An Excerpt from Total Surrender!

on March 4, 2015

zanetti_totalsurrenderA soldier entered the room outside Jory’s glass-walled cell first, followed by a woman in her mid-twenties, who slid out from behind him.

Jory’s breath caught in his throat. Exquisite. For once, that word could be applied accurately. She stood to about five foot six in black boots wearing a matching leather jacket. Light mocha-colored skin, curly black hair, and eyes greener than the most private parts of Ireland.

She took one look at him and stepped back.

He moved forward in the cell and flashed a smile that made her eyes widen. If he had to scare her to make her leave, he’d do it. Anybody seeing him in captivity would be killed by the commander after serving their purpose. So he forced sexual tension to filter through the room.

How he could do it, he wasn’t sure. Maybe pheromones and bodily heat waves, and the ability came easier now than it had before the coma. It was a hell of an advantage to use sometimes, and he ignored Madison’s quick intake of breath when he employed it.

“Is she for me?” he asked, forcing his gaze to run over the newcomer’s body and surprising himself when he hardened in response. God. He’d been on a mission and then in a coma for two years before spending time in captivity recuperating. When was the last time he’d gotten laid? Way too long ago.

TS 3-2He’d always liked women, although he’d never gotten close to one. Not really. They were either part of a mission or worked as doctors in the facility, and those certainly couldn’t be trusted.

This one was petite with delicate bone structure and clear, intelligent eyes. Whatever her purpose, she sure as hell didn’t belong in the dismal place. Hopefully she’d turn on her heel and get out since he’d leered at her.

Instead she lifted one eyebrow. Her face flushed. “So that’s him.”

Well, damn. Another angel with the heart of a demon. A pang landed squarely in Jory’s chest. Beauty should never be evil. “Yeah, that’s me,” he murmured, dropping the sensual attack. “Who are you?”

She opened her mouth and shut it as Dr. Madison shook her head. “It doesn’t matter who she is,” Madison muttered. Grasping the woman’s arm, Madison led her over to a computer console. “Get to work, and remember the rules.”

The woman jerked free and stepped away from Madison. She eyed Madison like an opponent in a boxing ring—with wariness and determination.

Jory frowned, and his instincts started to hum. Was the woman a prisoner, like him? Maybe he could gain them both freedom, with her help. She was outside of the cage, now wasn’t she? He smiled.

TOTAL SURRENDER-RT Top PickDr. Madison glanced back toward Jory, her gaze narrowing. “Leave her alone to work, and I won’t have you tranquilized again.” With that, she allowed the soldier to escort her from the room, and the door nicked shut behind her.

The woman sat at the console and turned toward him. “Piper. My name is Piper.” She eyed the partition. Her voice was smooth and sexy…feminine. She guarded her expression well. “They didn’t give me your name.”

Yeah. They wouldn’t have thought to give his name. “Jory.” He really liked the way her tight jeans hugged her curves, and he appreciated the intelligence sizzling in those spectacular eyes. She’d have to be smart to help him escape. “Why are you here, Piper?”

She exhaled slowly and stretched out her fingers. “I’m here to save you, Jory.”

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My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

on January 31, 2012

UPDATE: has spoken and the winner is:  Vamped Chik.  Congrats!

Welcome to the Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!  I will be giving away a signed book to one randomly drawn commenter on my blog.  The winner can choose Fated, Claimed, or an ARC of Hunted.  This contest is open internationally.  Leaving a comment on the blog gets you one entry, “liking” me on facebook gets you another entry, and following me on twitter gets you a third entry.  You can do just one or all three…totally up to you!  Good luck!

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So, TEMPTED will be available on March 27th, and I thought I’d post a new excerpt.  Here it is:

Biting back a sigh, Max stalked over uneven concrete and deep puddles. Maneuvering around to the rear of the paint-chipped building, he found his prey.

Two long legs led up to a heart-shaped ass trying to wiggle out a window.  He let her drop to the ground, waiting until she turned around.

“Please don’t run.”  His boots were made for kicking down doors, not running.

Sarah yelped, pressing back against the worn shingles, hand to her chest.

It was the worst self-defense move he’d ever seen.  “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Eyes the color of deep chocolate widened.  Dark circles marred the smooth skin over her delicate features.  Running had taken a toll.  Sandy-blond hair framed her classic face.  She stood much taller than Cara and Emma, the new mates of his friends and the only human females he’d been near in over a century. 

This woman, the one he hunted, she stood tall with legs long enough to give him pause.  Yet, even at about five foot eleven, she was several inches shorter than him. 

Something sizzled along his spine.  His body reacted to the gentle vibrations cascading off the woman.  Instinct honed his focus on her.  Special.  He should’ve known by his obsession with her picture.  The woman was a potential vampire mate.  Enhanced.  Maybe an empath?

He waited as she settled her stance.  Then went for a knee shot.

It was the worse side kick he’d ever seen.  Her worn tennis shoe bounced off his knee, causing no more hurt than a breeze.  She stumbled, and he reached out to steady her.  His hand easily wrapped around her bicep.  “Where the hell did you learn to fight?”

“The internet,” she gasped, trying to jerk away.

That explained it.  “The knee shot was a good move. You just didn’t aim the kick right.”  He was a big guy.  If she dropped him, she’d be able to run. 

“Should I try again?”  Fire lit her eyes while a small smile flirted with her pink lips.

The humor caught him off guard.  He matched her smile.  “You’ll just hurt your foot.”

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The First Excerpt of HUNTED…

on December 31, 2011

Hi all!  On the last day of 2011, I thought I’d post the first excerpt of Hunted.  Here it is:

The warrior in Conn roared to life, overtaking any rational thought.  He shot his arm up to grab her wrist and force the blade from his throat.  “Let go of the knife, Moira.”  Soft skin covered toned muscle under his hand.  He could tighten his hold and make her drop the weapon, but that’s not how this was going down.

