Reviews for Claimed are pouring in

on November 3, 2011

Hi all! First, thanks for the incredible support during the first week of CLAIMED’s release!  If you get the chance to read the book, drop me a line and let me know what you think.  I just (about ten seconds ago) sent the copy edits of TEMPTED to Megan at Kensington.  This is the first time we’ve had electronic copy edits instead of hard copies, but I think I got the hang of it.

If any of you are anywhere near Cd’A Idaho next Wednesday, (Nov. 9th, 4:00pm to 7:00pm) we’re having a signing party for CLAIMED at Gourmet Way in Hayden.  There will be wine, yummies, and books…as well as some door prizes.  I’ve found if you ply people with wine, they buy even more books.  Who knew.  🙂

So, I’ve been getting google alerts from different reviews for CLAIMED, and thought I’d share a few.  Click on the review name for the entire review.  Here they are:

Good Choice Reading:    I consider myself a HUGE fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s “Dark Protector’s” series. Which is Fated now Claimed. Before I started blogging, I wasn’t a paranormal fan. And now I’m hooked. Not only am I hooked but I’m hooked on this series. Rebecca’s books have a little bit of everything. It has Action, Science, Romance and my favorite it’s sexy! It’s so sexy it’s steamy. Though it has sexy and steamy scenes, it’s written very tastefully. I love her writing. PERIOD. This series has become one of my favorite series.

Hanging with Bell’s Review: This series is different and I just so happen to love different so this series is a win/win for me. The men in the story are sexy and so alpha that they will have you falling hard and fast. The story sucks you in from page one and just keeps on going. Not only is there action and heat but the sexual energy will capture you from page to page.

Reviewer Nikki Brandyberry:  Emma and Dage burn through each and every page! His push and her pull creating an incredible friction that lights the page on fire! Rebecca Zanetti combines excellent story telling and incredible world building to give readers a sexy thrill ride wrought with action they won’t forget!  I give Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti 5 stars!

EBook Obsessed: 5 stars.  The science introduced in the changing DNA and the effects and development of the virus add a unique and very interesting aspect to this series which keeps it from being just another vampire story.  Add to that the impending war between the Vampires and the Kurjans.  This all makes for a very exciting series.

Lynn Rush:  5 out of 5 stars. I really love Rebecca Zanetti’s writing. So visual and engrossing, I can’t put her books down until I’ve read just one more chapter (and lost hours of sleep!)

Anyway, those are a few of the recent reviews I’ve found.  Thought I’d share.  🙂

Wanna win a Book?

on September 12, 2011

Happy Monday, Everyone!  So, a couple of announcements today.  First, I’m at both Cynthia Eden’s and Nikki Brandyberry’s giving away books today.  Cynthia is holding a release party for two of her e-novellas and is giving away MANY books today–so hop on over!  Nikki asked me to guest blog about timelines in a paranormal series.  I did…and also talked about the bear I saw last weekend.  Really.  Stop by for the details!

News, Reviews and Snow

on November 23, 2010

Click to link to Cd'A Press Article

It’s been a fantastic week!  First, my local newspaper ran a story about me and printed it front page above the fold.  The story was about writing, FATED and mentioned my high school creative writing teacher.  He called and left a nice message on my machine after reading it.  🙂  The headline read:  “A Novel You Can Sink Your Teeth Into.”  Click on the guy reading the newspaper if you want to read the story: 

Click to link to Nikki's Review

Then, I received my first review ever.  I’d sent an ARC to Nikki Brandyberry, and she liked FATED.  Nikki gave the book six stars out of five.  🙂  To quote Nikki, “Fated will pull you into a world of dominating, hot and hard vampires…steal your breath…and never let you go.”  Cool quote, right?  Click on Nikki’s logo over to the left if you’d like to read the awesome review:

And now…it’s snowing!  Yay!  The time to snowmobile is coming closer.  Though rumor has it the temperature will drop to eleven degrees below zero tomorrow – yikes!  May stay inside and get the house ready for Thanksgiving.  Speaking of which, I hope those of you in the USA celebrating on Thursday have a wonderful time with friends and family.