictrack or the 10 minute mediation with Daily Calm.  Here are the layouts:









Anyway, it’s fun picking up a new hobby, and it has been while since I planned with all of theses fun stickers.  Next up, I have some great shots from around our house during spring.  I hope you like these!









Next up, I have an exclusive excerpt from BROKEN, and instructions for how to enter the contest are below it

Questions zinged around in Dana’s head, but she had to make sure both men were okay before getting down to business. “Did you see who shot at you this time?”

Wolfe shook his head. “No. They just scattered bullets and then got out of there. We had to run to the truck, which was a few blocks away.”

They’d run bleeding like this? Dana ignored the way the room seemed to be swirling around her. “Are you two injured anywhere else?”

“No,” Malcolm said.

“You were knocked out, Mal.” Wolfe’s eyes had gone a deep hue, and his movements were stiff. Though he stood near them, somehow he seemed far away. “It’s my fault.”

“No, it isn’t.” Mal wiped his forehead off, leaving a smear of blood across his eyebrow. “How bad is it?”

Dana turned and bile rose up her throat. The deep cut ran from his temple to above his eye,  and it was still bleeding. Honestly, it was pretty ugly. She couldn’t see bone, but there was no way a bandage would keep that skin together. “You need stitches.”

Wolfe sighed. “Let’s get you to the doctor.”

“No. You stitch it up.” Mal pressed the bloody towel to his head again. “After you take off your shirt so we can see how bad you’ve been shot. We can go to the doctor for you, if you want.”

“I’m fine,” Wolfe all but snarled.

That was it. Just plain and simple it. The room smelled like blood and dirt, and Dana couldn’t take any more. Adrenaline raced through her veins, and her heart rate would not slow down. One or both of them could’ve been killed, and they were acting like it wasn’t the big deal that it really was. “Take off your damn shirt, Wolfe,” she ordered, pressing her hands to her hips. “You have two seconds. Do it, or I’ll do it for you.”

He turned then, stepping into her space, his body vibrating and his eyes ablaze. “Try it.”

Deep Ops Book 3
May 26, 2020

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CONTEST:  Comment below for a chance to win, and answer this question:  If you were stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life, with only ONE food, what would it be?  (Food, not drink.  You can have all the drinks you want).  We’ll randomly draw a name in one week and notify the winner.  Good luck!


Just checking in…

on May 14, 2020

Howdy all!  I haven’t blogged in ages, and I know most of you have subscribed to the newsletter for updates, but I thought maybe I’d pop in here and start blogging a bit more.  It has been raining constantly at the Zanetti house, and here’s a fun picture of a pretty area close to our deck.  I just like it and I love the rain.

By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, you might want to do so because I’ve partnered with twelve other authors to give away a free book to everyone each month.  This month I gave away a Lexi Blake book, and the month before that was a Larissa Ione book.  We’ve had a lot of fun with cross-promoting, to be honest.  The sign up is over to the right.

A huge thank you to all of you who are essential workers taking care of the world – from first responders, to all the medical folks, to the truckers, grocery store workers, sanitation workers, teachers working from home, and everyone else – THANK YOU!

Next, I hope you’re all doing okay.  It has certainly been a difficult time, and an odd time, for everyone.  While I’m an introvert, I’ve struggled with not being able to see family members or friends.  I do have the zoom thing down, though.  Once you learn how to make Scooby Doo or Sam and Dean Winchester your background, I figure all is good.

It feels like I’ve been on zoom calls constantly, and it’s kind of fun to wear a nice top and yoga pants with slippers.  I’ve been taking a bunch of online classes just to keep my mind engaged, and I’ve also taken up planning a lot more.  I’ve included pics of my planning pages down below.  There are quite a few author planning groups online, and it’s nice to find people as cray cray as I am about it.

On the writing front, Pivot released and hit the USA Today Bestselling list, and I’m telling you, in today’s climate, that was a good feeling.  Next up, in just under two weeks, BROKEN will release.  This is a Deep Ops book and it features Wolfe and Dana’s romance.  It was a lot of fun writing from Wolfe’s head for the first time, and yes, he’s just as nutty as he’s always been.  So is Roscoe, by the way.  I love that dog.  With bookstores mainly being closed, it’ll be interesting to see how Broken does.  I’ll keep you updated.

Also, I’m working on Driven right now, which is the next book in the series.  This one is about Angus Force and Nari Zhang, as well as that Lassiter who Force has been chasing for the entire series.  The edits are due tomorrow, and the book is up for preorder with an awesome cover.  My publisher has done a fantastic job with these covers – Driven is red and has a lot of movement in it.

Other than that, Vixen (1001 Dark Nights novella), releases in August.  It’s the second novella in the Dark Protectors/Rebels series.  Speaking of those Dark Protectors, it looks like Guardian’s Grace (Adare and Grace’s story) is up for preorder now.  It releases in October.

So, drop me a comment and let me know how you’re doing.  I’m hanging in there.  While I’m sad the Nashville, Orlando, Texas, and Scotland signings were all canceled, I know we’ll all meet up again.  Please stay safe and as healthy as you can.

XO Rebecca

Here are some of my pages for the spring – I’m having fun and learning a lot:


RANDOM CONTEST for $20 Amazon gift card

on November 28, 2018

UPDATE:  We randomly chose a winner, and congrats to Erika Mounts for winning!  We have your email address from when you filled out your comment below, and we’ll send the gift card right away.   ENJOY!

Howdy, all!  We’ve been having an issue with the blog here going out to subscribers, so I’m doing a contest really quickly to see if you get this.  To enter, you have to write a comment on the blog below.  NOT on GoodReads or Amazon, or FB.  If you see the blog on one of those sites, click on the link, come to the blog here on my website, and write a comment below.  To enter:

Tell me where you saw the blog post.  If you saw it on Goodreads, etc, let me know.  If you saw it in your inbox because you’re a blog subscriber, definitely let me know.  If a friend on FB told you to go enter, let me know.  It doesn’t matter where/how you saw the contest, just that you tell me where/how.

Tell me your favorite movie ever.  I’m just curious.  🙂

***To comment on the blog, you have to put in your email address (it stays totally private), so don’t worry about me being able to find you if you win.  Please don’t put your email address in your public comment.

***We’ll randomly draw a name from the entrants on Saturday around noon PST.  You can enter once.

By the way, Demon’s Mercy (Logan’s story), Alpha’s Promise (Ivar’s story) and Taken (Deep Ops 1.5 that features a surprise drive-by by a couple of characters who shouldn’t be in that world) are up for preorder, FYI.  Click on the cover for links.   🙂