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Audio Dark Protector BooksHi all!  We’re starting the countdown for the release of WICKED EDGE, which is Daire Dunne’s book.  He’s basically a Dark Protector on a Harley.  🙂  To celebrate and start the buzz, I thought I’d give away a couple of audio books from the Dark Protector series. 

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and answer 2 questions:

1)  What TV show is your ‘DO NOT MISS’ show right now?

2) Which audio book do you want?  (Fated, Claimed, Tempted, Hunted, Consumed, Provoked, Twisted, Shadowed, Tamed, or Marked)?

I have codes for all of them, so I’m asking just so I know which one to email to you.  When I email the code, I’ll give you instructions how to download the audio book from Audible.  (It’s really easy).  Or rather…Charly will give you instructions.  She’s much better at it than I am.  🙂

We will randomly choose five winners from the commenters by next Monday.  And again…it doesn’t matter which book you choose – I have multiple codes for all of them. 

Good luck!!!

Quick note…Take the Storm (My episode of the Rising Storm Soap Opera) releases on Thursday, and WICKED EDGE releases on next Tuesday.)


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83 thoughts on “Win an Audio Book!”

  1. Jacklynn says:

    Awesome giveaway I love this series. Thank you for the chance.

    1. Jacklynn says:

      1) I don’t miss Defiance show.

      2) I would love get Shadowed audio book.

      Sorry forgot put my answer up

  2. 1.) My don’t miss show is Empire.
    2.) I would like the Marked audio book if I am chosen.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Laura Lovejoy Brunk says:

    My ‘dont miss Tv show’? Scandal or The Good Wife.

    I’ll start at the beginning, again, with Fated.

    Thanks !

  4. Janet says:

    The Good Wife

  5. Donna Ariola says:

    Great Contest!! I would like to win Fated, if I win… I haven’t read any of these but love your other books. I love audiobooks!!


  6. Donna Ariola says:

    Oh! my favorite show right now is Nashville…(sorry got carried away…


  7. Margaret Goehring says:

    Right now a lot of my Must Watch shows are on hiatus or running down which is the case for Face Off on SyFy and Project Runway on Lifetime. I have gotten drawn into Limitless and Code Black on CBS.

    1. Margaret Goehring says:

      OOPS, got so caught up talking T.V. I forgot to tell you the audio book I would love to win, First choice is Fated, the first in your series, then down the line in reading order. I don’t have any of them in audio and would LOVE to get one.

  8. Alice Hauck says:

    Walking dead and all of your books love love them. Tempted

  9. Lori Meehan says:

    I don’t watch TV so no favorite show. I’d love Claimed.
    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  10. Barbara says:

    Hey Rebecca, my do not miss show right now is: Minority Report/Empire/Quantico! I choose Tempted as my audio book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Deborah Whaley says:

    My can’t miss tv show right now is Code Black. I have so many but I love that one. The book I’d like to have is any of them but if I have to choose one==Marked.

  12. Ezinwanyi says:

    The Young and the Restlesss, LOL.
    Switched by Birth too.

    I would love Claimed.

  13. Maria Karniewicz says:

    Thanks Rebecca for the giveaways. I love all of your books but if I had to choose just one then I have to pick Provoked.

    My family’s “can’t miss TV show” is AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’re obsessed with it.

  14. Hailey says:

    Right now my do not miss TV show is The Originals. I would love the Claimed audio book. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Netta Free says:

    The Blacklist and Blindspot. I would like Marked.

    Thank you

  16. Tina Slone says:

    I would love a new book. My show I can’t miss is NCIS. I would like to win Twisted. Thank you.

  17. kp says:

    Love NCIS and Scandal. Would love Fated!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  18. Joan says:

    Right now, my family can’t miss The Amazing Race.

    If I win, I’d like a copy of Shadowed. Thanks!

  19. Rebecca Delio says:

    What is my favorite show, its hands down “SUPERNATURAL” I LOVE THAT SHOW.

    The audio is easy also HUNTED

  20. Joyce Reece says:

    My do not miss show right now is Code Black. This medical drama is so addictive. My brother suggested that I watch it and darn it, I am hooked. You just have to watch it to see what happens to the people who go to the ER. Great great acting. I would love to have Twisted in audiobook please. Audiobooks are also addictive you know.

