MARKED is available!

on December 22, 2014

I can’t believe we’re finally to December 22nd.  After nine stories, nine happily ever afters, nine couples…we’re at the tenth and final story.  Zane and Janie’s book is here!!!  I hope you enjoy it.  🙂



Forgotten Sins is Traveling!

on January 28, 2014

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Forgotten sins _6-72Hi all!  I’m so excited to share that Forgotten Sins is now available in your local bookstore, grocery store, library, etc. in print!  If they’re not stocking it where you are, feel free to request it!  Libraries will stock a book after it’s been requested a couple of times, so feel free.  🙂

This first book in a new romantic suspense series already has more than 100 five-star reviews on Amazon.  Publisher’s Weekly noted that ‘fans of romantic suspense will enjoy the twists and turns Zanetti puts her protagonists through,’ and RT noted that “Zanetti pulls together a heady mix of sexy sizzle, emotional punch and high stakes danger in this truly outstanding tale. Brava!”  The second book, Sweet Revenge, is available in eBook now, with a print date of May.  Smart Bitches, Sexy Books claims Sweet Revenge is a ‘mix of paranormal suspense and extreme sexxytimes.”

Shane and Josie’s book has been available in ebook for a while, so some of you may have already read it.  Let me know anyway if you see the print book around, will you?  And for those overseas fans still waiting to get book 2, Sweet Revenge, in ebook, my publisher has assured me they’re working on the distribution problem.  I’m hounding them as much as possible!

Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from Forgotten Sins from when Shane and Josie are on the run and are taking a quick sleep break in a ramshackle hotel (in different beds):

Shane twitched.  Then gave a low moan.  Pain suffused the sound.

Josie’s heart lurched.  Her mind spun.

No matter who he was, she could only be herself.  If he was in pain, she couldn’t sit by and watch.  She didn’t want to be a person who’d sit by and watch.

An agonized growl rumbled from his chest.

Oh, this was a bad idea.  She crept forward, gingerly resting one knee on his bed and crawling forward.  Reaching his side, she snuggled down, her head on his outstretched arm. Warm cedar filled her senses.  She placed her hand over his heart.  “It’s okay, Shane.  Only good dreams tonight,” she whispered.  With a soft sigh, she closed her eyes.


Shane kept his breathing even, his body relaxed.  His heart thumped against her palm.  Awakening, he’d heard her move from the bed and had wondered.  Would she head for the door?  No.  She hadn’t.  The woman had cuddled up with danger to provide comfort for him.  Security.  Love.

His heart warmed until it hurt.  Vulnerability and need filtered through him followed by determination.  He didn’t know how the hell he’d lost her before.  No matter what it took, whoever he had to walk through, he wouldn’t lose her again. 

TWISTED is out in the Wild – Download today

on June 20, 2013

Twisted e-bookTWISTED:  Alpha wolves, ninja cheerleaders, and spicy kisses

This is a sexy, sweet, and funny story with great characters.~K&T Book Reviews

I highly recommend this series if you love alphas and the paranormal genre.~The Book Blog

Totally enthralling, this book has it all: sizzling hot-action, jaw-dropping plots, smart-ass attitude, sarcasm and humor and let’s not forget steamy, mind-blowing sex. ~ Confessions from Romaholics

TWISTED is a novella in the Dark Protector series and features Maggie, a wolf shifter who has been a part of the series for many books. She heads out on a mission for the king to find out who’s been messing with shifter innoculations…and right into Terrent Vilk’s arms. The Alpha wolf has been waiting not so patiently for this moment to come, and no way is he letting her go now. The novella is in ebook form only right now, and will be available in a print anthology with TEMPTED and TAMED, the other two Dark Protector novellas, in early 2014. Here are the buy links for TWISTED, and the back cover blurb and an excerpt are found below. I hope you enjoy Maggie’s story!

