on April 23, 2012

The Free Read is now over – congrats to everyone who got a free copy.  If you missed the window…the price is still discounted, but not free.

Hi all!  One of my facebook pals just let me know that TEMPTED is a free download today over on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes, etc.  (Click on the link).  My publisher is celebrating the release of HUNTED, which is tomorrow.  I didn’t know it was going to happen.  I’m sure the novella won’t be free for long.  If you don’t have a copy, swing on over and grab one.  Even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can read on your computer.  🙂

Halloween Blog Hop: A stripper, a demon, and a serial killer walk into a cave…

on October 27, 2011

UPDATE:  The book winners are: Samantha Gail and Dark Reader.  Congrats!

Welcome to the Halloween blog hop where you could win a Kindle–or a bunch of other prizes!  Click on the banner to get back on the hop!  We used a scene generator and my characters are: a serial murderer, a demon, and a stripper.  My adjectives are: undead, driven, and hungry.  Finally, the scene takes place in: a cave.

He may be a demon, but Brodey had the body of a God.

Andrea struggled against her chains, her gaze on the demon who’d stolen her heart months ago. Sure, it was the same old story. Stripper fell in love with demon, they had some amazing times, he left to fulfill his job of taking evil souls out of the world. It probably happened every day.

The chains rattled against each other, set so securely into the hard rock of the cave walls. She was a strong, driven woman, and again tried again to spit out the gag, to yell at Brodey for walking into what was so obviously a trap. Walking? Hell. The demon had sauntered.

He lifted an eyebrow. Arrogance cut hard lines in his face, an arrogance not diminished one whit by the fact that he faced her, naked to the waist, chained to the opposite wall. His legs were occupied by squeezing the life out of the man writhing on the floor. “You’re positively spitting mad, darlin.”

Low and deep, that voice cut through her memories as certainly as it cut through her heart. The scents of raw earth and powerful male comingled in the small space. She shoved out the gag. “You stupid son of a bitch.”

His smile failed to quench or even reach the fire swirling in his dark eyes. Real fire. The guy was a demon, after all. “At the very least, you might say thank you.”

Fury ripped through her so quickly her head might as well blow off. “Thank you? For what? For walking into an obvious trap and condemning us both to death?”

“I heard Marcel had you…the undead bastard.” The fire in Brodey’s eyes wandered a red flush down his torso—now he was getting irritated. “As I’ve already taken out the rest of his crew, as I promised you I’d do, I’m here for the last serial murderer in that gang.” Brodey twisted his knees, snapping Marcel’s neck. The body dropped to the ground. One more serial murderer taken out of the world. “I’m also here…for you.”

“We’re tied up, and you just killed the only guy who can get us out of here.” Sure, Marcel had planned to torture and kill her slowly, so his being dead set all right with her. But she hadn’t wanted to die in chains.

Brodey shrugged, the movement rippling solid muscles through his chest. A chest she’d spent hours resting on so many months ago. Amusement lifted his upper lip. “I remember our time fondly as well.”

“Stay out of my head.” All demons could read minds, a fact she’d learned the hard way. Why the heck wasn’t he more concerned? If anything, the demon looked hungry. For her.

“I am hungry.” He’d said he’d return after taking them all out.

She hadn’t believed him.

“You should’ve believed me.” He growled low, and yanked one arm free. The chain swept out. Rocks sprayed. His other arm followed suit. He was free. Two steps forward and he stood before her. Tall, strong, and male.

Relief made her shoulders sag. “Excellent. Now get me free.”

His slow smile warmed her head to toes…and everywhere in between. “Not quite yet, darlin. Let’s, er, talk first.”

Thanks for dropping by my blog on the hop today!  If you need to get back on the blog hop, here’s the link:  HALLOWEEN BLOG HOP.  Besides giving away a copy of CLAIMED on the big hop, I’m giving away a copy from my blog here to one commenter.  So…do you have any halloween plans?