A Vampire’s Kiss

Dark Protectors / Rebels Novella 4
January 3, 2023
print, ebook

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Unlike several of his brothers, Athan Maxwell accepted the curse inherent in his DNA and solved the problem a century ago by mating his one true mate and saving her life at the same time. Now they only meet up four times a year to exchange blood and keep themselves healthy because that was the deal. Yet after a hundred years, his mate has only become more beguiling and intriguing, and when he discovers a new threat on her tail, his promise of sitting back and leaving her alone goes right out of the window.

Ivy O’Dwyer has enjoyed the last century as an immortal being, evolving from being a farmer’s daughter to the successful CEO of an Internet company. Sure, life gets lonely without the chance to date, and yes, she’s grateful to her vampire mate for saving her life so long ago, and yet the dreams she has of the sexy male won’t desert her. So when he storms in to save her life, in all vampire-possessive mode, it’s difficult to stand her ground. Unfortunately, when they finally discover that living forever but alone isn’t worth it, it might be too late.

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A VAMPIRE’S KISS is a quick paced, fast read; a story of need and desire, duty and honor, acceptance and love. The premise is engaging; the romance is fated; the characters are energetic and charismatic. ~ The Reading Cafe

I absolutely love Ivy she is strong, loyal, and funny. Athan is smart and also loyal i like how independent each of them are and how they are just better together. It is a fast paced read with some character from other books it is definitely worth the read. Rebecca never disappoints. ~ Julie


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