How to Make it as A Writer

successI know a lot of authors, and like most writers, I study people.  At conferences, at book signings, at the grocery store…you name it.  And I’ve found a few similarities in behavior in authors that most of us agree are making it.

1. They work their asses off. Yeah, there might be some major talent there to start with…but every author I know who’s doing well is working hard. Really, really hard. No, they’re not digging ditches. But they’re upping the word count, they’re in the chair, they’re traveling to conferences, and they’re meeting deadlines. Self-imposed or contractual, they’re meeting those deadlines.

2.  They’re accepting fear and shoving past it. I think everybody in the creative field battles fear. Fear of rejection, fear of appearing foolish, maybe even fear of success. Fear can paralyze you, or you can use it. Take it, mold it, and put it in the current book. You know what’s worse than fear? REGRET. Don’t have that.

writing3. They use the NOW. There’s no waiting until Monday, or next week, or when the kids are back in school. They write now. While the kids are napping, in the line at school, in the doctor’s waiting room, during lunch break at work…they’re writing now.

4.  They’re kind and give back. I know I write romances and see the world as a happy place, but look around. The authors doing well are helping other authors with judging contests, giving workshops, even just giving encouraging words. There’s no competition here. If a reader likes a book, they’ll like another book, and the more readers, the better for all of us. Karma is out there, if you ask me.

5.  They never quit. I recently read a blog by a writer that said a couple of her critique partners didn’t understand her book a few years ago, so she stopped writing in disappointment for a while. How is that even possible? The only person who can make an author stop writing is…that author. Period. If somebody isn’t following their dreams…it’s on their shoulders, and their shoulders only. Either quitting is an option, or it isn’t.

perseveranceIT Isn’t.

To quote Mary Janice Davidson, ““Never, EVER give up. Not ever. Not EVER. Ever EVER!”

And here’s the biggest thing I think successful authors do: They Write. The focus is on the next book, and everything else slides away for a while. If you’re an author, and you’re struggling, go back to the book. It’s all there.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C. S. Lewis

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GIVEAWAY – Blind Faith ARC and dog tags

Grand Central StationUPDATE:  Congrats to LACEY JONES for winning the giveaway!  Enjoy!

Hi all!  I’m back from New York, and it was an absolute ball!  I’ll have pictures and an update soon, but for now, I have a book due a week from Friday.  (TOTAL SURRENDER).   Here is one shot of Grand Central Station I took right before I met my agent for coffee.

Also, there’s a sale going on at Barnes and Noble – buy two books and get one free.  FORGOTTEN SINS is included in the promotion…HERE’s the LINK.

 So, for now, I realized I haven’t done a giveaway on the blog for a while.

Here’s a print ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of BLIND FAITH, along with cool dog tags that I gave out at the BEA conference last weekend.  All you have to do to enter is comment below – on anything.  I’ll randomly draw a name by Friday at noon.  I am curious…what is your favorite television show right now…and why?

Blind Faith giveaway

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Fan Fiction and Role Playing for the Kayrs Family?

Shadowed (eBook)Hi all!  Life as an author sometimes takes sharp-angled turns we never see coming.  Or maybe I just don’t look far enough ahead.  (That’s Big Tone’s job.  He’s the big picture guy).  Anyway, about a month ago, I received a message on Facebook from Jase Kayrs.  Yeah, that Jase Kayrs.  My hero from SHADOWED.  I was like, huh?  (Sometimes I’m not all that quick—I admit it.)

So I emailed my editor and asked if the publisher had created a page for Jase.  She said no, that it was a probably a fan fiction/role playing group.  Anybody really involved in publishing or cult shows knows exactly what this is.  Anybody in my life like sisters, friends, hubby…do not.  So, for those of you like my family, fan fiction is when fans of a show or book write episodes/scenes from it.  Star Trek, Buffy, Supernatural, Twilight, etc…all have fan fiction.  There are sites all over the web.  It’s perfectly legal so long as the writers don’t try to make money off the stories.  Role playing is just that—playing roles from a series/show.

Fan Fiction fascinates me, and I probably would’ve loved writing it if I’d heard about it before launching my own writing career.  It’d be fun to write a Supernatural scene, right?  Anyway, after a few days, I began to wonder about the other characters in the Realm.  (I know.  Slow, right?)  Turns out Talen Kayrs has more friends than I do on my super-secret family/see-you-every-day-in-my-real-life friends Facebook page.  :)

I’m incredibly flattered that anybody would like my characters enough to be them on the internet.  And I’m intrigued what they’ll do.  I’m also a bit pensive—we each have our own voices, and no matter what, that’s not me writing those scenes.  What if the characters do Twisted e-booksomething or say something I wouldn’t?  Will fans blame me, thinking I wrote something?  I think there may have been some sort of dustup in the community, and now it may be split into two communities, but I’m not sure. 

The community managing the sites has taken pains to make sure the pages show as RP/Fan Fiction, and I appreciate that.  I’ve also read some of the scenes, and I enjoyed them.  I even received a message from Terrent Vilks from TWISTED on FB offering to take care of somebody who’d wronged me.  Damn if I didn’t get a happy giggle.  Seriously.  I created this guy, and yet, it did make me happy.  My reality and writing lives are blending. 

Although, for the record, I can take care of myself.  Was almost an orange belt in Kenpo.  (Yes, that’s only the second belt, but still).  :)  Plus, Big Tone is a badass.  And that’s a true statement.

SinBrothers_Digital_FINALAnyway, that’s what’s going on in my life.  Well, mainly.  It has been an amazing month so far.  RISING ASSETS hit the New York Times Bestseller list, while both TAMED and BLIND FAITH hit the USA Today Bestselling list.  SWEET REVENGE received a Top Pick review from RT Reviews, and BLIND FAITH is a fresh fiction pick by readers.  Also, UNDER THE COVERS and SHADOWED just finaled in the Daphne Awards. 

Things have gone so well lately, I’m just waiting for an anvil to drop on my head.  Life does have balance. 

For now, I’m back to finishing up TOTAL SURRENDER, which is the 4th book in the Sin Brothers series.  The logo I finally chose for the series is to the left.  Nice, huh?

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and if you live in the states, a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Thank you to those who have served, and may we remember our fallen heroes on every day and not just once a year.

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