Wild Turkeys and More Random Thoughts

First, take a good look at the website, because it’s about to be updated and upgraded within the next couple of weeks. YAY!

Second, I feel like I should blog more, but I’m a writer usually caught in imaginary worlds that I’m not ready to share. Plus, the kids are incredibly busy with sports, Big Tone is busy, my extended family is busy…and I’ve got friends.  And I’m not one of those authors/bloggers who shares everything on the internet.  Especially stuff about real people.  I know many authors share a lot (all about people they know, people who aren’t nice to them, the slights they’ve received), but I kind of think those people are buttheads.  Yeah, I said it.  Talking about somebody else (in real life) just because one has a blog and avenue to reach people seems dickish to me.

Wild turkeysBy the way, nobody has talked badly about me on the net lately, and this isn’t personal. Just a general observation.  I read a blog lately from an author dissing on people she met in a new social group.  I mean, knock that off.  Those people are real, probably don’t have blogs to counter, and should be left alone.

(NOTE HERE that I’m fine talking about Big Tone, my sisters, and some close friends. They know the risk of me.  Plus, I’d never say anything bad about them publicly.  Not even Debbie, my youngest sister, who used to have garage sales every once in a while to sell the stuff she’d borrowed from us.  I wouldn’t say this publicly.  Plus, it was a long time ago.  LOL!)

I also do talk in generalizations once in a while. My kid’s football team plays another team every year where a couple of the moms ring cowbells through the whole damn game.  It takes a special woman to ring a cowbell, and I’ve been known to talk about it generally. 

But you know who I do like? Chuck Wendig.  That guy is freakin hilarious and I wish I could live in his brain for a little while.  Not a long while.  But maybe for an afternoon.  He also gives great advice to other writers.  I also like Jennie Crusie, who shares her interesting life and her writing style with us.  Although, as a fan, I wish she’d release another new book soon.

turkeysAnyway, the thing on my mind right now is odd. We’ve moved to the top of a mountain (it’s not a big mountain or anything), and I’ve been taking a walk every day trying to get back into shape.  On a mountain, if you walk down, you have to walk up…so it’s been pretty handy.  We have a lot of wildlife up here, and there have been a bunch of wild turkeys that are now huge.  I mean, really big.

The other day as I walked, I heard a strange noise from them. There were about thirty of them, and they were trilling and encircling this cat.  I mean, they had this cat totally surrounded.  Are turkeys aggressive?  Do they eat cats?  I’m not sure, but they were definitely messing with this cat, and it was incredibly odd.

Yes, I was going to rescue the cat. But a biker sped by at about a 100 miles an hour, going downhill, and the turkeys scattered.  The cat escaped.  So all you cat lovers, no worries here!  The cat was fine.  (I have a cat named Buddy, so I, too, like cats).

But I’ve been pondering the situation since. What the heck is up with the turkeys?

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5 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys and More Random Thoughts”

  1. minga book bud Portillo says:

    That was totally hilarious. I think the turkeys were aggressive because of the up coming holiday. I think they sense these things. Its just a thought.
    Thank you for being you Rebecca. You make us /me feel special because you interact with us/me. You don’t know how wonderful that makes us fans feel. I think its great that you don’t share everything about your family. That’s yours and should remain so. With that being said. I too had a friend who was having a moving sale and I went to help her out and I found all my dishes that stayed over there after a party or something. SHE WAS SELLING ALL MY DISHES! Lol. We had a good laugh about it , after she made me pay for them.

  2. TrishJ says:

    When I was a teenager my father decided to raise Turkeys. Really! We had 3 shelters built. Part of the shelters are covered and part are left open. And I am here to say the turkeys are crazy. Every time it rained, we had to go out and walk through them, otherwise they look up at the rain … And DROWN. Not fun . Maybe it was just our Turkeys. Dad got rid of them and tried pigs next. And that is another story .

  3. Deb says:

    I just had the best laugh!! I love the things you say and agree that people should not speak negatively about others in a public forum…you’re right it is “dickish”. I do think I have to steal this term! I don’t want a lot of blog updates. I’d rather have you great books! Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks!

  4. aliceakemp says:

    Well said, Rebecca. Thanks. Y’all should shoot one of those turkeys for next month’s dinner. Best, Alice