Win an ARC of HUNTED!

UPDATE:  Congrats to Megan and Shelley for winning ARCs of Hunted  (Yes, I drew two names).  I’ve emailed you both and will send the books out as soon as you send your addresses.

Hi all!  First, let me say congratulations to Lacy McMurphy for winning the first ARC of Hunted by sending a picture of her with a copy of Claimed.  I’ll mail it right out!

Second…here’s another chance to win an ARC of Hunted.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog…and you’re in the contest!  It’s open world-wide. 

I know some people like a good prompt when leaving a comment, so here are a couple:–feel free to answer one, answer several, or just say ‘hi.’  All you have to do is leave a comment, and ‘hi’ works.  🙂  Why do you want to read Hunted?  Why do you think people like vampire stories?  What’s your favorite tv show right now?  (mine is Justified).  We’re snowed in…how about you?

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93 thoughts on “Win an ARC of HUNTED!”

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    I’m super excited for this book. The series has been so great, and I’m ready for the next installment. 🙂 Write on, my friend!!!

  2. Barb P says:

    Hi Rebecca! OMG, I want that ARC!!!! (Oh sorry, lost control there!) For the first time in a few years, we are not snowed in, and have actually had very little snow ( Knock on wood), My fav show right now is Castle, along with a few others, Bones, Chuck, Grim etc. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway ( pick me, pick me)!

  3. Shelley Bagby says:

    No snow down South, but spent several hours in the basement last night because of tornado warnings. Bad damage about 5miles from us. Anyway….my favorite tv shows are Vampire Diaries, Being Human, and Game of Thrones. I want to read This book because I’ve read the first two and want o read them all!

  4. Regina Ross says:

    Hi, i would love to win one 🙂

  5. I love Justified as well but haven’t seen any episodes since Feb 2010 because I have been so busy reading for review and editing manuscripts. I miss the snow. I am back in Fl after spending the past 5 years in Ohio and it is hot, hot, hot here. Although we did have a night recently where it got down to 21 – woohoo, slept with the window open.
    I really, really love your series and can’t wait for the next ones to come out. Fated and Claimed just whetted my appetite for more. Little Janie is adorable and is an interesting secondary character. She reminds me a little of another favorite character, Cassie in Lora Leigh’s Breeds series. Can’t wait to see her grown up in future books.
    Why people love vampires? Sexy and gorgeous bad boys … and great sex … ’nuff said.
    I really, really want to win.

    1. Lori says:

      I totally agree with you about Janie and Cassie. I love Lora Leigh’s “Breed Series” I cant wait to read there stories. Just read “Lawes Justice” loved it.

  6. Shelley Bagby says:

    No snow down here, just tornadoes. My favorite tv shows are Vampire Diaries and Being Human. I want to win this arc because I loved the first two books and can’t wait to read the next one. I love how these guys know their mate and will do anything to be with them and keep them safe.

  7. I’m really enjoying the blog posts from your site. I’ve learned about a few new authors I’m excited to test out too. Never stop writing! Cheers!

  8. Shelley Bagby says:

    No snow here just tornadoes. I really, really want to win because I loved the first two books and can’t wait to read all of them! I love how these guys get their mates and do everything to keep and protect them. I love to watch Vampire Diaries and Being Human.

  9. Rita Ilacqua says:

    Vampires are AND so are my dreams!!!!! At this time in my life the dreams are about all I’ve got that’s hot!!! I just love your stories.

  10. Stacie says:


    I have literally discovered your wonderful Vamps this week and read both books in as many days. I’m completely hooked and need more. Now. That’s totally why I need to read Hunted!

  11. Lateefa Dawkins says:

    My favorite TV show is Secret Circle and Supernatural. I think ppl live vampires because of the idea of living forever and being able to experience things that you mightnor get a chance to when you have a short life span. So in the romance novels when true love is found its a thing to be cherished above everything else.

  12. Shelley Bagby says:

    I love love love your books! I read the first two and can’t wait for all the ones to come. I love how these guys go get their mates and do everything they can to keep and protect them.

  13. Adriana says:


    yes,please and thank you with some vampires on the top! 🙂

  14. lmm831 says:

    Hey there! I am super excited to check out Hunted. It just sounds interesting! I am not snowed in actually it is raining here in Michigan. My favorite show right now is Castle. Love it!

