Teenage Dating in Wartime

Guest Blogger-Augustina Van Hoven

Hi all! I’m Charly, Rebecca’s assistant. We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers throughout the summer months. Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. If there is a contest, I’ll randomly draw a winner from the post comments, send the winner’s email address to the guest blogger, and they’ll take it from there. Rebecca will jump in and blog when she can. For now, enjoy as we play!

Tina smallFirst I’d like to thank Rebecca for the opportunity to post on her blog.

While thinking about an interesting story to write, I remembered one my parents were fond of telling about their courtship. My parents grew up in The Netherlands. The year my father turned thirteen World War II broke out, he and my mother spent their teenage years living under the Nazi occupation of Holland. Schools remained open but all after school activities such as gymnastics or swimming were canceled by order of the German Military Governor.

My parents attended different schools that were next to each other. The Dutch education system at the time separated children after elementary school, they then attended schools that specialized in the career path they planned to pursue. My mother attended the business school to become an accountant and my father attended the technical school to become an electronic engineer. They met one day while walking home.

The city of Ijmuiden is a sea port and sits on the channels were the great locks form the shipping passage between Amsterdam and the North Sea. Because of its strategic location much of the populations were removed and the Nazi’s used the port for their own boats as well as building a huge cement bunker to house some of their submarine fleet. As a result the people who remained in the city were subject to strict curfews.

My father got a job with the Dutch telephone company and was given special papers that allowed him to travel around the city. The papers also protected him from the German press gangs. Young men in occupied cities were routinely rounded up and transported to Germany where they were forced to work in the munitions factories.

There were no opportunities for my parents to go out on dates since everyone was confined to their homes as soon as it was dark. My father would visit my mother at her house as often as he could. You know how things are when you’re dating and in love. You really don’t want to part and goodbyes can take a while. More than once, my father had to make his way home after dark by sneaking through backyards and allies in order to avoid the German patrols.

As the war continued, food became scarcer in the city and my father would ride the bicycle from his work to the outlying farm lands to barter with the farmers for vegetables and grain. One day he was able to barter for wheat and filled both of bicycles leather bags with it. One bag was meant for my mother’s family and the other for his own. He delivered the first bag to my mother’s house and stayed until it was after dark. The bicycle made sneaking home the back way much more difficult and this time his luck ran out, he was caught by a Nazi patrol.

They lined him against a wall with several other people they’d discovered out after curfew. They interrogated everyone; some people whose stories were not to their liking, were taken into custody. My father showed them his telephone company papers and he was allowed to leave. He told the officer that he needed his bicycle back and the man said to take any bicycle from the pile they had confiscated. He replied that he needed his own bicycle back because it had his tools in the bags. The officer hesitated but allowed him to pull his bicycle from the group. Had the officer examined the saddle bags, my father would have been shot on the spot.

Dating during your teenage years can be awkward, but a World War seriously complicates things. Have you or any of your relatives ever experienced something like this?


Augustina Van Hoven was born in The Netherlands and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two dogs and three cats.   She is an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy.  When she’s not writing she likes to work in her garden or in the winter months crochet and knit on her knitting machines.



“No, I’m not fine. A beautiful woman is haunting me. I’m jealous of a dead man. I just realized I’m engaged to someone I don’t know well enough to marry. And what I really want to do right now is kiss a ghost.”

– Excerpt from The Kiss of a Rose


The Kiss of a Rose:

Kiss of a Rose_cover (2)A DISTANT PAST
In 1882, Rose Van Buren loved the wrong man and paid for it with her life. Now, more than a century later, the angel Gabriel has granted her another shot at living. In exchange, she must convince a smart, handsome, up-and-coming lawyer to set aside his lofty ambitions.

Stephen Winship is headed straight for the governor’s chair. He has a brilliant career, solid allies, and a seemingly perfect girlfriend. But night after night he finds himself dreaming of a heavenly beauty, a luminous but long-dead girl. Like some altered Ghost of Christmas Past, she shows him her own tragic tale in order to “save him.” And he’s beginning to see Rose is risking her heart as much as baring her soul. Yet falling for her will cost him everything—and open him up to a happiness he never imagined.