  21. Jeana Ross says:

    1) TV Show – Sleepy Hollow

    2) Book that I would like to hear on audio. That is tough so many excellent choices – Loved ALL of your books. I guess I will start at the beginning with Fated.
    Thank you for sharing your imagination with everyone 🙂

  22. bn100 says:



  23. Adaiah La Vonda says:

    I don’t miss The Blacklist! I love Reddington, Liz and Tom.

    I would love to win FATED. Talen! Talen! Talen!

  24. Madam Secretary is a definite do not miss and Fated would be my choice. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Rosemary Perry says:

    Doctor Who and the walking dead, I would love Fated, I love Talen and Cara all your books are great

  26. Leighanne says:

    Can’t miss “The Big Bang”.
    Marked if I chosen.

  27. Either American Horror Story or The Walking Dead. I love them both. My choice would be Hunted. Thanks for the contest.

  28. Kat says:

    Favorite TV show is Hawaii Five O-
    gotta love Alex O’Loughlin!!
    Audio book choice would be Marked ☺

    I know it wasn’asked for but I have to say -Runner up TV shows would be Dr Who & NCIS! ☺☺

    Love your books, ALWAYS look forward to the latest one!!!! ☺

  29. Shannon Hunt says:

    Tv show – Chopped (I have a thing for food)

    Would love Fated, than again I LOVE all the Dark Protectors 🙂

  30. sheba says:

    The listener. But I dvr all my shows so I don’t have to miss any. Let go with the last book Marked

  31. Chris says:

    Supernatural is my “must not be missed show” right now.
    The book I’d like if I win is Marked.
    Thank you! : )

  32. Stephanie Moran says:

    Big Bang Theroy


  33. Lisa Pierson says:

    Never miss The Walking Dead — Family event in out house. I would LOVE Marked — then I can enjoy all the characters!!!

  34. Memorie says:

    Favorite show right now is Dancing with the Stars and Ghost Hunters.

    Any of the audio books would be great! I love them all!

    Thank you for the chance!

  35. desiree says:

    Big bang theory and scream queens. I love all the books so I can’t decide so how about eeny meany it for me 🙂

    BTW I can’t wait for the next book it really seems like eternity when you have to wait for the next book in the series you love!

  36. Julia contino says:

    The Big Bang theory, the middle, modern family. Fated or claimed

  37. Kristy Reed says:

    1- Greys Anatomy
    2 – Fated

  38. Ashley Sanchez says:

    1. My don’t miss show is Law and Order: SVU and NCIS!

    2. Fated

  39. Judy Contino says:

    I never miss Dancing with the Stars when it’s on. Other than that I love ABC’s TGIT shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. If I win I’d like Fated but will take any of them. I love your books!

  40. M Gagan says:

    TV Show: Blindspot
    Books: Claimed

  41. Laura B says:

    What a fun contest, I love seeing what others are watching right now. I’m really hooked on Blood & Oil, reminds me a bit of the Storm soap opera! I’d love a copy of Shadowed.

  42. Samantha Kimbrell says:

    Thank you for the contest 🙂
    1. My show would be Arrow and Outlander
    2. My book would be Twisted

  43. Pat copenhaver says:

    Hi Rebecca. I never miss MARVEL Agents of Shield. If I win, I would like Fated. Love your books.

  44. vickie raggard says:

    Show not to miss……. Code Black
    Bokok I want…. Fated

  45. Doreen Burke says:

    1)’s kinda became a family thing to watch
    2) Marked

  46. 1) ummm I don’t watch t.v.. I don’t have satellite or cable or any of the fancy internet things at home. But I love watching Gravity Falls with my kids at the in laws.
    2) Marked, thank you!

  47. Amie Gaudet says:

    My Can’t Miss TV show right now is THE WALKING DEAD!

    If I am chosen to win one of the audiobooks I would like to receive SHADOWED.

    Thank you very much for offering this terrific giveaway.

  48. Carol Larsen says:

    1) Game of Thrones is my only can’t miss show 🙂
    2) Fated

  49. I adore the originals! I try really hard not to !is it! And I would so love to have claimed!

  50. Leisha Moore says:

    What an awesome giveaway! There are quite a few shows I don’t like to miss however…

    Big Bang Theory (I love a good laugh)
    I would love Marked.

  51. Lee Lane says:

    The Voice is my go to show. I don’t really watch TV-I read.
    I would love to have Fated as an audible book. Thank you!

