I’m Just the Author

on December 9, 2010

I had a funny conversation with a very nice lady the other night.  Thought I’d share.

Nice Lady:  So, you’re the gal who wrote the book on vampires.

Me:  Yes.

NL:  I like vampires.  I saw your cover.  You did a good job on that.

Me:  I really like the cover, too.  But I didn’t do the cover.  Kensington did the cover.

NL:  Oh.  Well, it’s pretty.  And I really liked the back cover – it makes your book sound fun.

Me:  Thanks.  But I didn’t write the back cover.  The marketing department at Kensington did.

NL:  Oh.  But aren’t you the writer?

Me:  I think so.  But I don’t know much about marketing.

NL:  Well, at least you got to choose the name.  FATED is a really creative name.

Me:  Ah………

NL:  You didn’t choose the name?

Me:  Um, not exactly.

NL:  Are you sure you’re the writer, dear?

Me:  Pretty sure.  (Though I was feeling a bit confused at this time.)

NL:  Okay.  (Sounding just a bit doubtful.)  So, I have a Kindle.  Will FATED be on Kindle?

Me:  (On all that is holy.)  I have no idea.  Sure, probably, but I’m not sure when.

NL:  Well, this is just your first book.  I’m sure you’ll get better at this, dear.

Me:  Thank you, I’ll sure try.   🙂

Saturday is for Writing?

on May 22, 2010

It occured to me that I may have an entire Saturday to write.  Big Tone took our son to get the camper all set up for Memorial weekend, so they should be gone all day.  Our daughter is asleep but has a play date later today.  So…what to do.

I wrote a blog and published it.  Then I spent some time trying to figure out how to advertise the blog on my FF&P Loop which has new rules that you can’t advertise your blog except on Wednesday.  By Wed., my blog will be old news.  Finally gave up and didn’t advertise.

Then I emailed back and forth with writing buddies mentioned in the blog.  Now I’m looking through cool quotes about writing.  Here’s a good one:

If you start with a bang, you won’t end with a whimper.
T. S. Eliot

Isn’t that good?  And timely for me because I’m reworking the initial scene in DEMI.  Too slow.  And as my crit partner pointed out – “You’re trying to hard.  Remember that the books you sold were ones you wrote for fun.  For you.”   Note to self…crit partners remember stuff.  And nail you with it.  🙂  But as I’ve now learned that ‘Roll Tide, Baby’ refers to Alabama, Jenn is once again happy with me. 

So, now I should take advantage of this quiet Saturday and start writing.  Well, as soon as I check out NeimanMarcus.com.  Rumor has it shoes are on sale…

My Mom taught Me to read and write for safety reasons

on April 20, 2010

It occurred to me earlier today that I was a clutz.  Well, I kind of knew it, but sometimes we deny certain things about ourselves.  When I dropped my computer mouse in my coffee an hour ago – there was no more denial.  I liked that mouse.

For some reason I flashed back to childhood when my mom taught me to read.  Well, she taught me to love reading and getting lost in a good story.  Being the wise woman she still is, she might’ve been trying to save my limbs from disaster.  I still remember the first Nancy Drew book she put in my hands while I sat safely on the sofa surrounded by nice, soft pillows.  If I fell, no harm done. 

As I grew up, I used to sneak into her romance pile and read those wonderful love stories.  Sometimes I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I find myself lost in a steamy romance.  Then the day came when I was old enough we could pass books back and forth.  She gave me one of Nora Robert’s MacGregor stories – and I was hooked for life.  Remember those?

And now, my mom has read my book.  I asked her if she thought it was too steamy and she said that it was wonderful.  Then she said, “Oh my.”  🙂  So here’s to our moms:  When they ensured we survive childhood, they may also have given us the key to a happy adulthood.  Thanks, mom.

So question: Who taught you to read and what book do you most remember?

My dad’s going to read my book

on April 11, 2010

I have fantastic parents who are still together after more than forty years of marriage.  And my dad wants to read my book.  Of course he wants to read my book – he’s my dad.  But…there’s sex in my book.  And not the closed-door, see ya in the morning kind.  My hero’s a vampire – the guy bites.

It brings to mind the one sex talk my dad and I had – sometime in high school when a girl in my class became pregnant.  My dad and I stood swinging nine-irons on the practice green behind our house.  It went like this:

DAD:  WHACK.  He hit to the green.  “So, I heard so and so was pregnant.”

ME:  Slice.  I hit the nearest tree.  “Yeah, I heard that, too.”

DAD:  Whack.  He put it right next to the hole.  “Follow through and roll your wrists.  Do we need to talk about it?”

ME:  Smack.  Closer to the green.  “No.  I need a new glove.”

DAD:  Whack.  In the hole.  “No.  You need to break your wrists faster.  So, about sex…”  Whack.  Dad hit the tree.

ME: Whiff.  I missed the ball completely.  “Not interested in sex.”  And believe it or not, I wasn’t.  I loved high school and my home town.  But I knew my freshman year in college would occur at a school on the beach, and no way was I missing out on that.

DAD:  Whack.  Who knew?  There was a sandtrap just beyond the practice green.  “Well, sex is your business.”  His voice kinda cracked here.  “But if you get pregnant, it becomes my business.  Point your left toe toward the pin more.”

ME:  “Okay.”  I rolled my wrists, broke them in time and pointed my toe toward the pin.  The ball rolled to within an inch of the hole.  “Nothing to worry about, Dad.”

DAD:  He blew out a breath and then hit the tree again.  “Good talk.  Want to get breakfast?”

So, I figure my dad’s been around a bit and knows that vampires bite.  Anyway, he’s promised me he’ll skim FATED’S  spicy parts.  🙂

From book deal to bookshelf – lessons

on January 13, 2010

Well, I’ve added the 20,000 words to Not Urban Bite – some backstory, some fleshing out and some foreshadowing for book two.  Oddly enough I enjoyed the heck out of adding to the story.

I spent some time on the phone with my agent yesterday discussing my other five books.  I learned something, too.  The stories she likes best are the ones I wrote for the heck of it.  Just for fun – just for me.  Not the ones I wrote with the publishing industry in mind.  Hmmm.

Also, I have two young adult books  (YA) that aren’t truly YA.  They’re adult books masquerading as young adult.  (And apparently not hiding very well).  This point was driven home the other day at Costco.  I was walking out the door, waiting for the lady to check my cart and give me the coveted yellow highlighted slash across my receipt, when two teens ahead of me had a conversation.  It went like this:




And I thought ‘WTF?’  Are they actually using texting acronyms to have a conversation?  It took every ounce of control I had not to bash their heads together to see if a complete word would pop out.  So, maybe I should stick to adult writing for now…