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Sergej Khakimullin

My name is Izzy and I interview book characters.  Many people say I’m a character, myself.  *Snort*.  That’s nice of them.  I’m hoping Rebecca lets me interview a bunch of her characters–I can’t wait to be in the same room with all of the Kayrs brothers.  MEOW.

So, I’ve been wanted to interview Talen for a while now…he’s kind of tough to reach.  He’s the hero in FATED and has a lot going on right now.  Yet, he finally agreed to meet with me.  We sat in a nice coffee shop and he more than dwarfed the iron backed chair he dropped in to.  For those of you who haven’t met him yet, he’s about six and a half feet tall, packed hard, with black hair and golden eyes.  Here’s the transcript of the interview, with a couple of my thoughts thrown in:

ME:  So.  Congratulations on your recent marriage.

TALEN:  Thank you.

ME:  How’s it going so far?

TALEN:  Fine.

Okay.  At this point, you’d think I’d be getting concerned about Talen opening up enough to get a full interview.  Not.  My concern was that he kept eyeing the door and a large guy next to it.  I hoped the vampire (yeah, Talen’s a vampire) never looked at me like that.

ME:  Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

TALEN:  Sure.  The king…ah…ordered me to agree.

Yeah.  Dage owed me one. 

ME:  So, let’s start with your job.  What do you do?

TALEN:  Whatever I need to do.

My sigh made him smile.  He cleared his throat. 

TALEN:  I’m the strategic leader for the Realm—meaning I plan our defense.  As well as our offense.  In fact, I’d prefer to strike first.

ME:  Which is why Dage sent you to rescue Cara and her daughter Janie from the evil Kurjans.  As a first strike.

TALEN:  Dage or fate—who knows.  But I ended up in the right place at the right time—to collect my mate.

ME:  Speaking of whom…you’ve faced from criticism regarding your, er, rather alpha tendencies.  With Cara, I mean.

TALEN:  I don’t know what you mean.

ME:  You’ve been accused of being over the top—too possessive, too demanding, too dominant.

He raised an eyebrow in surprise. 

TALEN:  I’m a pushover when it comes to Cara.  I’d do anything for her.

ME:  Except let her go.

TALEN:  Go where?

I shook my head.  This was going nowhere.  Plus, the woman did choose of her own free will to stay with him.  Couldn’t blame her. 

ME:  How goes the fight against the Kurjans?

TALEN:  Well.  We’ve taken out several of their research facilities—where they have been creating the virus that takes our mates down to human form.  We also think the virus might turn a shifter into a werewolf, which is a pure killing machine.

Wow.  That was a lot of words for the vampire to say. 

ME:  Up until this point, werewolves have just been human converts?

TALEN:  Yes.  And they only live for about a year.  A shifter werewolf would be dangerous and live much longer.

ME:  So what’s your plan?

A deadly light entered his eyes. 

TALEN:  To end them.  For good.

Then, well…the guy at the door made a move.  Talen was on him before I could pause in writing.  He tackled the guy…who was just reaching for his cell phone.  Darn vampires…so edgy.  Anyway, that was the end of the interview.  Hope to see you again soon!

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3 thoughts on “Izzy’s Insights – Interview with Character Talen Kayrs”

  1. Bonnie Paulson says:

    LMAO!!! so dang funny! she needs a book of her own

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    This is awesome. Talen is so awesome. Izzy handled him pretty well, I think. Great job, Izzy. Can’t wait to see who you interview next!!

  3. He’s a man of few words but holds you’re attention. Just my kind of man – whoops – vampire…