Off to Kansas City…

on April 30, 2013

I’m getting ready to head off to the RT Conference in Kansas City later today, and wanted to make sure than anybody in the vicinity knew about our fun giveaway!

First, I’m part of a scavenger hunt where readers will get a sheet, find all of the authors, and then be entered into winning the prizes below.

Scavenger Hunt Pic finalI’m also going to have fun giveaways for readers who find me after I tweet as part of the Entangled Scavenger Hunt!

To enter to win in the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll need to pick up a game form at our table in Promo Alley or during the Entangled Spotlight and then find all 23 of us so we can affix a special sticker to the game form.

You’ll know who’s participating because our book covers are on the form – and we’ll all be wearing one of our stickers on our nametags to help you pick us out. You’ll want to find author Christine Bell last, because she’s the keeper of the grand prizes – and the first 3 people to show her they’ve gotten all 23 authors’ stickers will win BIG! (Keep an eye on the #EntangledHunt hashtag during the convention for more details!)


1st Prize: $300 Amazon/BN/Kobo/any e-book retailer gift card. Can be used for anything the winner would like, including an e-reader, tablet, books and more.

2nd Prize: A Kindle Fire & e-books from all the participating authors. Kindle will be given to the winner at RT. Winner will provide an email address so that each author can gift a copy of their e-book via Amazon to them (See all the books included on the back of this flyer).

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card from e-book seller of winner’s choice.

Spot Giveaways: In addition to the above prizes, each of the 23 participating authors will be doing two spot giveaways during RT. Follow our hashtag on Twitter (#EntangledHunt) as each day, more than a dozen authors will tweet their location at the conference and a directive. Find the author first and follow their directive and YOU WIN! Prizes range from signed book copies, to handmade personalized gifts, from gift cards to fun-filled baskets and more.

Scavenger Hunt – win print books, e-books and ARC’s!

on September 2, 2011

Hi all!  Sorry about the dual post today – I don’t usually do that.  But…had to let you know…there’s an awesome scavenger hunt going on today and tomorrow where you can win tons of stuff.  Several of us paranormal authors have formed a group blog called DARKER TEMPTATIONS, and we’re starting things off with a bang.  GIVEAWAYS!

Go to the blog for directions on how to win.  To tease you, here’s a list of prizes:

  • From Sayde Grace – two digital copies of her books
  • From Cynthia Eden – an ARC of Angel of Darkness or a digital copy of Never Cry Wolf
  • From Danica Avet – digital copy of any one of the Veil series and a set of Romance Trading Cards
  • From Rebecca Zanetti – signed copy of Fated
  • From Kristin Miller – digital copy of Intervamption
  • From Marcella Burnard – signed copy of Enemy Gates
  • From Katie Reus – digital (or audio) copy of Deadly Obsession and a digital copy of Destined Mate when it comes out in October
  • From Erin Kellison – signed copy of your choice from the Shadow series