You Know You’re a Writer When…

Hi all!  I’ve been busy hitting deadlines lately, and I haven’t had much time to blog.  I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the guest bloggers through the summer (and we’ll continue on Fridays through the rest of the year)!  It has been a while since I posted one of these blogs about being a writer, so it’s time.  LOL.

You Know You’re a Writer When:

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1. You’re at a workshop or class, and the instructor tries to get everyone to move up to the front…and you try to sneak out the back door.  Going to the front gives you hives.

2. You can have a perfectly reasonable conversation at a busy restaurant about the best way to dispose of a body without having to use any chemicals.

3. Your husband asks you, just every once in a while, which voice in your head is talking out loud right now?

4. You ask your spouse if he will flip you over his head, turn left, and still be able to shoot you with his right hand, and his response is: “Well, I could last time.”

5. Somebody tells you about a recent murder in the news, and your response is:  “That’s not how I would’ve done it.”

6.  You get in a good natured argument with a fan because they think they know your hero better than you do, and after they talk for a while, you realize they kinda do.

SUPERNATURAL Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Frank Ockenfels 3/ The CW © 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

7. Your idea of research is a full day of watching Supernatural because the writing and characterization is just awesome and not because you’re a Dean girl.  Yeah.  Right.  Honest.

8.  If it turned out that vampires really exist, you wouldn’t exactly be shocked into silence.

9. You watch a movie and think: “That’s totally the wrong ending.  Somebody needs to change that.”

10. The UPS guy is still scared of you because of that one little time he had to get you out of handcuffs.  You were doing research for another writer friend, you had the cuffs from Halloween, and you were trying to see if you could shimmy out of them.  Turns out you couldn’t.

Everyone have a wonderful week!   XOXO

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3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…”

  1. Rebecca Delio says:

    I love to read and I do mean read, I have over 3000 e-book and about 1000 books both hard and soft cover, I can think of stories but when I try and put on paper it never comes out the same, I can read and I can dream but I cannot write. Oh I have tons of your books also I love them.

  2. Debra Elise says:

    Rebecca you always make me smile – love this list. I may resemble a few items myself.

  3. Teri Caiazzo says:

    I never trad your books before but they sound great. Good luck on your new release!