Izzy’s Insights – With Janie Kayrs

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Janie will answer your questions if you leave them below in the comments!!

Oh my goodness, it’s so good to be back here with everyone.  If you last recall, the King sent a bodyguard my way, and well…we’ve been traveling the world and writing about it.  I have to say, I owe the king a solid.

But for now…guess who I have here in a brand new coffee shop in my town?  The folks here are kind and a lot of fun, and more importantly, they don’t know me.  Or rather, they don’t know about the Dark Protectors and how they keep ruining my interviews and food establishments in town.  But back to my main question…guess who’s here?

YEP!  JANET ISABELLA KAYRS.  Can you believe it?  Well, neither can I.  She’s all grown up now with long brown hair, intelligent blue eyes, and a kind smile.  She looks a lot like her mama, to be honest, and she didn’t get very tall.  We’ve already ordered coffee and it’s steaming in front of us.  Christmas decorations are all sparkly around us, and the music playing over the speakers is jolly.  But let’s get started.

ME:  Oh, Janie, I’m so excited to finally meet you in person.  I have to ask, how in the world are you here right now?

JANIE:  She gives a quick laugh.  That’s a great question, and I do understand what you mean.  Basically, how did I get away from a security detail, the Realm compound, and more importantly, my dad…to be here right now?

Me:  Exactly.

JANIE:  She shrugs.  To be honest, I started jogging by the cliffs and then kept on jogging.  Sure, we have sentries posted all around, but I know where they are, and I jogged into town and grabbed a taxi.

ME:  At this point, I wondered if the interview would kill me.  To be more exact, what was the king going to do to me if he found out I was sort of an accomplice?  Let’s not give the exact location – so far I’ve managed to keep my home town a secret.

Marked.ZanettiJANIE:  No problem.  I totally understand secrets.  She glances toward the door.  Besides, we have plenty of protection.  I’m sure Max had guards on me the second I crossed the perimeter.

I turned to see two hulking guys at the front door.  As I watched, a young man in overcoat paused by the door, looked the guys up and down, and then scrambled across the street.

ME:  Oh my.  Please tell my your father isn’t coming.  Talen had demolished a restaurant once.  I swear.

JANIE:  You never know.  I’m sure the back door is guarded as well, so we can just relax.

ME:  Relax?  Yeah.  That’s a good one.  So…how’s it going?  I mean, the peace talks are about to begin, and that has to be stressful, right?

JANIE:  It really is, because if we could just broker peace, we’d finally be able to rebuild.  She turned and waved to one of the guys at the door, who waved back.

ME:  Okay.  That was sweet and not scary.  We might be okay here.  So you’re looking forward to the peace talks?

JANIE:  Well, sure.  The problem is, and don’t tell anybody because I’ve only told Garrett, but I don’t have any visions after the peace talks.  Nada, zip, zilch.

ME:  A shiver wound down my spine.  So you think that’s it for you? 

JANIE:  Eh.  I’m not sure.  It could just mean that fate is up in the air, which would be fine, except I’m not sure which way to go to make the fate I want.  You know?

ME:  Not really, but it sounds freaky.  What about Zane and Kalin?  Do you think you’ll meet them in person finally?

Dark_Protectors_LOGO-01JANIE:  I’ve already met Kalin in person when I was a teenager during an attack on the headquarters, but I’ve never met Zane in person.  I do believe that will happen very soon, because I’ve seen excerpts around the net about it.  Sometimes being a fictional character gets weird, you know?  Other people right now know more about my life than I do, and I can’t wait to live it.

ME:  Reading between the lines here, you think you’ll live it when MARKED releases on Monday?

JANIE:  Sure.  Besides, if you really think about it, what makes you believe your world is the real one?  Maybe mine is, and we’re just playing out your story right now.

ME:  Okay, that’s waaaaay too deep for Izzy.  Do you love Zane?