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HOW I MET REBECCA ZANETTI – No, really. I’m not making this up

Guest Blogger-Debra Elise

Hi all! I’m Charly, Rebecca’s assistant. We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers throughout the summer months. Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. If there is a contest, I’ll randomly draw a winner from the post comments, send the winner’s email address to the guest blogger, and they’ll take it from there. Rebecca will jump in and blog when she can. For now, enjoy as we play!

Debra EliseDo you believe in fate? Do you ever look back on a decision and think “If I’d said no instead of yes, what would have happened?” And of course the reverse is true. Saying yes to something doesn’t guarantee you’ll experience a life changing event, but that’s exactly what happened to me 2 ½ years ago.

It was a dark and stormy night…well that’s an exaggeration and no one ever uses that line anymore, so aaanyway it was a chilly night and it was dark. My husband and I were attending a local charity auction. My husband’s boss’ wife invited us (say that fast three times). We were a bit late, but we made it. We had just enough time to mingle, eat and get a glass of wine before the live auction went well, live.

Here we are in a dimly lit banquet room chatting with our tablemates and drinking another glass of wine (Hey, we were out and without the kids. It was celebration time!). So I’m looking through the program and reading the usual items you find at these fundraisers, golf packages, catered dinners and fantasy vacations there was no way hubby would let me bid on. I continue to flip through and staring back at me is the name of my new favorite author…yup, her! I go into a spasm of joy (for real!) and poke my husband in the arm, a little too hard but I got his attention as well as that of the three neighboring tables. I’m like “I know her” well not really, but I knew of her so I grabbed my phone and showed him and his boss’ wife the proof. I had three of her books on my Kindle app.

At this point I was just so excited to see her name and I that I loved her books, that any thought of bidding on the item hadn’t worked its way into my brain yet. (Hello, two glasses of wine.) I calm down, slightly, and squint and read the paragraph listing what the auction entails. It was to have your name used as a character name in one of her books. Holy cow, how awesome would that be, right? So I do some quick calculations in my head and figure out much we could afford, and it’s for a good cause so I patiently wait until her item comes up. People, I’m telling you I was like a gambler with his last ten chips at a craps table. I was relentless in my bidding and just slightly obnoxious, but again, two glasses of wine and a shot of adrenaline running in my veins—I was winning this baby.

And I did! The rest of the evening passed in a blur until we made our way to the cashier to pay for my enthusiastically won item. My husband and I are standing in line and I feel a tap on my shoulder, no it not’s her—yet. It turns out it was one of her friends who wanted to see if wanted to meet, you know HER! I’m like Oh. My. Lord. I’m usually calm and collected in most situations but all thoughts of social decorum went out the window as soon as I saw her. I think I said something like this, “Oh my I love your books. I’ve always wanted to write one. I can’t believe you’re here! Do you live here? Jeez let me wipe my spittle off your face.” Okay, that’s an exaggeration – sort of. But I do remember I hugged her and mumbled something about also wanting to write a book. I’m sure I scared her to the point that she’d never agree to be part of this event again. Poor thing, she was so nice to me and I fangirl’d all over her.

About a month later we met for coffee. She asked me a few questions, but mostly we talked about her books, how she got her start and where her ideas came from. It was a turning point for me. She was one of the most gracious people I’ve ever met. She told me all about the Romance Writers of America organization and that I should join the local chapter—it’s fun, she said. She encouraged this stay-at-home-mom to take a leap. She gave me some swag and told me the book (SHADOWED) would be published in the fall. We left with the promise to keep in touch and I left there thinking what if?

Fast forward to the present. I did join the local writer’s chapter, but it took me about six months to work up the courage to go to my first meeting. I’ve met some wonderful writers, gone to a handful of conferences and yes, I’ve written a couple books, start to finish! My first will be out next year. Oh, and Rebecca you ask? She has become a mentor, friend, and cheerleader in this crazy business of writing. I no longer fan girl her every time I see her because at this point that would be just too weird, maybe. But I will always read her books, sing her praises and think “what if I had said no?” and thank the fates I didn’t.