  52. Liliana Lucio says:

    1. The Voice
    2. Marked

  53. Joy Cole says:

    Rocky Mountain Vet

  54. Diane Boothe says:

    1.) I have a couple of can not miss shows…Dr. K’s Exotic Vet
    Hawaii 5-0
    Dead Files

    I’d love Claimed… Thank you!!

  55. JoAnna B says:

    I love the Dark Protectors and audio books. Thanks for the chance!

    TV shows I don’t miss The Walking Dead.

    I would love Hunted.

  56. Aleta Eberhardt says:

    1) My show I can’t miss is Walking Dead

    2) If chosen I would enjoy Fate

    Thanks for the chance

  57. SuziQ says:

    Can’t miss the Walking Dead! I. would love Fate. Thanks for the giveaway !

  58. KimR says:

    Cut Throat Kitchen… It’s food, it’s snark and it’s evil 🙂 I’d love any of them but since I’m a little OCD about starting at the beginning Fated would be fabulous.

  59. Jennifer says:

    “NCIS” is my favorite. I loved the entire series and would be happy with any of them!

  60. Ashley says:

    Blue Bloods is my do not miss. Then Once Upon A Time. FATED is my favorite.

  61. AnnMarie Gagliano says:

    NCIS for the tv show. Fated for the audio book. What an incredible giveaway.

  62. Holly Fawcett says:

    1. That’s easy . . . Dr. Who
    2. That’s also easy . . . Fated.

  63. Margaret Leenders says:

    1. I don’t have TV right now, but when I do, I can’t miss NCIS
    2. I would love to have Marked in audio form. I love all of your books though!

  64. Monique Westwood says:

    Love NCIS. Any of your books would be great. Maybe Fated. Thank you.

  65. Christie Howell says:

    I want this. Love all the Dark Protectors

  66. Christie Howell says:

    The Walking Dead and Provoked. Love Kane and Amber’s story.

  67. kathy valentine says:

    i have two shows the walking dead and empire, i would like , i would like claimed in audio form, hard choice i love them all!!

  68. Marie Brown says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I currently do not have any TV shows I am following…the last one I followed for the first couple of years was Lost Girl. If I win, I would LOOOOVE Fated because lets face it, Talen IS THE BEST!! <3

  69. Linda Schoelen says:

    # 1 show -Walking Dead – Fated for audio book

  70. Malina says:

    So difficult to choose! Scandal…and Consumed. But I love them all!

  71. Kelly says:

    Can’t miss show Blindspot. (It’s hard to pick just one!)
    Audio book, Consumed. (It’s also hard to pick just one!)

  72. Christine Maria says:

    Truthfully, I read so much that I rarely have time for tv! But if there is grand slam tennis on, I make time for that. As for an audiobook, I would love to have Fated.

  73. Julia Stevens says:

    Thank you, great competition
    Fave show is Dr Who (Game of Thrones when it is on)
    I would love a copy of Fated please! xx

  74. I have a lot of go to shows. On Saturday, it’s almost a full day of watching Animal Planet. One of my favorites on that channel, and I watch the show religiously, is “Pit Bulls and Parolees”.
    I would love a copy of “Fated” but would take anything. Love your books.


  75. Carolyn Manning says:

    My can’t miss show(s) is(are)
    1. Sleepy Hollow
    2. Once Upon a Time
    3. Dancing With the Stars

    The audiobooks I would like
    1. Consumed
    2. Shadowed
    3. Marked

  76. Wendy Humbarger says:

    Can’t miss Blindspot…

    Fated since it’s the first….

  77. Melody says:

    1. My Do NOT Miss TV show is NCIS, the kids kw to leave mummy alone. Ot the grand babies but they are forgiven

    2. Since I have a disability and can’t read much anymore I love and crave the audio books now more than. So I have most of these..I need
    Consumed, Tempted, Twisted or Tamed to finish the set.

    Thanks so much

  78. Sapir I. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I watch The Big Bang Theory , Modern Family and Jane the Virgin.
    I love the entire Dark Protectors series but my pick is ‘Shadowed’.

  79. Alexisa says:

    Thank you for the giveaway…I love your books!

    1) I love How to Get Away with Murder!
    2) I’d love an audio of Marked.

  80. Kae Mayes says:

    I love your all of your books my fav. is dark protectors series she I read I love the series books and always start from the first i hate to skip around. Can’t wait to read your new books.

  81. Kristen says:

    Can’t wait to start this series. Fixing to listen to fated.