Legs? What Legs?

on March 23, 2012

Hi all!  It’s spring break and I’m in Maui.  No, I don’t feel bad telling the world that I’m not at home.  We have a buddy (ex-soldier) house sitting and watching our two dogs (Dobermen).  So…anyone wanting to steal my very cool Krups coffee maker will be in a world of hurt if they try.  🙂

We’ve had a wonderful time so far–even went to dinner the first night and saw about five whales jumping and playing in the ocean.  It was amazing.  So I thought I’d share five things I’ve wanted to say but haven’t so far:

1)  Dude. If your speedo is so tight it disappears in rolls, you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep wearing it.  (A.K.A.  My eyes!  My eyes…)

2)  Lady.  If you’re so intoxicated you can barely walk…don’t walk by the pool.  I mean, splash.

3)  Yes, honey.  Sand can get caught in all sorts of places.  But isn’t body surfing fun?

4)  To my sister who went running on the beach at 4:00am yesterday:  You’re freakin crazy.

5)  Hey buddy.  My eyes are up here.

This leads me to illustrate how cool my husband is.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I tore the tendons in my foot and have been in a boot since January.  Well, I took it off last week.  Keep in mind that January was months ago and I haven’t run, walked, or worked out in any way.  And now…I’m in bikini land.

I tried on one pieces and tankinis…and they don’t work for me.  Don’t know why, just wrong body type.  So I went with the bikinis…eesh.  Yesterday we sun-bathed out at the pool, and I yanked on shorts to go up to the little bar.  (Most of us always yank on shorts and don’t walk around in a full bikini, ya know).  Well, I passed several people, got my drink, and returned sighing about my not-worked-out-in-too-long thighs.

Tony lifted an eyebrow and said, “Honey, believe me, I was watching and nobody was looking at your legs.”

Oh yeah!  The benefits of a bikini.  HA!

I’ve been leaving a quick blurb from Tempted on my facebook page every day…as well as talking about the trip.  Drop on over there and ‘like’ to keep updated.  Have a good weekend.  🙂