Naughty After Dark Blog Hop – He Caught her at the Sea

on February 15, 2012

Hi there!  Welcome to the Naughty after Dark Blog Hop!  Click on the linky thingy above to jump back on the hop.

We’re supposed to give away something naughty, or slightly so, for the hop…so I’m giving away a signed copy of one of the Dark Protector stories (FATED, CLAIMED, OR HUNTED) because, hey, those vamps can get pretty naughty.  🙂

Now, to make things interesting and to give me a very brief break from the next book in the series, which is due on May 1st, I thought I’d show a very cool picture I found awhile back.  At some point, I’d like to write a scene about this one…but as it’s Valentine’s Day right now (although not by the time you’re reading this), I, uh, have a hot date with Big Tone.   🙂  But…isn’t this a cool picture?

I promise I’ll draft a quick scene about it sometime in the near future.  For now, just enjoy the hop and good luck with winning the prizes!  Please leave a comment below for a chance to win from me – did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?  Or…any big plans for the spring/summer?  Or…is it spring or summer where you are?  (Not here – it snowed today).  Thanks for popping by!  Click on the cute linky thing above to get back on the hop!

Win all three books from the Dark Protector Series – Happy Valentine’s Day!

on February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine’s Day! I write about love. Okay, I write about darkness, vampires, demons, and sexy situations. But love is in there, too! To celebrate love and the rest of it, I’m holding a contest for the next couple of days. The winner gets signed copies of all three books (Fated, Claimed, and Hunted).  Right now I only have ARCs of Hunted, so the winner can either take an ARC, or if you want a copy of the finished book, I’ll send that as soon as I get my promo copies.  There are different ways to enter the contest. You can do just one or all of them for more chances to win.

1) Leave a comment at the end of this blog for one entry into the contest.

2) Follow me on twitter and tweet the following for three entries into the contest:

Enter for a chance to win all 3 print books from Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector series:

3) Follow me on FaceBook (see facebook button to the side) and put this on your wall for three more chances to win:

Like vampires and sexy books? Rebecca Zanetti is having a contest this week and the winner will receive signed copies of the print books from the Dark Protector Series. Go here for details:

So, that’s it. Enter any way that works for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment at the end of the post. Some people like a prompt question, which I’m happy to throw out there. Any plans for Valentine’s day? What about spring break? If you had an entire day all to yourself, what would you do? Any great traveling plans coming up? (You can answer one, all, or just say hi!)