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RISING ASSETS bannerHi all!  We’re having a fun facebook party with guest authors Cynthia Eden, Kristin Miller, Cathryn Cade, Terry Spear, Vanessa Kelly, Laura Kaye and me right now!  Drop by for a chance to win some awesome prizes.  :)  Even if you miss the two hour live window, many of the prizes won’t be drawn until later or even tomorrow, so head on over.

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Rising Assets is Released for .99 and I’m Moving!

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Just to make release day more memorable…we’re moving houses.  It’s crazy, and the internet keeps going out.  But I’m still so excited that Colton and Melanie’s story is available for download, and because my publisher has created a special release sale of .99¢ for a brief time.  This is awesome!  Here’s a fun excerpt of the book…and later this week I’ll post some pictures about our moving and include a couple of the disasters.  Hey, it happens.  Enjoy the newest Maverick MT story!

Colton forced his hands to unclench and his voice to remain calm. “Are you all right, Mel?”

She nodded, her eyes wide in her too pale face. “Yes.”

Frustration swept through him, and he fought to keep calm. The sight of Mel’s frightened face would keep him up for nights. She shouldn’t be managing a ranch all by herself—accidents always happened.

He strode through the storm, grasped her arm, and began leading her back to the house. “Are you all right?” he asked once he stepped onto the covered front porch.

“Me?” she laughed, the sound slightly off-kilter. “You’re bleeding.”

He wiped blood off his forehead. “Just a scratch.” Clearing his throat, he tried to stomp mud off his boots while tugging a clean bandana from his inside coat pocket to wipe his hands clean. “I, ah, need a shower.”

She stepped toward him, and he lifted an eyebrow. After what seemed like a small mental debate, she grabbed his destroyed shirt and tugged. Stretching up on her toes, her mouth slid against his.

Fire lashed through him so quickly he swayed. A million thoughts exploded at once, and he shut them down. Completely.

Groaning, he hauled her close and took over. The fear, the storm, the fury all comingled into raw need inside him. There were no more thoughts, no more uncertainties.

There was only this woman and this moment.

So he took both as deep as he could. He angled his mouth, and she drew a sharp breath, holding it.

Her lips softened beneath his as he explored her, learning her taste. Wild huckleberries and brandy? The most delicious combination in existence.

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They say Moving is Stressful…

viewWhat do they know?  Just kidding.  We just bought our dream house up on a hill overlooking a gorgeous lake and mountains reaching to Canada.  The perfect place to write!  The only downside?  Yeah.  We need to pack, move, and unpack.

How hard can it be?  LOL!

Here’s a picture of the new view.  Canada is the other way, BTW.  We’ve lived in our current house for more than eleven years.  That’s a lot of time…and a lot of stuff.  The good news is that we’re only moving a few miles, so we can take and unpack as we arrive, until it’s time for the heavy stuff.  Then we’ve hired movers.

So, my blog may be full of mishaps, stories, and pretty views for the next bit of time.  But one of the cool things about this new property is you can just imagine the cowboys who have ridden through there.  You all know I like a good cowboy!

Other than that, I’ve turned in Page Proofs of RISING ASSETS, Copy Edits of BLIND FAITH, and am now writing MARKED, Janie’s story.  It’s almost finished.

So really, how hard can it be to move?

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