You Know You’re a Writer If…

I’m sure there are many blog entries across the net with the above title.  But I was in a mood, so here it is.  You know you’re a writer if:

1)  In the middle of listening to a new country song while driving down the road, you think, EUREKA!  That’s the perfect line.  There’s my NEXT book.

2)  Somebody is mean to you or someone you care about, so the antagonist psychotic witch in your book gets a name change.

3) Your spouse finds a bookmark on your computer for a site that reads, “How to bury a body without getting caught,” and doesn’t get frightened.

4) You’re now thinking about all the weird bookmarks you have on your comptuter.

5) The misspelled word in the above sentence is killing you.

6) You proof-check a text message three times, then delete it and start over with better verbs.

7)  Texting acronyms in emails make you want to throw your computer at the sender.

8)  You’re in the middle of a conversation with someone and you rewrite their dialogue in your head.

9) You’ve asked someone to lock you in the trunk of a car just so you can get your scene right.

10) More than once you’ve answered the door in your pajamas – and it was mid-afternoon.

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7 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer If…”

  1. That was great. Gave me my morning chuckle.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    I definitely don’t think I am writer, but I’ve checked at least 7 in your list . lol

  3. Brilliant Rebecca! Just what I needed for chuckles today. 🙂

  4. Brooklyn Ann says:

    YES! Especially to the all-day jammies and weird bookmarks 🙂