Thank you Rebecca for your kindness in opening up your blog to writers no matter if they’ve published yet or not. You my girlfriend, ROCK!


Debra Elise lives with her husband and their two sons in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves to read, nap, write, and watches entirely too much reality T.V. She also enjoys a good nap (oops that’s a repeat), hanging out with other author-type individuals and teasing her three ‘boys’ into displaying their killer smiles. Most days find her carpooling, avoiding laundry and daydreaming about her characters and how to make them come alive for her readers.

You can find Debra on the following sites:

INSTAGRAM: DebraEliseAuthor
TUMBLR: HappilyEverAfterWriter


“Ah, the age old question. Can men and women be just friends? Is that what you’re looking for Kelsey? Seems a shame don’t you think? When two people meet and there’s an intense, instant spark, not to test it out? See where it leads them?” Maverick asked.

– Excerpt from Saving Maverick


SavingMaverickDebraElise72dpiSAVING MAVERICK – Releases Early 2016:

Maverick Jansen, star pitcher with the Idaho Outlaws and resident bad boy of baseball, finds himself in deep trouble—again. Kelsey Sullivan, Media Consultant and childhood friend of the team’s new owner, has her own issues—working with male athletes is at the top of her list.

Their worlds collide when a video goes viral and Mav and Kelsey fall into a complicated game of PR strategy by day and searing passion by night where both find a new meaning to fast and hard.


I’ll ask this again, do you believe in fate? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and/or fill out my Rafflecopter raffle for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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My Dual (VERY FUN) Interview with Alexandra Ivy about our Anthology

So, we decided to kind of interview each other in celebration for ON THE HUNT by emailing questions back and forth, and this is what we came up with. Enjoy!

On The HuntREBECCA: So, Alexandra. Why paranormal, lady?

ALEXANDRA: Buffy!!! I was busy writing historicals when I found Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I knew I had to try writing that fabulous combination of horror, humor, and sex.

What’s your favorite genre to write?

 REBECCA:  Oh, that’s a tough one. I really like both paranormal and romantic suspense…and pretty much combine the two in most of my books. I loved Buffy, too. And Angel. Definitely Angel.

Question:   What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had as an author?

ALEXANDRA:   After I started writing my Guardian series I received a letter from a lovely reader who said that her family in Hungary were vampires, and wondering if my vampires might be related to them. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or lock my doors.

Question: If you could meet any writer (dead or alive) who would it be?

REBECCA:  Definitely J.D. Salinger. I’d take him a bottle of something good and then sit and hopefully chat for hours. I think he’d be so fascinating if he were still around and would see me.

Question:   Tell us about your hero in ON THE HUNT.

ALEXANDRA: Mika is a hunter Sentinel who allowed the love of his life, Bailey, to walk away years ago. When he runs across her in the Louisiana swamps he’s determined not to lose her again.

Question: What’s the schedule for your typical writing day?

REBECCA:  I love the idea of having a typical writing day – lol! I think when school starts, things get a little more organized. So I’d get to the kids off to school, have coffee, answer emails, and then sit down and write, write, write.

Question:   What’s the coolest fan letter you’ve received?

ALEXANDRA:  It was my first one lol. It took me years to finally get published, and even then I could quite believe it was real. When I received that letter it was proof that I was actually published and someone who wasn’t my family had actually read the book!

Question: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

REBECCA:  Well, I’ve been a lawyer, art curator, Senate aid, college professor, and hearing examiner…so I’d probably try something totally new in the sciences. It’d be fun to study genetics, I think. Or physics.

Question:   Okay. Tell us something odd about you.

ALEXANDRA: I’m a huge punk rock fan. I love listening to the Ramones and Green Day and even Sid Vicious.  

Question: Do you create female characters that are like you?

Mercury Striking comp (2)REBECCA:  I’m not sure, to be honest. My female characters usually have it more together than I do, I think. Sometimes I’ll pick a trait from one of my sisters and incorporate it in a heroine, but just a trait or two.

