Guest blog by Janie Kayrs

So hi.  My name is Janie Kayrs, and Rebecca axed me to guest blog today.  I’m five years old…wait.  CLAIMED isn’t out yet, so I guess I’m still four years old.  In FATED, I’m four.  So I’m four.

Four years old is probably too young to be typing.  That’s okay.  I’m not.  I’m talking and the words appear.  Like magic.  ‘Cept it’s in the computer and isn’t real magic.  My aunt Mowra is a witch.  She likes magic.  You’ll meet her in HUNTED.  She married Uncle Conn a zillion years ago. 

Uncle Conn is the worst Go Fish player ever.  Whenever he loses, he paints his fingernails purple.  But you don’t really know him yet because his book is HUNTED.  Isn’t it cool everyone gets a book?

I get a book someday too.  It’s when Zane and I save the world.  Well, I think we save the world.  Sometimes things go wrong.  So maybe it won’t all work out the way I want.  But don’t worry…I’m sure gonna try.

Even though I’m five–I’m tellin the truth here.  Why pretend to be four when I’m five?  You’ll read CLAIMED and know I’m five anyway.  I’m still five in HUNTED.  I try to let the grown-ups know what’s coming, but they’re just grown-ups.  They can only handle so much.  So some things I keep secret.  I can see the future.  Sometimes.

I never told Mama about the Kurjans–the bad vampires trying to take over the world.  They work in labs and have made a cold that hurts vampire wives and shifters.  I dreamed of the Kurjans a long time ago.  I knew the Kurjans were coming.  I also new Talen was coming.  He’s a vampire…and my new daddy.  He looks all scary ’cause he’s so big…but he’s super nice.  He likes to buy my mama flowers and plants.  Well..sometimes he just takes a small tree out of the forest with his hands.  He’s super strong too.

The Kurjans want me cause’ I see the future.  Talen isn’t going to let that happen.  You should read FATED to see how he and Mama fall in love.  He’s kinda bossy, but my mama is pretty tough too.  Which is good, because the Kurjans are just getting started.

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7 thoughts on “Guest blog by Janie Kayrs”

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Hi, Janie. It’s super nice to meet you. I’ve read the story about how your Mama and Talen met. It’s a great story. You’re so lucky to have a Mama who loves you so much.

    Can’t wait to read the next book and eventually how all this comes together. Be safe!!

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Lynn! The next book is lots of fun–it’s about my Auntie Emma and Uncle Dage. They kinda argue at first.

      You wrote that cool book WASTELAND that Rebecca loved, right? I can’t wait to read it when I’m a little older. 🙂

  2. Brooklyn Ann says:

    Oh yeah, “Uncle Conn” and his purple nails…. 🙂 I like Go-Fish too. It’s the only card game I’m good at.

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Brooklyn Ann! Old Maid is fun, too…but sometimes Uncle Conn wins that one. Never Uncle Jase, though. He doesn’t sit still long enough. 🙂

  3. What a fabulous post – very clever. She’s so cute it makes you want CLAIMED now (I’ve already read FATED)!

    1. Janie Kayrs says:

      Hi Bronwen! I’ve heard of you! You wrote that cool story INVITATION TO RUIN! I haven’t read it yet because I’m only five–but someday I’m gonna! 🙂

  4. Hi Janie, it’s so nice to read your blog. I met you in FATED and can’t wait to find out about more about you in CLAIMED.