Guest Author Debra Elise talks about Writing in the Cold

Please welcome guest author Debra Elise to the blog today!  Deb writes a sexy sports romance series called the Outlaws of Baseball – and those baseball players are YUMMY!  There are buy links at the bottom of the blog if you’d like to cozy up with a hard-bodied baseball player for a little while.  The first book in the series is on sale for the next few days.  So…on to Deb:

Greetings from the great white north! It’s 15 degrees today and promises to get down to single digits tonight here in the forests and hills of the Pacific Northwest. Okay, so a bit south of the great white north, but it feels like it! And it looks like we’re going to have a white Christmas this year (fingers and toes crossed). When you have kids of a certain age, the white stuff makes the season a bit more magical (bearable).  Most of my out of state friends think snow might be a given in our neck of the woods; especially around the holidays. Sometimes, but not always. And the last few years have been well, a bit skimpy in the fluffy, white stuff department. Not so this year. And to the delight of my two boys, they have a snow mountain in our yard thanks to the snow plow driver. It’s all I can do to pull them off it come dinnertime!

Faces rosy, fingers and toes tingling, the boys remind me of my brother and sister when we were kids.  We weren’t lucky enough to have a snow mountain, but we tunneled into the berms left behind from the plows and stockpiled snowballs while recruiting neighbor kids to pick sides for the war of all snowball wars. I was often out-numbered as I was the oldest and my friends lived a bit too far to draft into my one-girl army, but I had a distinct height advantage, and well, I was a bit under-handed too. I didn’t have a great pitching arm, but I was fast and a good stuffer-of-snow down their backs, or in their faces. LOL. Gosh, I haven’t thought of those days in years. Not until the snow finally came last week and I watched as my youngest son take great joy in throwing himself off a six-foot white behemoth that would most definitely have given me pause in my youth.

Funny how you forget things until your children remind you of much simpler times. I will hold close the memories, old and new, to be brought out when the boys are older and too busy with girls to care about tons of snow in their front yard. Hopefully, it’ll be a few more years before that happens and they outgrow the desire to propel themselves off a tower of snow or blast each other with frozen missiles. It’s so fun to watch them!

So, with less than two weeks till Santa loads up the sleigh and gives a pep talk to the reindeer, I’m wishing you all a season of cherished memories and well-plowed roads. And if your neck of the woods is a bit south and never sees the white stuff, please know that I would gladly trade you a day (or a week) when the subzero temps arrive. In the meantime, I’m more than happy to stay snug in the house, curled up on the couch with a hot drink and a good book while the kids conquer the snow mountain and rejoice in the gift mother nature has finally delivered just in time for Christmas.

Stay warm!

Debra Elise

In my spare time when I’m not herding kids or reading Rebecca’s books, I write romance novels. My latest novel is CATCHING LUKE, Book Two, from the Outlaws of Baseball series. You don’t have to be a fan of baseball to read this series; just enjoy a steamy HEA. J






When the hottest catcher in the league gets sidelined by an accident, the only one who can help him heal is the one woman he can’t have.   He needs someone like her …   Luke Garibaldi is a member of the Outlaws’ dugout of bad boys and the league’s premier catcher. On the diamond, he plays to win, but when it comes to his private life, what the league doesn’t know won’t hurt, right? He spends his off hours breaking the rules: riding his motorcycle and putting his legendary arms too close to the asphalt, and playing the field. After all, with his body and his skills, he can have any woman he wants. Except Lara. 

She needs to stay far away from guys like him … 

Sports therapist Lara Andretti doesn’t have time to play around with baseball players. Especially baseball players as hot as Luke Garibaldi. (Okay, maybe she has a little time to play around with a guy as hot as Luke Garibaldi.) But Lara’s not looking for anything serious, especially with Luke’s playboy reputation and cocky attitude. Besides her heart’s still hurting from the last man who crushed it, and she’s ready to leave town and make a fresh start.    But when an accident brings their lives together, and their attraction turns into something more, it becomes clear that the road to happily ever after is never

SAVING MAVERICK – Book One, Outlaws of

Baseball, is just $1.99 through December 17th!




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Release Day, Wild Turkeys, and an Effing DNS Server…

SHADOW FALLING_revHi all!  How is everybody’s day going so far?  Mine’s going all right.  To be honest, it’s been an odd one.  First, Shadow Falling has released, and I am over the top excited about Raze and Vinnie’s story being available.  Reviews are already pouring in, and they’re wonderful, so it’s a great day.

Second, somehow Buddy got out and ended up with a gag of wild turkeys (all bigger than he is).  I went outside after a cheerio incident where I dropped a bowl and scattered the IMG_5261round little buggers (without milk, at least), and he barreled for me, meowing wildly, trying to get back inside.  It was a little funny, truth be told.

Oh, and my internet provider is having DNS server problems, and I can’t get on FaceBook.  Imagine being an author having a book release, and FB is unavailable.  I can Like posts from my phone, and I am, but still.  It has been interesting.

But really, with Shadow releasing, it’s been a pretty awesome day.  Here’s a quick excerpt for you that has Raze and Vinnie, and also Jax and Shadow Falling 3Lynne (from Mercury Striking):

All Vinnie knew was that Lynne and Jax had helped rescue her from the most powerful Ripper on the planet, and that secured her loyalty without question. “I’m, ah, not sure where I will be staying,” she murmured.

Jax stood, grabbing both empty soup bowls. “You’re bunking with Raze. Only room available.” He turned and stalked across the room to dump the bowls in a rubber bin. “Raze? You done scouting?”

“No. I took a second shift that starts in thirty minutes.” Raze glanced at what appeared to be a military watch on his wrist.

Jax nodded. “I’ll be back to join you. This decision is on you and don’t forget it.”

“Copy that,” Raze said, his expression giving away nothing.

Vinnie looked from one to the other. Decision? Were they talking about her?  She opened her mouth to ask, and a sharp shake of Raze’s head stopped her words in her throat. 

Jax looked back at Lynne. “Blue? Get some damn sleep before you fall down.” He pivoted and headed toward his office and war room, which were connected by a newly cut door in the building.

Lynne stood, her lips twitching into a smile. “You smooth talker, you. Take me now.”

He stopped at the doorway, all hard-muscled male.

Vinnie swallowed, heat sliding down her back. Tension filled the air.

Jax turned around and studied Lynne for a moment. Then smoothly launching into motion, he retraced his steps, no expression on his hard-contoured face. The legends whispered about him far and wide, the dangerous leader of the Vanguard, the man who killed easily, could be seen in every step.

He reached Lynne, towering a good foot over the pale brunette.

Vinnie’s knees wobbled with the need to do something, but her feet remained frozen in place. She cut a glance at Raze, who was watching the two with heavy lids, appearing almost bored.

Vinnie turned back to Jax.

With a shockingly gentle movement, he slid a knuckle under Lynne’s chin and lifted her face. “I’m sorry. What I meant to say was that you’re working too hard, you need sleep, and I’m worried about you. If I lose you, there’s no fuckin’ reason to keep going.” Leaning down, he planted a soft kiss on her mouth, released her, and turned to head back to the doorway.

“That’s better,” Lynne called out, a pretty pink covering her cheeks just as he disappeared into the other part of the building.

Vinnie exhaled. Wow. All righty, then. Reality slammed her, and she turned to Raze. “I am not living with you.”

Buy now: 

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Read the first chapter of Wicked Burn!

Wicked Burn is now available!  If you’d like to read the first chapter, click HERE.


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Thank you all for your support!

XOXO Rebecca


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Awesome audiobook news:

TEASED is now available from Audible:

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