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5 thoughts on “The Storm Gathering Book Trailer is here!”

  1. Karen Belden says:

    Just 10 more days! I can hardly wait. I’m so addicted to this series.

  2. Fantastic book left review before Irma hit With no cell phone use no power I reread the books by flashlight and it gave me a new perspective on these books…. In the dark at night it also gave me solice….

  3. Renay Parker says:

    I really am enjoying this series.Can’t wait on this one.

  4. darlene says:

    why isn’t storm gathering in print? barnes & noble told me it had to be ordered because the publisher printed them when one is bought. Will it be that way for the next books too? Not customer friendly not to mention expensive they want to charge me $20 something for a paperback.

    1. Rebecca Zanetti says:

      Well, this is probably more than you want to know about publishing, but here it is. Print books are either part of a traditional print run, or they’re available POD (print on demand). Big publishers do a traditional print run (actually not on very many books to be honest), print the books, store the books, mail the books, and they’re put into book stores. As you can imagine, that gets costly for the publisher. Those books actually are few and far between these days, and I’ve been very fortunate that my books are part of traditional print runs and go to bookstores.

      However, the first three Scorpius books didn’t sell all that well in print (with the real apocalypse on the horizon maybe), but they sold really well in digital. So I was able to continue the series in digital with POD copies for those who really want it in print. Now, POD copies cost Amazon and BnN a lot to print up just one book, so those cost a reader more just because of how much it costs to print the book. Nobody is making a fortune on POD books, but it’s nice to be able to offer a print option for people who really want to read in print. Storm Gathering is $14.99 in print from Amazon, BTW.

      So, even though this seems ‘not customer friendly,’ the reality of the publishing industry right now is just how it is. If a series doesn’t sell well in print or if it goes past 3 books (for the majority of series. We all know series that go way beyond 3 books, and those are awesome and the exception), then the few bookstores still existing right now aren’t going to order and stock the book. IF they aren’t going to order and stock a book, then there’s no reason for a publisher to print and then store the book.

      The POD copies aren’t there to make a bunch of money. They’re just there so folks who want a print book can get one.

      See? That was probably WAY more than you wanted to know about the publishing industry. LOL!