Authors After Dark, Rain Storms, and Vampire Panels

MaryJanice Davidson and RAZHowdy!  It’s storming like crazy here in Savannah, which is perfect for the vampire ball tonight!  So far, this has been a wonderful conference.  The vampire and witch panels were a lot of fun, and the ‘tying up loose ends’ with Kate Douglas was hilarious.  Kate is always funny.  Here’s a picture with MaryJanice Davidson from our vampire panel.  Yeah, I had a bit of a fan girl moment there. 🙂

AKendall and Lynn few of us managed to get away from the conference hotel last night for dinner, and here’s a picture of Lynn Rush/Reese Monroe and Kendall Grey at dinner.  We were heading back for the Bookie Awards and got caught in a deluge—I ended up soaking wet and with crazy hair.  I mean, crazy, crazy, Sue from GraveTellshair.  Sue Brown from GraveTells stopped on the way (Sue’s the smart one) and bought an umbrella.  I was running too fast to snap her picture, but here’s a pic of Sue with a Caribbean Marg.  Looks good, right?

Hey – guess what?  TWISTED won a bookie award for best novella/short story.  I gave a quick thank you speech and have no clue what I said.  I wasn’t expecting to win and Twisted Bookie Awardhadn’t prepared…plus I was a little nervous being in front of all those people at a podium.  It’s a lot easier to be on a panel.

AAD-day 1Other than that, I’ve hung out with the magnificent Justine from Kensington, and we truly enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwich from Blue, here in the hotel.  Also, here’s a quick picture of opening day…see what was on the table.  🙂




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7 thoughts on “Authors After Dark, Rain Storms, and Vampire Panels”

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Woot!! I win a MINT! **wink** Congrats on winning. It was awesome to see you up there, girl. And it’s been great hanging out with you.

  2. Deb Stewart says:

    What, no selfie? I wanna see that crazy hair!
    Congrats, I’m sure you gave a great speech and it made total sense 🙂

  3. Lori Meehan says:

    Congrats Rebecca. I loved Twisted. You so deserved that award.

  4. Rebecca Delio says:

    I am now reading FATED and I really love the book. I will be looking for more of your books from now on.

  5. Congrats Rebecca! So happy for you 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    So proud of you so proud to have you as a cousin!

    1. Rebecca Delio says:

      I am now reading Rebecca Zanetti Fated Great Book Loved it.