FATED is on sale for .99 a Very Limited Time

FATEDUPDATE:  The sale has concluded.  I hope everyone had the chance to get the discounted book!  🙂

HUGE DISCOUNT!  WOWZA!  I just found out that FATED, Book 1 in the Dark Protector series, is on sale in digital form for less than a dollar to celebrate the upcoming release of SHADOWEDThat’s ten dollars off!  I’m really excited about the sale, but I know it won’t last long.  No way, no how.  So, if you or any of your friends have been wondering about the Dark Protector series, you can download for less than a dollar to see how it all begins.  Enjoy!  I’ve put the buy buttons for where I know the sale is going on – if I find out more places, I’ll add more buttons.  🙂


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A quick excerpt from FATED:

Talen’s grip tightened on her wrist. “Vampire.”

Cara coughed out a laugh. “You’re a vampire?” Her gaze swung to the door.

Issuing another deep sigh she started to equate with him, he smiled. Two sharp canines instantly emerged.

“Oh God.” Cara struggled to yank back her hand.

“Do I need to bite you for you to believe me?” Interest and something darker wove through him, into her. She fought to block herself from his emotions.

“No. No biting.” Her mind reeled while reality spun away. “And you drink blood?”

“Only in extreme situations.”

“Extreme?” This couldn’t be happening.

“During a fight or sex.” He voice lowered to the growl he’d uttered just before deepening their earlier kiss. Something skittered through her belly in response.

“Oh.” Her mind flashed, unbidden, to his fangs. And sex. Her heart thumped once. Hard. She stopped fighting. For the moment. “Earlier you didn’t sound sorry peace is over.”

Deceptively normal canines flashed in a grin. “We were made to fight. Plus, living amongst you, yet having no contact has been difficult. We need humans.” Golden heat ran over her face.

“For blood.”

“That too.” His voice lowered.

Everything in her stilled, and even her heart may have stopped for a second. She lacked the focus to block the feelings coming from him now. “What else?” Her voice cracked.

“Both races are born male. Only. Our mates are human. And Cara,” his voice dropped to a rumble, “you’re mine.”

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3 thoughts on “FATED is on sale for .99 a Very Limited Time”

  1. ronnie cornett says:

    I love Rebecca Zanetti’s books…you’ll love Fated!

  2. Lori Meehan says:

    Fated was a fabulous book. Get your today.

  3. If you love dominant Alpha males, this one is for you. Oh, and he is Sexy-as-Hell! Lots of action and an overall good story. I loved it.