  15. Lucy nNina says:

    I so want to read hunted because I absolutely love this series. I have to know what happens to the rest of the brothers. I think people, myself included, like to read vampire stories because they’re just exciting and, if written well, authors capture the hero traits so well.
    I have many favorite shows right now: true blood, vampire diaries, secret circle… I could go on and on.

  16. Heather Prince says:

    Right now it is cool and foggy.

  17. Kim W. says:

    I just can’t get enough if this series! Just love it! But I was wondering if there will be a novella on Jordan and Katie?
    Let me know because I think that would be great. I love their characters!


  18. JodyFL says:

    I am so addicted to the Kayrs Brothers I may start a support group to await the next one!!! It is so hard to wait that I would almost trade my first born for an ARC. Almost..,

  19. Krissy Holstein says:

    OMG I would love to win this ARC. I lust love this series. The brothers are all totalky Aloha males…yummy!! I have always loved watching and reading books about vampires and the supernatural I general. I love to watch Supernatural and The Mentalist.

    1. Krissy Holstein says:

      I meant Alpha males. I really hate the spell check on the iPhone!!

  20. We’re nto snowed in here. IT’s just wet slop. yuck. Have fun!

  21. Esther says:

    I NEED THE ARC BECAUSE I’M DYING!!! To read your next book that is…

  22. Jahaira says:

    I so want that ARC… We are not snowed in. THANK GOD!!! Although my 3 yo was sick this Sunday, some sort of stomach bug.. Lets just say it was not a pretty sight! Thanks for writing such great books!

  23. Amanda says:

    Hi 🙂

  24. Janice D says:

    I love your books. It’s so hard to find a really good book, much less a series. Yours go above and beyond and leave me anxious to read the next book. So glad that I stumbled upon your ebook online! Thanks!

  25. Hi Rebecca,

    As you already know, I’m a huge fan of your “Dark Protectors” series. And I can not wait to read sexy Conn’s story. I think him and his wife makes an interesting couple. Looking forward to it.

  26. Emily says:

    I would love a copy of Hunted, just reread Fated yesterday and am anxiously waiting for this story.

  27. Kristen M. says:

    Hi Becky! I’m loving the books. So happy to see you doing well. I can’t wait for #3 in the series. Oh, and by the way, I lost a ton of sleep reading Claimed. I couldn’t put it down at night.

  28. greenduckie13 says:

    Revenge is my favorite show right now.

  29. Sarah says:

    Im the GM at a book store and we occasionally receive ARC books. My store received Fated and I read it first and was hooked we passed the book around countless times and its now become one of my favorite books to suggest to customers looking for something new to read. Its a great story amd i cant wait to get Hunted ARC or not 🙂

  30. Congrats to Lacy,
    you lucky duck!!!

    As for why I want to read Hunted. Will Silly cause you ROCK!!!!

    No snow here, water is finally going down. Just hope it doesn’t start raining again.


  31. Barbara S says:

    would lve to win your book; sounds like a good one:)

  32. Sebrina says:

    My daughter and I are totally lovin Supernatural. I never watched it, but when I saw all the seasons marked way down on Black Friday, I decided to jump in and buy them all. Isabella (my lil girl) totally thinks Dean is the hottest thing, and she’s only 6. I laugh about it b/c he is hot, her father on the other hand, smacks his face and says, ‘oh god, not yet, please’!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for the chance. And we’re not snowed in, it’s more like rained in. Blah Oregon weather! LOL

  33. Megan G. says:

    So excited for this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Kimberly Wise says:

    I only have a moment since they are closing my sons school since they are having water problems. I hope it was not my sons fault this time (it was last time when he decided to pick up the tank top and dropped it breaking the water pipe behind it and causing the bathroom to flood)…. LOL

  35. StephJ says:

    Can’t wait until it hits the shelves! Excited to see what happens next.

  36. desiree says:

    Not snowed in. We are having lovely weather kinda in KC nice 50 degrees!!!! Love the series and my favorite show is the Big Bang Theory!!

  37. cathy m says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I love having Justified back for the season. Also hooked on Fringe, Blue Bloods, Once Upon a Time and both the NCIS series. The new show with Keifer, Touch, has great possibilities too.

    Love your boy’s, and can’t wait to read Conn’s story.

  38. Deborah Allen says:

    Hi Rebecca, Just wanted you to know how anxiously I am waiting for your novella Tempted and the 3rd book Hunted. I have really enjoyed reading Fated and Claimed. I love Hot Sexy Alpha Vampires.

