Let it Snow, Baby!

on January 19, 2012

The Pacific NW is engulfed in a snow storm.  A very fluffy, persistent, kind of cool…snow storm.  When I arrived at work, I remembered to lift my windshield wipers.  Okay, I saw a bunch of other windshield wipers lifted…and then I remembered.  The thought occurred to me that those of you living in tropical places…you might not know to lift your wipers so they don’t freeze.  Now you know.

I worked all day and then came back out to see my car under tons of snow.  And you know what?  While I remembered to lift the wipers…I forgot to bring a snow scraper.  So today I used a file folder and a big ruler.  Hey, it worked.

Got home…and Big Tone had already let the puppies out.  They wanted back in…NOW.  The smaller one can be quite persistent when she wants.  (Also…tune in early next week because I’ll be giving away ARC’s of HUNTED.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.)

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.  ~~Phillis Diller

Snow, Maps and Slushpile Hell

on November 30, 2010

It’s snowing like crazy here.  We should get between 7 and 9 inches tonight – yay!  I wrote my first book during a December snow storm (lasted all month) in 2008.  That book was DEMI, which has since been revised and is now sitting on my agent’s desk.

Okay, I’ve become addicted to the map at the bottom of the page.  Every time someone views the website, it makes a record of where they’re from.  Someone from Pakistan and now someone from Taiwan have viewed my site!  And I’m pretty sure the viewer from Australia is my good friend, Kristen.  Hi Kristen.  🙂

Besides the map at the bottom, I have to check Slushpile Hell every day.  It’s a treat when there’s a new entry up.  A harried editor puts up some of his funniest queries, and then makes a comment or two.  Yes, he’s snarky.  But man, he’s hilarious.  Be careful…if you click on the link, you’ll be hooked.

Also…my mentee Maeve Greyson made it past Round One of the Writing With the Stars Contest put on by Kensington and Romantic Times Book Reviews.  Soon the announcement will be made as to who makes it to the next round, and my fingers are crossed for Maeve!  So far…so good.   🙂

News, Reviews and Snow

on November 23, 2010

Click to link to Cd'A Press Article

It’s been a fantastic week!  First, my local newspaper ran a story about me and printed it front page above the fold.  The story was about writing, FATED and mentioned my high school creative writing teacher.  He called and left a nice message on my machine after reading it.  🙂  The headline read:  “A Novel You Can Sink Your Teeth Into.”  Click on the guy reading the newspaper if you want to read the story: 

Click to link to Nikki's Review

Then, I received my first review ever.  I’d sent an ARC to Nikki Brandyberry, and she liked FATED.  Nikki gave the book six stars out of five.  🙂  To quote Nikki, “Fated will pull you into a world of dominating, hot and hard vampires…steal your breath…and never let you go.”  Cool quote, right?  Click on Nikki’s logo over to the left if you’d like to read the awesome review:

And now…it’s snowing!  Yay!  The time to snowmobile is coming closer.  Though rumor has it the temperature will drop to eleven degrees below zero tomorrow – yikes!  May stay inside and get the house ready for Thanksgiving.  Speaking of which, I hope those of you in the USA celebrating on Thursday have a wonderful time with friends and family.