JANIE:   I think so, but from the excerpts I’ve managed to uncover, he isn’t quite who I’ve made him to be in my head.  Of course, the guy is half-vampire, so you know he won’t be easy going.  In fact, one of the early reviewers stated:  “Zane was arrogant, possessive, stubborn, protective and the best freaking alpha male that I have read about in a long time!”

ME:  Oh my.  How do you feel about that?”

JANIE:  My gut feeling is that I’ll probably try to kick his ass.  Vampires need that sometimes, you know.

ME:  I actually did know that fact.  You keep calling him a vampire, and I have to ask, do you suspect his other half?  The big secret of what he is?

JANIE:  I have my suspicions, to be honest, but I truly don’t know.  Yes, I’ve heard that the first chapter of MARKED is up on the net, and Zane is revealed in it, but I don’t want to find out that way.  I’ll wait until Monday.

Marked-TopPickME:  It seems like everyone is expecting you to fulfill fate and meet whatever destiny holds for you while still expecting you to keep yourself safe.  That must be tough.

JANIE:  Takes a deep drink of coffee, her gaze intensifying.  It’s not easy, and I don’t think even fate knows what I’ll do to protect my family.  I can tell you that she, meaning Fate, better stay the hell out of my way if our interests don’t mesh.

ME:  Wow.  I remember Janie as a little girl sometimes, and I had no clue she’d turn into such a warrior. 

The door opened.  The atmosphere changed.  Holy shittzballs.  I knew.  I mean that I KNEW who’d be there.  Sighing, probably loudly, I turned around.

Talen  Kayrs.  Yep.  The one and only. The strategic leader for the Realm, the most Alpha of the Alphas to the point of being a true pain in the butt, and Janie’s dad.  He moved toward us, all predatory grace and harsh angles.  Being three and a half, almost four centuries old really agreed with the badass.  He looked thirty, tops.

JANIE:  Damn.

ME:  Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.

TALEN:  Is this a new coffee shop?  He glances around.  I like it.  Festive.

ME:  I pretty much stop breathing.  Uh, hi.  How are things?

Talen pierces me with a golden gaze.  Crap.  He didn’t even try to hide his vampire eyes, now did he?

TALEN:  Pretty good.  Nothing much going on.

ME:  Try to force lungs to breathe.  That’s funny.  Um.  Haha.

K_LOGO-01TALEN:  Rolls his eyes.  Janie?  Perhaps we should finish our coffee and go prepare for the peace talks, considering they start in a couple of days.

JANIE:  Dad, relax.  Have a coffee.  It’s really good.

ME:  OMG.  Did she just tell Talen Kayrs to RELAX?  Oh my. 

A scuffle sounded by the door, and I turned just in time to see all of the Kayrs women, led by Cara, shove past the body guards and approach our table.

TALEN:  Holy hell.

CARA:  There’s a new coffee shop we haven’t demolished.  Excellent!  Coffee all around.

ME:  Glance sideways at Talen, who has kicked back in his chair, apparently admitting defeat.  Well now, isn’t that a sight?  I smile and gesture around for chairs while leaning toward Janie to whisper:  Things are probably about to go south, and we both know it.  Will you answer any questions put here on the blog?

JANIE:  Her eyes twinkle and she gives a short nod.  I’ll check my computer and answer any questions if there are any.  Then she glanced at the troop of Kayrs vampires approaching the door.  Yep.  South and soon.

So, if you all have any questions you’d like to ask Janie, here’s your chance!


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14 thoughts on “Izzy’s Insights – With Janie Kayrs”

  1. Joan Lai says:

    Hi Janie! It’s so nice to see that you’ve grown into such a lovely and capable young woman. You were absolutely adorable as a child and I loved following you into your dreams. Two questions: Do you still keep Mr. Mullet close by? and If you could escape from all this stress/fate/duty stuff and whisk Zane off to your “happy place” where would you go? Best of luck at the peace talks on Monday. (You’re going to need it.). Thanks for sharing with your fans.