Question:   Tell us about ON THE HUNT.

ALEXANDRA: Mika is on the hunt for a young Sentinel who is missing from the monastery where he was being trained. The clues lead him to his ex-lover Bailey who healed the young warrior before he disappeared into the swamps. Together they must halt the human cult who is determined to destroy their people.

Question: Your turn! Tell us about your story in ON THE HUNT

REBECCA:  I’m so excited about this one! It’s the beginning of a new series. A terrible bacterium has been let loose and quickly kills people. Survivors are different…but we don’t know how yet. The hero in Scorpius Rising is Deacan McDougall, a badass soldier from Scotland, and the heroine is Nora Medina, a brilliant scientist and his ex-wife. There’s a lot of tension and unfinished business between these two, and they heat up the pages, I think.

Question:   A lot of fans think we marry or date guys like the heroes we create. True or false…and expand. J

ALEXANDRA:  True! Granted, my hubby and I have been married for over thirty years, so neither one of us would grace the cover of a romance novel, but all of my males are more beta than alpha. They tend to be nurturers, and protectors, and sensitive, just like my husband. I love to read dark, tortured heroes, but I just can’t write them.

Question: Which of your characters is your favorite, and why?

REBECCA:  Oh man, that’s such a hard question! I like all the characters. Right now, the first one who springs to mind is Cee Cee, the heroine in WICKED EDGE, which will be out in November. I just finished edits for that one, and I have to tell you, she is crazy wild. Or just crazy.

Question:   If you could be anybody else, just for a day, who would you be?

ALEXANDRA: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Yep, I’m shallow. I would love to be married to a prince and live in a castle. And all those servants…sigh.   If I never have to wash another dish, or clean another bathroom I’d be a happy lady.

Question: Tell us your favorite dating story. It can be romantic or horrifying 😉

REBECCA: I’d love to be Kate for a day, too! More because she just is so put together and graceful, you know? The woman can play sports in wedges, for goodness sakes. My favorite dating story is when I ran into Big Tone (my hubby) in a bar after we hadn’t seen each other since childhood. He had on a leather jacket with a motorcycle helmet under one arm. We went for a ride…to see my grandma. :)

We hope everyone enjoyed our dual interview – it was tons of fun for us! Enjoy ON THE HUNT!



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How a night of streaking led to my Happily Ever After

Guest Blogger-Amber Belldene

Hi all! I’m Charly, Rebecca’s assistant. We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers throughout the summer months. Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. If there is a contest, I’ll randomly draw a winner from the post comments, send the winner’s email address to the guest blogger, and they’ll take it from there. Rebecca will jump in and blog when she can. For now, enjoy as we play!

Amber2014Thanks so much Rebecca for inviting me to visit your blog!

This year is my tenth wedding anniversary, and it’s gotten me thinking about sixteen years ago, when I first met my husband Colin.

I was in college and pals with his younger brother. Over wine and a game of dominoes, I fell headfirst into a mega-crush. But I tried to play it cool with the hot older guy. After all, Colin lived about six hours away and he was twenty-two to my eighteen.

I didn’t want to let it go, though. Impulsively, I sent him an email saying it was nice to meet him in a kind of flirty way. For a week, I obsessively checked my inbox and never got a reply. So I shored up my pride and carried on.

A couple months later, I wound up staying at his house with his brother and continued trying to play it cool (even though I planned my outfits meticulously). I was crazy about him, and feeling awkward about him ignoring my message. And most of all, I still didn’t want to let it go. In an even more brilliantly impulsive move than my email, and while wearing my pajamas, I knocked on his bedroom door. He professed not to have received the message I sent, seeming puzzled and polite, but a little aloof. The next morning, my pal assured me Colin was just trying to spare my feelings. That time it was harder to shore up my pride.

About six months after that, the pal was turning 21, and I went to his apartment, where all of his friends from home and Colin had come from out of town to celebrate. There was a lot of drinking, which devolved into a silly romp across the college campus, and most of the guys running naked through the sprinklers after midnight.

