Wicked Edge – banned excerpt

wicked-edge_hi-resShe trembled, shivers rubbing her skin against his. Even through the wool sweater, she felt cold.

He rubbed her arms and tucked his knees up and under hers. “Sleep will help.” Not that there was a choice for him. After fighting, being injured, helping Cee Cee to heal, and then crashing a helicopter into the freezing sea, his body was done. So he tucked his nose into her wet hair, took a deep breath, and let himself fall.

Even sleeping, his subconscious kept track of the woman in his arms and the storm berating the tent, but he went under deep enough to allow his body to heal, resting for several hours.

A strong gust of wind whipped across the tent, and he came fully awake with a jerk. No light permeated the darkness, so it wasn’t dawn as of yet. He’d slept for the rest of the day and then a good portion of the night. Heat surrounded him in the tight sleeping bag. As his mind settled, his body kicked alive. Smooth, soft hands were caressing very lightly across his chest and down his abs, soothing each one as if counting them.

Cee Cee faced him, one smooth thigh between his legs, her hands exploring.

Desire, desperate and hot, burned through him. “What are you doing?” His voice was beyond rough.

She lifted her head, her soft and now dry hair brushing across the bristles of his whiskers. “I didn’t mean to awaken you.”

That voice. That sexy, hoarse, fuck me voice. His cock sprang hard as steel. “Yet you did,” he rumbled.

She finished counting the last rib, her small hand so close to his dick, he stopped breathing. “You’re just so hard and ripped, I wanted to feel.”

The sweetness in the confession competed with the feminine need in her tone.

He shut his eyes and tried to breathe evenly. Almost on its own volition, his hand caressed down her torso to pure heat.  So smooth and inviting.  Her moan lit him on fire.  She was wet and ready…and in about two seconds, he was going to lose all control.  So he removed his hand.  “Cee Cee? Either move away from me or say yes.”

Quiet ticked.

Her palm flattened across his abs, the touch firm. “It has been a while, Enforcer. But yes.”

At the word, he finally did exactly what he’d craved since first seeing her across the bar. Grabbing her hair, he plundered her mouth, rolling them over and shoving himself inside her with one hard thrust.