Rebecca’s 10 Steps for Writing A Book

Depositphotos_3744598_l-20151. The fun blank page: yippee! A first meet, hero and heroine, OMG I love this book

2. 25,000 words in: Wait a second. Who’s the bad guy?

3. 50,000 words in: Okay, I figured it out. This will come together.

4. 70,000 words in: My career is over, this book doesn’t make sense, I’m going to tank.

Illustration of a girl writer leaning on her chair while thinking

5. 95,000 words: Well, it’s finished. I can fix it in copy edits

6. Editorial edits: Hmmm. Good point. The heroine can’t magically fly, now can she? And a penis can’t do that from across a room. Fixed!

7. Copy edits: I’m liking this book. It actually came together.

8. Page proofs: It’s too late to change anything. What did I do? My career is over. Maybe I can open up a yogurt shop with Joanna Wylde. So long as she’s in charge of the caramel, she’s on board.

9funny cocktail dog behind a white banner. Release day: I think I’m gonna throw up.

10. After release week: Whew! That was kind of fun. Let’s write another book…

**Just a quick reminder that TAKE THE STORM releases on October 29th, WICKED EDGE releases on November 10th, TEASED releases on December 8th, and MERCURY STRIKING releases on January 26th.  WHEW!

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4 thoughts on “Rebecca’s 10 Steps for Writing A Book”

  1. Ronnie C says:

    I’m writing now so I loved this Rebecca! Can’t wait for your new releases!!!

  2. Linda Levine says:

    It is good to keep a sense of humor about the craft

  3. Stef says:

    I’ve read most of your books and loved them. Now I’m struggling to find something in the same genre to read and I keep hating what I’m finding. Now I’m trying to write my own! Thanks for the tips hope maybe one day I’ll be publish and I’d feel blessed if you read and enjoy something I had written.

    1. Rebecca Zanetti says:

      That’s great – good luck with the writing!