  39. Hi, Rebecca. Love having a chance to win an arc of Hunted. My favorite TV show right now is Castle. There’s something about being a writer…

    I love your series because your vamps are so different and offer the unexpected. Great stories!

    We’re not snowed in for the first time in three years! It is below zero though.

    L. j. Charles

  40. Lavonda44 says:

    Hi Rebecca, I just picked up Fated from your recommendation last month on the writerspace chat. Looking forward to reading Cara and Talen’s story. I also recommended you to my local library for purchase and Lynwood, CA has purchased Fated and Claimed. Looking forward to a great read.

  41. June M. says:

    So far, not much snow here. Unfortunately, a lot of rain and strong winds. We actually had some thunder storms last night. Congrats on the upcoming release and congrats to Lacy for winning an ARC. Oh, a new show that I liked the pilot of was Alcatraz. I have only seen the first episode so far but it was good.

  42. So you are snowed in huh? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I know you sounded really excited to see the snow.
    Why do I want Hunted, well my best answer is because I have the first two. As far as why people like vampire stories, well I can not speak for others but as with any other paranormal story for me it is an escape into a world that is not real. I love my paranormal because I can go anywhere, do anything, and escape the real world for awhile. LOL…..
    My favorite show right now is American Idol.
    So have fun with the snow, but if you do happen to go somewhere, please be careful!!!
    Happy reading*

  43. Hi Rebecca. Can’t wait for Tempted and Hunted to come out. Stay warm.

  44. margaret whelehan says:

    Thank you for the contest. I think people like vampires because they are a fantacy that everyone can think of belonging with. That and they are extremely sexy. 🙂

  45. JoAnna B says:

    I love this series! I would love to read Hunted!!!!

    Beckerjo at Verizon dot net

  46. Joanne Acosta-Bang-o says:

    So excited for this book! Already pre-ordered Tempted which will hopefully satisfy my anticipation waiting for Hunted to be released. I’ve only first read Fated and Claimed last week but I’m ADDICTED and have re-read both books at least 3 times each throughout the week! Officially my new favourite book series hands down!

  47. Amanda says:

    Hi and I think people LOVE vampire stories!

  48. Yadira A. says:

    I was snowed in for 2 1/2 days last week and got take off work because of it:)

  49. Brooklyn Ann says:

    I wanna read HUNTED because I’m hooked on the series and dying to know what happens with Conn and Moira! I love vampires because they’re sexy, nocturnal, and are old enough to be able to share the coolest stories.
    Not watching TV at all these days.

  50. Maria says:

    I love Boyd and Ava on Justified. Other shows I really enjoy right now are The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead.

  51. I love your books! I can’t wait for the next one and crossing my fingers I can get my hands on the ARC!

  52. Rita T says:

    hello My Friend, Please put my name in the drawing. i can not wait for march. have a great and safe week….

  53. Anne Dundas says:

    Hi Rebecca, I’m loving your books, and have the next too already waiting in my Amazon/Kindle wishlist, so when they’re released I can nab them straight away. Can’t wait to read each guys story. 😀 Cheers Anne

  54. Anne Dundas says:

    Duh! Blonde moment above, meant two not too… scuse!

  55. JOY says:

    I’m addicted that’s why I’ve got to read Hunted! 🙂

  56. mary shonin says:

    I just love this series!!! IT IS RIGHT UP THERE WITH FEEHAN AND WARD!!! Please keep the series going!

  57. Eva Luna says:

    I so want that ARC!!! i just love the way you write, it’s kinda addictive.
    ……aaaaand also because they’re my new favorite bad-vamp-boys 😀
    The question is what’s not to love? 🙂

  58. Samantha Jones says:

    I absolutely love the series! I picked up a copy of Fated from the library after I read the description in a First Reads giveaways here and couldn’t get enough. I finished Claimed in one day, so now I am eagerly awaiting my next “fix”!

  59. CaryLory says:

    Ok love Justified—want to read you new book—- Cary

  60. Mary Preston says:

    I’d love to read HUNTED thank you!!


  61. Heather P says:

    I can’t wait to read Hunted and winning the ARC would be even better. Not snoIIwed in but I wish I was cause then I could stay home and read instead of having to go to work!

  62. Christine Sheets says:

    The book sounds great! Can’t wait to read it…

  63. Danah Anderson says:

    I can’t wait to read Hunted because I loved the first Fated & Claimed and can’t wait to see what happens next.

