• Coming 03/12/24

    The Anna Albertini Files - Habeas Corpus

    Anna and Aiden…and the entire Albertini family are back in a new adventure coming in 2024!

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  • Coming 01/02/24

    Deep Ops - Frostbitten

    Enigmatic. With a wildly gifted mind, and an untamed head of hair to match, petite powerhouse Millicent Frost is brilliant when it comes to gadgets and electronics—less so with people. After an attempt to bust a bank scam goes awry, Millie is in hot water with Homeland Security and targeted by lethal enemies. In the midst…

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  • Coming 04/02/24

    Dark Protectors / Rebels - A Vampire’s Mate

    There’s nothing Jasper Maxwell likes better than a good chase. He is patient and cunning, and he is known as one of the coldest hunters in the immortal realm. As a vampire with a hint of demon blood in him, he stands out even amongst the finest trackers in the shifter world. So the fact…

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  • Coming 06/25/24

    Grimm Bargains - One Cursed Rose

    Information is power, and those who control it live like gods.  In my world, billionaires play deadly games of insult and influence where magic is the dirtiest weapon of all. Here, even a powerful princess can be swallowed by the darkest of shadows . . . My name is Alana Beaumont, and due to a…

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  • Coming 02/13/24

    Stope Packs - Shifter

    will be published initially in Kindle Vella She’s a wolf-shifting scientist who needs cover…and He’s an alpha without a pack… As the only living wolf pack member with the tiniest drop of alpha blood in her veins, Luna McElhanney should be happy. Instead, she just wants to be left alone in her lab with her…

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