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Joan! Thanks so much for the nice things you said about me. 🙂 I actually do have Mr. Mullet close by – he’s on my dresser and will always be part of my life, I think. My Aunt Emma gave him to me.

      I think I’d escape somewhere warm and tropical where we could sit on a nice beach and relax. Somewhere cold isn’t for me. LOL!

  2. Marie Brown says:

    Hi Janie, It is really cool to finally see you all grown up. I have been amazed by you since I first read Fated and can honestly say you have got to be the strongest and most noblest person…like EVER! Ok so my question is are you nervous about finally getting your story out and meeting Zane? Do you think your dad will come to like Zane?

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Marie,

      Whew! Great questions. Well, I am a little nervous about my story coming out – basically because I don’t know how it’ll end. And about my dad? Man, I don’t know. He’s a softy with family, but with anybody else? He doesn’t really like anybody else. LOL! So I’m hoping…

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi Janie! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow up. You have my support, waiting on pins and needles, as the peace talks approach. How is your mom holding up during this time, has her health declined any more? Along with the other women affect by the virus?
    Thanks for showing up today, despite the trouble it may cause, it looks as if the Kayrs women needed the outing as much as you did! LOL

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much! I’m nervous, too! Mom is holding up pretty well and her health is slowly, very slowly, declining, but sometimes I see her feeling a little better. So I’m hopeful. So far, as of today, nobody else has the virus.

      But we’ll see what happens in MARKED…

  4. Lori Meehan says:

    Hi Janie. Just have to say you are my favorite character besides your dad. Don’t tell your mom but Talen is one of my book boyfriends. *sigh*. I can’t wait to read your book I’ve been waiting since Fated to see what fate has in store for you.
    So my question for you is did everyone just have coffee or did they trash the place?

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Lori,

      That’s so nice of you! I can’t really imagine my dad as a guy, you know? I mean, he’s my dad. A total softy. Well, with me. LOL!

      They trashed the place because a couple of enemy shifters showed up, and things got crazy. But my dad paid for the owner to fix the place even better than before, and so long as my dad never goes back, it’s okay. But I plan to go back. Don’t tell him. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth H. says:

    Hi Janie!!! Okay, so I’ve always wondered this, what happened to that cat shifter that gave you your first kiss? We know your brother busted in on you and attacked and the shifter got REALLY nekkid, but we don’t hear anything else. Inquiring minds (mine) want to know 🙂

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Elizabeth!

      Charlie is still a good friend of mine, and he and Garrett became friends after that one scuffle. Well, after Charlie and I just became friends and stopped dating, then I guess Garrett liked him. So far Charlie hasn’t found a mate, but he’s also young (shifters live so long) that I don’t see him settling down for a while.

      If you know anybody to set him up with, let me know, though. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Chantal D. says:

    Hi Janie,
    So did Emma ever end up punching Dage in the face? What made her so mad?

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Chantal,

      My Aunt Emma gets mad whenever my Uncle Dage messes with her schedule – most specifically her research. He likes her to rest once in a while, and she’ll push herself until she drops, so they argue sometimes. She has punched him, I’m pretty sure. But he usually throws her in the pool and they have fun, so it all works out. 🙂

  7. KimG says:

    Janie – Your story so far is amazing, and I love the fact that you have really grown into who and what you are – someone daring & strong. I suspect that if Zane’s path has fully matured him into the strong, dominant protector as promised (read “much like Talen and the rest of the Kayrs men”), then his time with you is going to be really interesting! 😉
    How are you coping with your lack of knowledge of the time after the peace talks? Is that frightening for you, or is it somewhat of a relief to maybe feel as if you are the one who controls that part of your future?

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Kim,

      I guess I’m mostly worried that I don’t see anything after the peace talks. I like having an idea of what’s going to happen, and I have no clue, so I’m worried about my family. I have to keep them safe, you know?

      And I have a feeling Zane is going to be more of a challenge than I originally thought. LOL! 🙂