A new excerpt of CLAIMED

Hi all!  I’ve been so busy on my blog tour that I’ve been ignoring my own blog.  Sorry about that!  I thought it’d be a nice change to add a brand new excerpt from CLAIMED available only right here.  So, here it is:

She ran her palms down the hard muscles of his chest to his tight abs.  Finally.  She was finally touching him.  So much strength—truly worthy of a king. 

She yanked free the button of his pants, and her gaze met his while she released his zipper.  Her breath came in short pants.  She was more than a match for the leader, as he would soon see.  Emma leaned forward to nibble on the sizzling skin she’d dreamt about.  The reality tasted even better.  Smooth, salty man tantalized her when she nipped at his collarbone.  Then bit.

He growled low, hands going to her waist to tug her to the ground.  She opened her senses to him.  His heartbeat echoed throughout her own head, and then…he stilled.

His head lifted and he scented the air.  Slamming his metallic eyes shut, he swore.  He grabbed her shirt and yanked it up her arms, holding tight to the front.

“What is it?”  Her stomach dropped in fear.  “Did the Kurjans find us?”

“Worse.”  Dage shifted her to the side and stood, lending a hand to help her up.

Two men crowded the entrance to the cave—the men from her dreams.  “Your brothers?”


Her mind spun.  A hollowness echoed throughout her body that may never be filled. “How is that worse?”  She took his hand, holding her shirt together with trembling fingers. 

“Because I can’t kill them,” Dage said grimly, pulling her forward.  He nodded at the green eyed brother in the lead.  “It’s nice to know you followed orders and went to secure the facilities as needed.”  He shifted his focus to the copper eyed brother.  “One word Jase, and I’ll rip out your jugular.”

Jase wisely kept silent, though the twinkle in those eyes laughed hard enough to make sound. 

The first man threw caution to the wind.  “Hi Emma.  I’m Conn.”  He clapped Dage on the back.  “We couldn’t let the king miss the ball, now could we?” 

Ball?  What ball?

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3 thoughts on “A new excerpt of CLAIMED”

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    YUM!!!! Can’t wait for this book to release. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I agree…..YUM!!!