Writers Who Care Project

Hi all!  I’m one of the authors taking part in the Writers Who Care Project to donate to CARE INTERNATIONAL, an organization that assists refuges from Somalia.  Here’s the rundown on the project:

How does it work? Working with CARE INTERNATIONAL, Writers who CARE: the 50/50 PROJECT will allow anyone who makes a donation of $50.00 to submit 50 pages double-spaced of a work-in-progress for a 1-2 page critique by one of the participating authors.  All donators wishing a critique must have access to e-mail and the Internet for correspondence with a published author in order to qualify. Authors and donators will be matched on a first come, first serve basis as long as slots are open. The project is also open to those wishing simply to make a donation to this worthy cause.

There are many amazing authors listed on the site – go take a look!

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One thought on “Writers Who Care Project”

  1. kathydiane says:

    Thanks for mentioning our project, Rebecca, and for volunteering. I’d like your followers to know that the sooner they hop on board, the more likely they are to be matched with the author they want. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a half-finished manuscript kicking around…and a steal at these prices…and a wonderful way to give back.