An Astronaut, a Werewolf, and a Billionaire go into the Woods…

on February 10, 2012

Welcome to the Cupid’s Choice blog hop!  We’re giving away a Nook, and I’m also giving away a signed copy of a book – winner’s choice.  Some of us used a scene generator to write a quick snippet of a story.  I ended up with three characters:  Astronaut, werewolf, and billionaire – and three adjectives to describe them – horny, supple, and sweaty.  My story takes place in a thick forest.  Click on the hot guy to go back to the hop.

HERE’s my snippet:

The astronaut was too intelligent to be so damn curvy.  Supple even.  Brilliance lit her sapphire eyes, while sin cascaded off her in strong enough waves to have the werewolf deep inside him howling.  Damn, he was horny.

Blaine forced down need and grabbed Callie’s arm, leading her onto a trail most people couldn’t find.  The thick forest surrounded them in an odd silence.  Yeah, the damn billionaire was near.  The guy could track anybody…and this time, he wanted the woman.  The astronaut who’d returned to earth with magical skills nobody could explain.

Well, most people couldn’t explain.  Blaine knew exactly what had happened…a werewolf could sense another were.  He needed to get the woman to safety before the full moon arrived.  Who knows how the virus ended up on Mars…but it had and she’d been infected.  “Good thing I need a mate,” he muttered, his groin tightening.

The billionaire rushed out from behind a wide pine tree, gun in hand.  He was sweaty and way too red in the face for good health.  “Please stop running.  I’ll find you anywhere.”

Callie took a step back.  “Why?  Why won’t you leave me alone?”

Insanity glowed in the man’s odd eyes.  “I know what you are…what happened to you.  The moon is coming, and you’ll be mine.”

At the claim, something calmed in Blaine.  Quick as a whisper, he struck out, grabbing the gun.  A swipe of his claws, and the nutjob stopped breathing.  Forever.

Callie gasped, stepping away. 

Blaine grabbed her arm, tugging her deeper into the forest, deeper into coolness.  The heat was boiling in the woman too fast.  The moon would rise in less than an hour, and then it’d be too late to stop.  Hell, it was already too late.  He could only hope to help her through the change.

She yanked away, leaning against a tree, her face flushed.  “I’m feeling odd.”  Her gaze raked down his chest, and a feminine growl rumbled from her sexy lips.  “Very odd.”

He flashed his canines, biting back a laugh at the alarm in her pretty eyes.  “Just wait.”

So…thanks for reading my snippet.  Do you have any plans for Valentine’s day?  How about for the weekend?  Do you think there’s life on Mars?   🙂  Remember to click on the guy angel above to return to the blog hop.