“No.”  She took advantage of his movement and dug her heel into his thigh, clapping his ear with her free hand.

Pain exploded in his skull.  His temper howled.  Clutching his fingers into her hair, he jerked her head back.  The white column of her throat stretched.  She yelped in protest.  He lowered his head, his fangs elongating completely.  His lips enclosed her skin.

He struck.

Her entire body went rigid.  The knife clattered to the floor. 

He drank.  Honey and spice exploded across his taste buds followed by a punch of raw power.  His mind swirled.  Arousal, lust, fire whipped through him until the need to get inside her pushed all other thoughts away.  Quick swipes of his tongue sealed the wound and then his mouth was on hers, delving deep. 

She moaned low in her throat, pulling him toward her.  He released her arm, encircling her waist and tugging her forward.  Better.  Now he wanted her naked.  Heat cascaded from the woman.  His tongue tangled with hers, the little whimpers gasping from her boiling his lust even higher.

The boom of a gun being fired jerked him away.  He jumped around, using his body as a shield.  Kell stood in the entryway, calmly placing a Beretta in his waist.  Plaster dropped from the ceiling marred by a large bullet hole. 

Conn snarled.

Kell held both hands out.  At six and a half feet with midnight dark eyes and hair, the witch took a placating stance that had to be unfamiliar.  He wiped plaster off his shoulder.  “I know it’s deadly to mess with a vamp and his mate, but we really have to go.” 

The whirr of a helicopter startled Conn.  He hadn’t heard it arrive.  Not good.  “Where?”

“We’ve been summoned by the Council,” Kell said.  “Now.”

Moira leapt off the counter to land next to Conn.  “We’re already late.”

He grabbed her arm.  “I’m going with you or you don’t go.”  He needed answers.  If the stubborn witches in the room wouldn’t provide them, he’d go to the top.

“While he can’t see the Council,” Kell dropped his gaze to his cousin, “we could use his help.  At least until Daire and Adam return.”

Conn stilled.  “Daire and Adam?”  Kell and his two brothers served as the chief enforcers for the Nine.  Something huge must be going down if they all had been summoned at once.  Suspicion tightened his shoulders.  “Why are you with Moira, Kell?”  Conn’s voice dropped to an octave that should’ve warned his friend.  He’d assumed Kell was with Moira to await him, performing his duty as liaison and enforcer.  Perhaps Kell provided protection for Moira.  If his mate needed protection, someone should’ve called him.

Kell cut his gaze to Moira.  “I believe that’s a conversation between you and the Seventh, Kayrs.”

“Don’t call me that.”  Moira stiffened.  “You’ve no right to be pissed, Kell.”

Kell stepped forward, his eyes blazing.  “No right to be pissed?  Are you kidding?”  He swept his hand toward Conn.  “There’s a good chance I’m going to end up in a fist fight with one of my best friends because you’ve refused to get your life in order.  And now it might be too late to fix our world.”

One step had Conn in front of Moira.  “Don’t yell at her.”  A brawl was guaranteed at this point.  Though the first punch came from the brat behind him.  Two fisted and right to his kidneys.

“That’s it.”  Conn swirled around and ducked, tossing his witch over his shoulder.  She bellowed in surprise.  He pivoted, heading for the exit.  “Since I’m under strict orders from my king not to piss off the council, we’ll go meet with them now.  You can explain what the hell’s going on during the flight.”  He strode through the door and into the sun, not caring whether or not Kell followed.  Moira struggled, smashing her hands into his back.  “Then, mate, we’re going home.” 

Rage burned in his gut.  Moira’s family had power and knew how to wield it.  The second he forced her from Ireland, they’d declare war.

So be it.

A new excerpt of CLAIMED

on October 6, 2011

Hi all!  I’ve been so busy on my blog tour that I’ve been ignoring my own blog.  Sorry about that!  I thought it’d be a nice change to add a brand new excerpt from CLAIMED available only right here.  So, here it is:

She ran her palms down the hard muscles of his chest to his tight abs.  Finally.  She was finally touching him.  So much strength—truly worthy of a king. 

She yanked free the button of his pants, and her gaze met his while she released his zipper.  Her breath came in short pants.  She was more than a match for the leader, as he would soon see.  Emma leaned forward to nibble on the sizzling skin she’d dreamt about.  The reality tasted even better.  Smooth, salty man tantalized her when she nipped at his collarbone.  Then bit.

He growled low, hands going to her waist to tug her to the ground.  She opened her senses to him.  His heartbeat echoed throughout her own head, and then…he stilled.

His head lifted and he scented the air.  Slamming his metallic eyes shut, he swore.  He grabbed her shirt and yanked it up her arms, holding tight to the front.

“What is it?”  Her stomach dropped in fear.  “Did the Kurjans find us?”

“Worse.”  Dage shifted her to the side and stood, lending a hand to help her up.

Two men crowded the entrance to the cave—the men from her dreams.  “Your brothers?”


Her mind spun.  A hollowness echoed throughout her body that may never be filled. “How is that worse?”  She took his hand, holding her shirt together with trembling fingers. 

“Because I can’t kill them,” Dage said grimly, pulling her forward.  He nodded at the green eyed brother in the lead.  “It’s nice to know you followed orders and went to secure the facilities as needed.”  He shifted his focus to the copper eyed brother.  “One word Jase, and I’ll rip out your jugular.”

Jase wisely kept silent, though the twinkle in those eyes laughed hard enough to make sound. 

The first man threw caution to the wind.  “Hi Emma.  I’m Conn.”  He clapped Dage on the back.  “We couldn’t let the king miss the ball, now could we?” 

Ball?  What ball?