A girl has to look, right? Even if she’s trying to play it cool.

Needless to say, my mega-crush turned into insta-lust at the sight of him, lanky and wet under the moonlight (OK, and also some campus streetlights). I promptly struck up a conversation with someone else. But once he got dressed, my now-husband pulled me aside to ask why I was being so weird—I guess I wasn’t playing it as cool as I thought.

I honestly don’t remember what I replied, or how we ended up back in my dorm room naked. I do know someone named Colleen got my first “wink” email. I could fill in more details, but it would be my authorial imagination not my memory doing the work! We spent most of the next two days there in my room, and I tried to remain in the moment enjoying my very first naughty weekend, even though I knew it would soon end. But over brunch on Sunday, he asked me if I wanted to try to keep seeing each other long distance.

Without hesitating, I said yes.

In hindsight, it feels like the universe kept trying to shove us together in the way of all the best romance novels. Those long distance years were hard. I was young–only a sophomore. For six months I lived in England. He moved all the way to California. But three years later I moved in with him in San Francisco. We worked our asses off at being grown-ups and learning how to be together. But from the moment I first met him, I knew he was the one and it would be worth all the effort.

Our story is the inspiration for every romance novel I write, because I believe happily ever after is like that—even when we are perfect for each other, fated to be together, we still have to fight for it, sometimes over hundreds of miles and against all kinds of obstacles (both of us happen to be as stubborn as the most mulish romance heroes).

I don’t know how I knew, at eighteen and over a game of dominoes, that Colin would be the husband and father he is now. This morning he left the house before 7a.m. to buy a new garbage disposal and install it before going in to work at his high-tech job. The whole time he mostly-patiently tolerated our four-year-old son trying to help him “fix the sink” with a plastic wrench. I bustled around doing the morning chores, my heart so full of gratitude for our life.

From that wet run through the sprinklers to the family we have become, I feel both enormously lucky we found each other, proud of how we have grown together, and like nothing else could have possibly happened, because we were clearly meant to be.


Even as a kid, romance writer Amber Belldene could never pull herself away from a book. She hid her Nancy Drew novels inside the church bulletin to read during sermons – an irony that is not lost on her when she preaches these days. Amber is an Episcopal priest who believes sexuality is vital to spirituality, love is beautifully messy, and stories are the best way to explore human truths. Evidence of these convictions can be found in Amber’s steamy paranormals and quirky, hot contemporaries, which have been published by Omnific, Entangled, and Lyrical/Kensington. She lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco and can be found at www.amberbelldene.com.


“She pressed her hand over his heart. He’d hardly known the damn thing was there until she’d showed up and insisted on touching it it all the time.”

– Excerpt from The Siren’s Touch


The Siren’s Touch:

SirensTouchCoverHitman Dmitri Lisko is determined to avenge his father. Once he takes out the man he believes is responsible for his family’s tragedies, he’s done killing for good. But a mysterious woman may tempt Dmitri to change his plan.

Sonya Truss was murdered in a Ukrainian village in 1968. Now she’s reappeared in San Francisco as a rusalka—the ghost of a wronged woman. And she’s thirsty for the blood of her killer. But she has to make things right before she’s trapped between worlds forever.

Sonya’s enigmatic siren powers stir Dmitri’s long-buried chivalry, and he finds himself compelled to help her. He also can’t resist giving her a taste of the pleasures she never experienced while she was alive. Soon they discover that touch has surprising consequences. Yet when their shared mission comes to cross-purposes, they must choose between deadly sacrifice—or surrendering to the one act that can save them both.

Buy The Siren’s Touch at these online retailers:

Amazon B&N iBooks Kobo 


Do you have a crazy college romance story? Leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of an eBook from Amber’s catalogue. You can find the list here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6537150.Amber_Belldene or here http://amberbelldene.com/books/

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The Beach Sucks. (No, Really.)

Guest Blogger-Sarah Ballance

Hi all! I’m Charly, Rebecca’s assistant. We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers throughout the summer months. Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. If there is a contest, I’ll randomly draw a winner from the post comments, send the winner’s email address to the guest blogger, and they’ll take it from there. Rebecca will jump in and blog when she can. For now, enjoy as we play!