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Terrent made the split decision to shift from wolf to man just in time to smack into the woman and start twisting through the air. He timed the movements so he’d hit first, calculating the distance and ground cover. Tucking her close, he allowed his right shoulder to impact, immediately rolling over several times and keeping her off the ground. The pain didn’t hit until they’d finally stopped.

Agony burst like fire through his shoulder.

He took a deep breath, mentally dispatching healing cells to the muscles and tendons.

Maggie shuddered on top of him, her heart beating so hard he could feel it on his chest. The woman levered herself up, tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Straddling him, she patted his chest, his stomach, his face. “I’m sorry.”

God, she was cute.

Her breasts glowed in the moonlight, and she was sitting smack on his groin.

Suddenly, he forgot all about his shoulder. “Why did you shift?”

“I couldn’t help the change.” She ran her palms down his arms, obviously searching for injuries. “I’m still regaining my strength from having the virus for so long, and sometimes I can’t hold the wolf form.”

His eyebrow lifted. “Maybe you should’ve told me that before we climbed rocks.”

“Um, yeah.” She bit her lip. “But I was having so much fun. You don’t like heights, anyway, so I wouldn’t have thought to tell you.”

“I don’t mind rocky hills when I’m in wolf form. But flying? Or climbing trees? Or, God forbid, high-rise buildings? No way.” Then he waited for reality to hit her.

She finished patting him down and relaxed, her knees on either side of his hips. Straddling him. All movement stopped. Her pretty brown eyes widened. A lovely pink flush rose from her breasts to her face.

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

He expected her to scramble off him. To stutter. Instead, she tilted her head to the side and slowly, so damn slowly, flattened her palms against his chest. A low purr rumbled up from her abdomen.

A wolf who purred. His head might explode, she was so damn perfect.

She swallowed. “You’re naked.”

“So are you.”

She wiggled a little bit. Heat roared between his ears and down his spine. He grabbed her hips to hold her in place. “Ah, don’t wiggle.”

Her blush strengthened to a red that had to burn. “Sorry.”

She didn’t look sorry. Heat lightened her brown eyes, and curiosity filled her expression. Wolves. Always curious.

She wasn’t the only one wondering.

He slid his palms up her flanks, ignoring the pull in his injured shoulder. It’d heal within minutes. Her skin was smooth and so damn soft. He remembered how soft. It had been hell leaving her in safety the last decade while he hunted the additional werewolves created during the war. He’d had a job to do, and he’d done it.

She ran her hands along his ribs, a small smile tilting her lips. “You’re so big.”

“Too big?”

“No. Just big.”

He outweighed her by a couple hundred pounds. When they’d dated before, she’d liked his size. Before she’d been taken and infected with a virus by their enemies. Did soldiers scare her now? Rage ripped through him, but he forced his anger down. “I won’t hurt you.”

She nodded, absorbed in watching her hands drive him crazy. “Why the one fang?”

“Huh?” His anger dissipated in a flash.

“The one fang mark on my butt. You have two fangs.”

Oh. “I had broken one off in a fight with a werewolf earlier that day. It took about a week to grow back.” Probably a good thing, too, or he would’ve marked her. Not that he wasn’t going to soon.

“Oh.” Her gaze met his, and she blinked. “Well, ah…” She bit the inside of her lip and looked away.

“What, Maggie?” He tried to gentle his voice, but her tight little body on him had the words emerging guttural.

“I don’t remember how to do this,” she whispered, her gaze on his collar bone.

His heart flipped over. Jesus. She might as well cut it out and wear it for a hat. The little organ—and anything else he had—belonged to her. The sexy, cunning, pretty little wolf had a sweetness to her that shocked him, considering what she’d gone through. He wanted that sweetness to wrap around him and never let go.

His hold tightened. “Wanna learn?”


In human form, Terrent Vilks is all male animal–dark, ripped, predatory. As wolf, he’s unforgettably dangerous, unforgettably hot. Yet Maggie can’t remember him. . ..