    My favorite TV show right now is Alcatraz

  64. KathyS says:

    I watched first two seasons of Justified this weekend. I watched the first episode of Season 3 tonight, so I’m all caught up. Now, I have to wait each week for a new episode. Boo hoo. I’m considering watching Deadwood for Timothy Olyphant after I get some sleep. I can’t wait to read Hunted.

  65. DeAnn G. says:

    I actually go to read an ARC of Fated but was called something else at the time and yes, it hooked me. To be honest it doesn’t matter how I get a copy of hunted. Because I WILL get one 🙂 I love the series so far and love finding new authors to follow 🙂

  66. Dawn sullivan says:

    I feel in love with this series right away. I cant wait for the next book. Your writing is amazing and very addicting. This series is smoking hot!

  67. Man, I had to scroll down a long way to get here. What was the question again? 🙂

    I want to read Hunted because your series is like crack. And I’ve been waiting a long time to find out what’s going to happen in the story involving a certain witch in Ireland. She’s stayed with me since the last book.

    We’re not snowed in right now, but we were on Friday.

  68. Hello Rebecca, I hope you are not snowed i anymore, but if you are, it’s nice to make the most of it be cuddling up the that special someone with some hot chocolate & kisses. 🙂

    Over the weekend in PA we had 5-7″ of snow, but today the temperture got into the upper 50’s. melted all the snow & caused so much fog that we couldn’t even see across the street. Very weird weather.

    Why do I think people like vampire stories? Well I know I Love Hot, Sexy, Alpha Vampires because of their take charge attitude & decades of knowledge & experience to thoroughly fullfill any task at hand. Ahemmmm 😉 For example; Alexander Skarsgård is soooo hot as Eric Northman on “True Blood.” Mmmm that’s one Sexy, Alpha Viking Vampire!!!!

    What’s your favorite tv show right now? I Love watching good television just like I LOVE reading Erotic Fiction. Here’s my List;

    A Gifted Man
    American Horror Story
    Being Human
    Body of Proof
    CSI Crime Scene Investigation
    CSI Miami
    CSI NY
    Criminal Minds
    Hawaii Five-O
    Hell On Wheels
    The Lost Girl
    The Mentalist
    Mike and Molly
    Person of Interest
    Prime Suspect
    Rizzoli & Isles
    Rules of Engagement
    Sons of Anarchy
    Terra Nova
    True Blood
    Two and a Half Men
    The Walking Dead

    LOL I know it’s a longgggg List, I enjoy TV & Reading.
    Take Care & Wishing You the Best of Health,
    Renee’ S.

  69. RY says:

    Why do you want to read Hunted?
    *g* Because I’m a Readaholic… and I’ve read the other 2 books.
    [aside] Although I wish the expletives and explicites were left out.

  70. I want to read Hunted because I am obsessed with your books! Not scary, “alert the authorities” obsessed…the healthy, “I am in awe of the characters/world you created” obsessed! Oh…and hello, Jordan smells like cinnamon & oak. Nummy, nummy!!!

    I love vampire stories, provided there’s a bit of romance. I don’t want scary vampires…I want sexy, “after centuries, I’ve finally found the ONE”…you get the danger & the swoon. Instant appeal!

    I have 2 favorite shows right now…Supernatural and Downton Abbey! What? I know, crazy! Worlds apart, but both excellent shows!

    Snow? Hah!! I wish….really, I do. We’re back in South Texas & we’ve only had a couple of “cool” days so far. I’m missing the East Coast winters!

  71. Reading a series is better – knowing the old anticipating and predicted the action in the new…it is a rush really.

    Do we love Vampire novels due to the power and control they wield? How we as mere mortals would deal with that?

    Big Bang theory…I know total geek show – but I’m married to a nuclear engineer/physicist and he gets all that stuff… makes me really laugh a lot!

  72. Sheila says:

    Thanks for a new GREAT series! Your heroes are so sexy! Can’t wait for the next book!

  73. angie says:

    Jst love the series.. cant wait for the next book to hit the shelf 🙂
    My fav shows are the walking dead, vampire diaries, an i love true blood.
    An i live in sunny phoenix arizona…

  74. Brandy says:

    Ciao. I want to rea your book because I have heard wonderful things bout them and I love all things paranormal. Plus can only find so many books being based over seas with out buying all on line. 🙂 have a great week

  75. Lei Ahl says:

    Love the series – The Dark Protectors. I have all ready pre-ordered “Tempted”. So excited for the next book.