Sarah BallanceSand is abrasive.

They don’t tell you that. And by “they” I mean all those commercials, books, and movies during which the naughty bits happen on a glorious stretch of beach while tranquil waters lap at the shore. Seriously, is there anything hotter than that sexy duo going at it in the surf while the waves tumble on white sand, churning at precisely the right depth to lightly caress all that heated flesh without doing a darn thing to douse the passion? Totally swoon-worthy, right? Well, guess what happens when you try that in real life.

You freaking drown.

Okay, not literally. I mean, I’m here to tell the tale, but seriously-not-literally, you drown. Those of you familiar with the way waves work already know some tend to tiptoe a bit further up the beach than others, but unless you’ve been sprawled on said beach under some insanely hot guy (or, you know, just lying there not under anyone at all), you probably won’t understand just how dramatic a couple of inches can be. (I’m talking about the water here, mind you. Not the hot guy, although his inches definitely count.) In the tumbling surf at the ocean’s edge, two inches is the difference between romance and a nasal purge. Sputtering, coughing, and picking sand crabs out of your orifice can be a mood killer, but let’s pretend you got it right. Let’s pretend everything is utterly perfect…and then let me ruin your day.

Because sand sucks.

It’s in the water. It’s abrasive. And it’s not conducive to adult activity in or out of the water. Yep, I said out. Because if you managed to crawl away from the surf without losing your, erm, drive, there’s always take two, maybe on a blanket in the dunes surrounded by swishing sea grasses. Yeah, now that’s romantic.

Only, nope.

First (and perhaps foremost), there are biting things, and I’m not talking about your hottie. Here, we have yellow flies, but let’s not rule out sand fleas, mosquitoes, and whatever critters are breeding on your slice of the coast. That’s not the most exciting way to get your butt smacked in the middle of a romantic encounter, lemme tell you. But I digress.

You know how sand gets on EVERYTHING? Well, it gets on your man. And it’ll get on you. Intimately. So now we’ve replaced the pounding surf for the pounding of sand paper. THERE IS NO GOOD WAY TO EXPERIENCE THIS KIND OF ABRASION. Although…is there really a BAD way to experience a pounding seaside encounter that leaves you with a handprint on your ass?

Yeah, I thought not.

Disclaimer: Sarah makes things up for a living, so there’s no real reason to believe she’s been abraded on a public beach. Or in a public ocean. She’s innocent and her husband is a saint. (Stop laughing.)


Sarah and her husband of what he calls “many long, long years” live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they’re asleep. She never dreamed of becoming an author, but as a homeschooling mom, she often jokes she writes fiction because if she wants anyone to listen to her, she has to make them up. As it turns out, her characters aren’t much better than the kids, but nevertheless, you’ll find her writing sexy contemporary romance for Entangled Publishing until they throw her out. To learn more, stalk accordingly.

Website – http://www.sarahballance.com
Newsletter – https://confirmsubscription.com/h/t/0B801D3AA4F986BF


“Estelle, if I take off my pants, I can guarantee my ass will be the last thing either of us are worried about.”

– Crosby Chase, Five Things I Love About You


Five Things I Love About You:

Five things to love about NYC. But she only needs one…

Dumping a jar of pickles on the hot girl at the grocery store wasn’t Crosby Chase’s finest hour, nor was getting bitten in the butt by the demonic cat on her fire escape. But he is going to change her mind about his beloved city, damn it. In fact, if they could just make it five minutes without falling into bed, he bets Estelle he can find five things she’ll love about New York.

Falling in love wasn’t part of his plan. And with an entire country between them, Crosby realizes he doesn’t need five reasons to make Estelle love New York.

He needs one big reason to make her stay…

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Tell me the absolute worst place you’ve ever gotten sand. Yes, even if it’s THERE. One person, chosen at random without consideration to the severity – or hilarity – of their respective sand incident, will win a $25 Amazon gift card.  (International giveaway)

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