Enjoy an excerpt from BLIND FAITH

Zanetti_BlindFaith_ebook[1]WOW!  Blind Faith releases on Tuesday – I can’t believe it’s finally time.  🙂  It’ll probably download tomorrow for pre-orders, if I remember right.  Here’s a quick excerpt to get us going…

Nate’s mouth covered hers with no hesitancy, no question—as if he had every right to go deep. His tongue was savage and demanding, holding nothing back and accepting no evasion. He tasted of loneliness, anger, and lust. Hard, needy, demanding lust.

The men at the door were watching.

But her body didn’t care—instantly igniting instead of pushing away. Her heart thundered in her ears, and she fell into his heat, uncaring of whether he caught her. He wrapped around her, his unyielding body holding her upright. He caressed her with his tongue, and she met him thrust for thrust, fierce pleasure lighting her on fire.

Audrey forgot where they were, who they were, everything but the desperate need he created.

He broke the kiss, blatant male hunger crossing his face. His breath panted out even as he moved them in tune with the music.

She softened against him, allowing him to lead so she didn’t collapse. Her mind whirled, and she shook her head to regain reality. “Nathan, what do you want?” The question emerged as a breathless plea she couldn’t mask.

That quickly, all hints of desire slid from his face. His chin hardened. “Want? I want to know what happened to the child you were carrying five years ago when you ripped out my heart. Where’s my baby, Audrey?”

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy an excerpt from BLIND FAITH”

  1. Lori Meehan says:

    I loved this book.

  2. Sue Finlay Clark says:

    Preorders a day early???? That would be excellent. I have been re-reading your books while waiting for the new releases BlindFaith and Tamed.

  3. Joy says:

    Would love to read these but unfortunately us poor Aussies can not get our hands on them in either print or ebook.