It was the Bathtub that Broke Me

My husband is an interesting guy.  An architect by day, a daredevil by weekend, he gives me a lot to write about.  Even though he’s a six foot five stubborn Italian, he has an artsy side that intrigues me.  Usually.

Well, we have a big shop behind our house where he has his toys.  That’s cool.  And he somehow became inspired to kind of decorate around it with some pretty neat stuff he found.  So when the old gas pump showed up by the door, I thought, wow, that’s cool.  Then when the odd mining or cement testing or whatever the thing is showed up on the other side of the shop, I was pleased.

Then the signs showed up.  A wagon wheel, a number 9 with really no significance.  Okay.  I can live with those.  Though, we do have new neighbors moving in on the other side of the shop and now I’m wondering what they think.  So far, they probably think we’re artsy.  That’s ok.

Then the big windmill thingy was placed between my rose bushes.  At this point, I’m starting to wonder.  Keep in mind that we live in a nice, normal neighborhood.  No junkyard dogs, no rotted out car parts lining the drive.  You know, nice.  All of a sudden, the sound of that song from Deliverance started going through my head.

Then this thing that looks like a massive temperature guage appears between my two favorite rosebushes.  I think this thing actually had something to do with measuring the temperature of concrete, but I sure wouldn’t bet my life on it.  I begin to get uneasy at this point.

Then…the bathtub appears.  Oh heck no.  (I try not to swear on my blog, but you can guess what I really said.  And for the record, it didn’t start with an ‘h.’)   Also, for those of you creative gardening types, I know there was a trend of putting flowers in a bathtub in your yard a few years back.  I am not a trendy gardening type.  I do not want a freakin bathtub in my yard by my roses.  I do not.

This is the year of the bathtub debate…and I will not lose.  That thing is leaving.   🙂

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13 thoughts on “It was the Bathtub that Broke Me”

  1. Kimberly Wise says:

    OMG that was so funny…My ex used to do things like that… maybe that is why he is an EX… LOL good luck in the debate!

  2. Chris Bailey says:

    Aw, c’mon, Rebecca! Give him a break. My husband has a hard time with lawn ornaments, but my bottle tree is growing on him.
    P.S. If you’re curious, you can take a look at the bottle tree with Christmas lights.

  3. okay seriously? a bath tub? hahahaha that is just plain awesome. I’d be fine with a bathtub in my yard – but NEVER and yep, I’ll repeat that part, NEVER by my roses. Roses are a show flower and would feel trashed out by the bathtub. However, I do like the artsy thing you have going on and you pull it off well. SO maybe put some roses INSIDE the tub hahaha. Just kidding. Good luck with that, Miss Rebecca. Sounds like a fun time.

  4. Bwahahahaha….I agree, the bathtub must go. If not, you’re leaving the playing field wide open for sinks, toilets, etc! Good luck!!

  5. I hope the hubby is a really good looking 6’5″ Italian because the man has LOST HIS FRICKIN’ MIND. A bathtub, seriously? {shaking my head} A mind is indeed a terrible thing to … lose. Good thing he looks good. Next thing ya know, Fred Sanford will be hanging out in your backyard hollarin for Elizabeth.

  6. Maybe he wants you to get closer to nature when you take baths together? 🙂

  7. Julie Hinsz says:

    I am with you if it is not in the house to use get it out of there! Where did he find that!

  8. It was the Deliverance movie reference that got me. I grew up in Louisiana near the Bayou Teche, when our aged and old washer and dryer were on their last leg – mom told the stepdad that she wanted a NEW washer and dryer to replace the old one… so my stepdad went to a yard sale and bought her one of those old fashioned huge tub things with the handle you crank when you pull the clothes through. He put it in the backyard conveniently near the hose so she could easily fill it. He told mom she could use that until we had enough money for her brand new set… Needles to say my mom was furious. She went to Sears Roebuck ordered up a new set and planted flowers in the huge tub of the one on the backyard. When we sold the house years later the couple that bought the house said they LOVED the homey touch of the antique washer and were hoping to find an old claw footed tub that matched for another flower bed… who’d have guessed if would be a selling feature in the house. Remember – I grew up in the deep south…

    My vote get rid of the tub NOW before he buys accessories…

  9. Susan Dobroff says:

    You are wonderful author who makes the scene come alive. I thoroughly enjoyed your adventures with dealing with your huband’s ‘hobby’.

  10. Sirena says:

    Omgosh all the comments are PRICELESS!! I laughed so hard reading the blog and the comments. I don’t blame you about the tub that is just wrong in soooo many ways lol

    Please let us know who the “winner” is in the bathtub battle.

  11. sheila says:

    Well give him a laugh find a maniquen and put it in. From a distance he may think a stranger is taking a bath in it. Good bye tub.