Exciting FALLEN news!

Exciting news about FALLEN!

Thanks to everyone who ordered ‘Fallen’ – I really appreciate it! Fallen hit at #78 on the USA Today Bestseller list, is an Amazon pick of the month, and for the first time ever, one of my books was reviewed in the NY Times. They don’t usually review romances, so we’re all celebrating a bit. Thanks again for the support!


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14 thoughts on “Exciting FALLEN news!”

  1. Keryn says:

    This is *AMAZING* news!!!! I’ve adored every single book since I first lucked into discovering your first book FATED in your brilliant DARK PROJECTORS series. I immediately fell in 💖 with little Janie, Cara and of course Talen. I couldn’t wait for book two to be released, and I’ve felt that way ever since. With EVERY new book and new series, I get excited and have never been disappointed!! I’m sooooooooo thrilled you FINALLY got noticed by NYT which is such an honor. You deserve so many more accolades!!!! Enjoy this, you deserve this. You’ve so many longtime fans that have your back and follow you to your new series without reading what they’re about. I’m one of them, and have 100% ADORED each and every book you release. I’m so happy you’re getting all this attention, and I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for continually sharing a wealth of characters that now feel like family and friends. I’ve read and re-read many of your books/series and find great joy each and every time….so THANK YOU 💖💖💖💖

  2. Keryn says:

    Darned auto correct! I can’t find where or how to edit….the book series I initially mentioned SHOULD read DARK *PROTECTORS* and NOT “projectors”. Sorry 😉

  3. Ruth Gutscher says:

    I love your books,& loved your “Dark Protectors” series from book 1 ! I read & loved “Taken” and am currently reading “Fallen”..suspense is my other go to genre,& PNR is my other favorite.. thank you so much for writing books .. so ready for your next release ! 💜

  4. Jeanne says:

    Got Taken as a gift ebook. Thank you very much. I’m going to get the rest of the series!

  5. Kim says:

    Your books ar fabulous! Just wondering what you and your fans are thinking about how close the Scorpio virus series is to what is going on with the codvid19 pandemic is.

    1. kim says:

      I didnt realize this would be published for all to see. I do really enjoy your writing and hope you continue the Scorpious series! Great charecters. Great drama a little close to home! Would love to find out what happened to Nora and her big Scottsman defending the nuclear sites in the North American continant. Would love to find out if the rest of the world is faring any better!!

      1. Rebecca Zanetti says:

        Thanks so much! The final two Scorpius Syndrome/The Brigade novellas will release late summer or early fall, and those will show where Nora and Deacan have been and what they’ve been up to during these times. 🙂

    2. Rebecca Zanetti says:

      It’s freaking me out a little, but all the research I did showed that it would happen sometime. UG! 🙂

  6. Aina says:

    Greetings from Norway!

    What well deserved news that you are on the Amazon best book list and the NYT review of Fallen!!!

    I have read most of your books several times!
    Thank you for giving pockets of relaxation and wonder to my hectic everyday life!

  7. Nicole says:

    Rebecca Zanetti’s books are written with mystery suspense drama and humour. Oh I almost forgot to mention Romance. Her books never disappoint. So I can not understand why Rebecca isn’t in the top 20 writers of her genre and the bestseller list all the time. As I have ALL of RZs books and fell in love with every series I wish that I could start at the beginning and read them again for the first time. Rebecca thank you for the many hours of pleasure I have enjoyed and the many to come.

  8. Diane Rupp says:

    I have loved every single book of yours I have read I’ve only known your books for about two months I read all of the the fallen hidden and starting driven I love all of your protector series I just read 10 and waiting for Benjamin story to read thank you for making my days brighter and more enjoyable your fan

  9. loju clophus says:

    I really enjoyed your story “Rescue: Cowboy Style” in the book “Lone Wolf”. Are you going to do any more books about the other characters: Zeke, Zachary, Austin, Mac, Jesse, Ford, Wyatt, Levi, Doc ,Boone and Nash and Harley, the wolf? It would be very interesting as to what kind of a story that could be told about each of these blood brothers since they has survived so much and was working towards a dream for one and all.

    1. Rebecca Zanetti says:

      Absolutely! More news to come soon! 🙂

  10. Margaret Weeks says:

    Love your books. Have read some on Libby and some I bought. I enjoyed the Wolf book and read first 14 chapters. Not a fan of blackmail. Don’t want to buy tokens but the book outright.