  76. AmyS. says:

    I just finished Fated and I am now reading Claimed. I love this series. I can’t wait for Temped and Hunted. Thanks for writing such a great series.

  77. Lori says:

    Hi Rebecca, I loved “Fated” and “Claimed” and cant wait to read more. I think people like Vamps because of the alpha male character HOT HOT HOT! I don’t have a favorite TV show I don’t watch TV. I read, it drives my husband crazy. He likes to spend time with me while he watches his shows. As for snow just about 3 inches not to much then it went up to 40 and its all gone. I totally agree with WildAboutBones Janie is a great secondary character and she reminds me of Cassie from Lora Leigh’s “Breed Series”.

  78. Amy P. says:

    I’ve really enjoy Claimed and Fated and can’t wait to see how Hunted turns out.
    I think some people like vampire stories because it gives them a safe venue to step into the dark shadows of the world, real or not. As for the romance stories, I know I would love to be the heroine that managed to have the strong, mysterious, forbidden ‘monster’ fall in love with me and protect me from all the other big bads out there.
    I’m really enjoying two new TV shows, Once Upon a Time and Grimm. I guess I still love fantasy and fairy tales. And considering that many of the classic fairy tales and children’s stories are a bit morbid, these shows fit.
    The middle of Oklahoma hasn’t really seen snow this winter. I’m kind of hoping we don’t get the snowstorms we got last year. Trying to drive in snow is not a skill I’ve got much experience in.

  79. Carrie C. says:

    How could you not love Vampires? I mean, who wouldn’t want all that raw, animalistic power directed at them? Being worshipped and taken by a male who’s only focus is on you? Seriously, sign me up 🙂

  80. Christine Sheets says:

    Hey I’m with Carrie and couldn’t say it better when it comes to Vampires.. Yum! Gimme an Alfa male Vamp anytime!!! Seriously not a patient person when it comes to waiting for a book I’m excited about reading to come out.. And I’m seriously chomping at the bit to read “Hunted”

  81. Connie T says:

    I LOVE this series!!!

  82. Jolene A says:

    My fav. show as of right now is Being Human! So glad it’s back on. So excited for Hunted to come out, am on pins and needles!!!!

  83. Tiffany says:

    Cant wait to read Hunted!! Love the characters in your books!

  84. jenshields says:

    I hate to say, but I LOVE True Blood. Yes, I’m addicted like so many. I even turned my mom into a fan and now she spends all day watching HBO on her ipad. Yikes

  85. Stephanie M says:

    I love the first two books and cannot wait to see how the series progresses.

  86. Judy Christopherson says:

    To me, Vampires fill all the needs of the “feels good to be bad” that you can get from a good read.

  87. Miranda says:

    I would like a copy of Hunted because I am obsessed with your Dark Protectors! I get a rush every time I get ready to read these books because I know they are going to totally consume me. Love the characters and the mythology!!

  88. Brenda Demko says:

    For the moment our snow is gone! I don’t watch much t.v., I’m usually too busy reading. The only shows that I watch are American Idol and True Blood.( I watch the show but I like the books so much more!) I can’t speak for everyone, but I like vampires because they add an element of mystery to paranormal books. Vampires are different in every series. In other words, are they a creul vamp or nice? Do they drink from people or blood bags or animals? Do they kill when they drink from the source or only take what they need?, Do they think they are monsters, or do they think they are better than humans?, I could go on and on and on. I really like to read about them all except, for the horror type vampire books. I prefer the sexy, dominating, possessive, type of vampire (like yours). I love paranormal romance because it gives us that extra something that adds to the story. I have both of your other books and would be over the moon if I got to add Hunted to them early! Your series has everything I love in a good vampire romance and then some. I love the chemistry that your characters have with each other. I really like that you keep the characters from previous books involved. That is one of the main reasons that I prefer series. When I invest my time getting to know the characters, I like to see them again and know what is happening with them. Thank you for writing. Your books are awesome. I look forward to reading Hunted and the rest of the series yet to come,

  89. Mary N says:

    Hi Rebeeca!!! Can’t wait for Tempted and Hunted AND Consumed!!! you’re writing is amazing!

  90. Jessica Hawkins says:

    Hello. My favorite T.V. show is charmed. And I love your stories, very creative and entertaining and I can’t wait to read Hunted and the others that have yet to be published. I think people love to read vampire stories because its something adventurous, mysterious and in your case just down right sexy! I think people love the pull of the supernatural, which is in a nutshell why they love supernatural stories particularly vampire stories.