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twitterHi all!  We’re having a fun twitter party right now!  (4pm PST and 7pm EST) I’m answering questions, and we’re giving away Sin Brother books.  If you’d like to join in, just tweet something to me @RebeccaZanetti or to anybody, really…and make sure you use the hashtag:  #TotalSurrender

So, say you tweet to me – here’s an example:

@RebeccaZanetti Do you think Audrey has a boy or a girl? #TotalSurrender

TOTAL SURRENDER@RebeccaZanetti Will Chance get his own book? #TotalSurrender

Or if you tweet to somebody else:

@MomJones  Have you read Jory’s story yet? #TotalSurrender

@SisterFran Do you like super soldiers? #TotalSurrender

See?  It’s easy.  You can do it!


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Win fun prizes at the Total Surrender Blog tour!

Hi all!  So, here’s one of the prizes for the Total Surrender blog tour going on right now:

contestIsn’t that fun?  You can enter at any of the stops, and here they are:  (I’ll update with links as posts go live.  Right now, this is what is live.)  Good luck!

Monday, March 30

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Total Surrender – Jory’s story – is Now Available!

Hi all!  I’m so excited that Jory’s story is finally here.  It’s available now in both ebook and print, and I truly hope you enjoy it!

TS 3-31e

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Piper?” Jory asked.

Damn. She leaned forward, pressing her mouth to his. Just for saving her from the river, just for being somebody she wished she could know better. Just to quench the fire crackling in her nerves.

He inhaled, going still.

Possessed by something unreal, she flattened her hand over his chest and molded her lips to his.

With a sound of torment, his mouth moved, and he took over. Completely. Cupping her head, he held her in place, going deep. His tongue played with hers, while his body enfolded her.

She kissed him back, fire lighting down her spine. So much need.

The kiss went on forever until she was writhing on his lap, needing more than anything to get closer. So much closer.

Finally, he broke the kiss, levering back to study her.

They both breathed heavily, and lust had turned his eyes a dangerous midnight-filled smoke.

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An Excerpt from Total Surrender!

zanetti_totalsurrenderA soldier entered the room outside Jory’s glass-walled cell first, followed by a woman in her mid-twenties, who slid out from behind him.

Jory’s breath caught in his throat. Exquisite. For once, that word could be applied accurately. She stood to about five foot six in black boots wearing a matching leather jacket. Light mocha-colored skin, curly black hair, and eyes greener than the most private parts of Ireland.

She took one look at him and stepped back.

He moved forward in the cell and flashed a smile that made her eyes widen. If he had to scare her to make her leave, he’d do it. Anybody seeing him in captivity would be killed by the commander after serving their purpose. So he forced sexual tension to filter through the room.

How he could do it, he wasn’t sure. Maybe pheromones and bodily heat waves, and the ability came easier now than it had before the coma. It was a hell of an advantage to use sometimes, and he ignored Madison’s quick intake of breath when he employed it.

“Is she for me?” he asked, forcing his gaze to run over the newcomer’s body and surprising himself when he hardened in response. God. He’d been on a mission and then in a coma for two years before spending time in captivity recuperating. When was the last time he’d gotten laid? Way too long ago.

TS 3-2He’d always liked women, although he’d never gotten close to one. Not really. They were either part of a mission or worked as doctors in the facility, and those certainly couldn’t be trusted.

This one was petite with delicate bone structure and clear, intelligent eyes. Whatever her purpose, she sure as hell didn’t belong in the dismal place. Hopefully she’d turn on her heel and get out since he’d leered at her.

Instead she lifted one eyebrow. Her face flushed. “So that’s him.”

Well, damn. Another angel with the heart of a demon. A pang landed squarely in Jory’s chest. Beauty should never be evil. “Yeah, that’s me,” he murmured, dropping the sensual attack. “Who are you?”

She opened her mouth and shut it as Dr. Madison shook her head. “It doesn’t matter who she is,” Madison muttered. Grasping the woman’s arm, Madison led her over to a computer console. “Get to work, and remember the rules.”

The woman jerked free and stepped away from Madison. She eyed Madison like an opponent in a boxing ring—with wariness and determination.

Jory frowned, and his instincts started to hum. Was the woman a prisoner, like him? Maybe he could gain them both freedom, with her help. She was outside of the cage, now wasn’t she? He smiled.

TOTAL SURRENDER-RT Top PickDr. Madison glanced back toward Jory, her gaze narrowing. “Leave her alone to work, and I won’t have you tranquilized again.” With that, she allowed the soldier to escort her from the room, and the door nicked shut behind her.

The woman sat at the console and turned toward him. “Piper. My name is Piper.” She eyed the partition. Her voice was smooth and sexy…feminine. She guarded her expression well. “They didn’t give me your name.”

Yeah. They wouldn’t have thought to give his name. “Jory.” He really liked the way her tight jeans hugged her curves, and he appreciated the intelligence sizzling in those spectacular eyes. She’d have to be smart to help him escape. “Why are you here, Piper?”

She exhaled slowly and stretched out her fingers. “I’m here to save you, Jory.”

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She’s Popular Because She’s Skinny

boaw-logo-2015-originalHi there!  Welcome to my blog for the Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest! 

I recently had a car full of 12-13 year old girls, and they were chatting away about school, friends, and sports.  One of them talked about a girl they knew, and somebody said, “She’s really popular.  She’s so skinny.”

As a mom driving, I have to say:  RED LIGHT, CLANGING WARNING SIGN, REVERSE.  But I kept my cool.  Honest.  I did.

And I didn’t hit them with a…it matters what’s inside.  Nope.  Not the cool mom.  Not this time, anyway.  (That is usually met with an eye roll, BTW…even though it’s true).

I think it’s important to note here that all the kids in my car were healthy and in great shape from a myriad of sports.  ALL of them.

So what I did was ask about the girl.  Was she nice?  Yes.  Smart?  Yes.  Confident in talking to people, especially boys?  Yes.  So maybe that’s why she’s popular?  (I’ve already learned not to question who is popular, what it really means, and who decides who is popular.  That, too, is met with eye rolls.  Instead, subtle questions about personality seem to help.)

So there was a general consensus that maybe the girl was popular because she was happy with herself and confident talking to people.  But one girl connected dots…you see where this is going, right?  Maybe the girl was confident because she’s skinny.

Crap.  She was probably confident because she was comfortable with how she looks.  And to everyone in the car…she looked skinny.  RED LIGHT, BACKTRACK, SAY SOMETHING.  So we talked about feeling good and what makes them feel good.  (The answers ranged from spiking volleyballs to getting a good grade to boy stuff).  Not once did they mention weight.

So I (very subtly) pointed that out and fell silent.  (You can’t say too much.  Trust me).

I hope the point was made a little bit.  But in today’s society, with photoshop and air brushing, even the people we see in magazines aren’t real.  It’s hard to be a parent now (as I’m sure it was when we were kids), but what I’ve noticed is that kids are smart.  Really smart.  And when you point out the flaws in thinking…then they really start thinking.

Even so, I wish parenting was easier and not full of landmines.  I hope honest discussion helps, and I hope blog fests like this that celebrate real beauty gets us all talking…and listening. 

There are TONS of fun prizes, so make sure you head over to the main page and enter the contests by clicking here!  The contest opens at 7:30am PST and runs until March 1st.  Good luck!

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