Not even when she learns she once agreed to mate him. Yeah, that was years ago, before she was kidnapped and tortured, before she lost her memory. Now she knows just one thing about herself–she’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the monsters who took her, even trust her ex.

He’s got her right where he wants her. . .

I hope you enjoy TWISTED! 🙂

Bewitching the Alpha Male Blog Hop

on October 18, 2012

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!  Molly won from this blog – I’ve sent your book to you.  🙂

Hello everyone!  I’m taking part in two blog hops this weekend – how fun is that?  There’s nothing I like more than an Alpha male–well, except an Alpha male with a dark, brooding past.  Wounded heroes are the best! 

Provoked releases on November 1st and is up for a pre-order sale right now.  So I thought I’d show you a glimpse into Kane Kayrs, a dominant, brilliant, Alpha.  Here’s a quick blurb:

Kane grabbed the brandy glasses. Handing Amber one, he retook his seat in the chair. “Drink.”

“Stop being bossy.”

“Sorry.” Slowly, he took a sip, gaze watchful over the rim.

She drank a healthy gulp. How was she supposed to act normal with a sexy vampire studying her? “Stop staring.”

“No.” He licked a drop from his lip.

She fought a groan. The brandy warmed down her throat to her abdomen. Wind whistled outside, lending an intimacy to the fire-lit area inside. Her eyes half-closed in reaction. Tingles set up in her knees—most likely from the mind war she’d just fought. But the confusion came from her reaction to the vampire. “You shouldn’t have kissed me last night.”

“I know,” he agreed softly.

“Why did you?”

“You’re beautiful, sexy, and I want you.”  His voice was calm and self-assured.

No game-playing with that man.

She fought to keep her face calm. He said want in present tense. Her body reacted instantly. “That’s surprising. I figured you’d go for some robotic scientist type.”

“Apparently not.”

As people, they couldn’t be more different. He was overeducated. She . . . not so much. “I’m a pacifist.”

He gestured for her to finish her drink. “Let’s talk about that.”

She downed the rest of the brandy, a delicious heat sliding through her body. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

He tipped back his head and drank his brandy, the movement both masculine and sexy. Setting the sifter on the side table, he leaned forward, elbows on his knees. “I’ve been thinking.”

“That’s a new one.” She snorted.

Vampires had sexy grins. Who knew?

Kane’s grin widened. “So, I have a solution for our dilemma. You’re a pacifist who shouldn’t fight. I am a closet empath who needs to find my brother.”

The guy probably didn’t confess that fact to many people. She smiled, more warmth coming from his trust than from the alcohol. “What’s a closet empath?”

“Somebody who has fought for years to squash down the ability to read emotions from other people.” He sighed, stretching his neck. “Though, I can also attack with feelings sometimes. The ability can distract an enemy at the right moment, although I’d rather just use my brain.”

“There’s nothing wrong with feeling things, Kane.”

He shrugged. “Not the point.”

“What is the point?” Besides that fact that she was in an intimate setting alone for an entire night with the sexiest man she’d ever met in real life.

“The point is that there is a very simple answer to our dilemma.” His eyes darkened and his strong jaw set. “Mate me.”

So, here are the links if you’d like to pre-order Provoked and be one of the first to download it:


Also, here are the links to get back on the blog hops – make sure you hit the one you’ve been on!  (Feel free to hop on board the other one when you’re finished.  There are tons of great prizes in both.  They’re both scheduled to actually start the 19th)  Speaking of prices, in addition to the ones being given from me on the hops, I’m also giving away signed copies of Fated, Claimed, and Hunted to ONE randomly chosen commenter from my blog here.  So drop me a comment.  Do you have any plans for halloween?


Hunted is in the Wild, and Tempted is Free

on April 24, 2012

(The free read is now over…but Tempted is still discounted for a short time).

Hi all!  Today is release day for Hunted!  YAY!  And Tempted is still a free download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes, etc., so get yours while you can!  Even if you don’t have an e-reader, get the free “Kindle for PC” program from Amazon–I use mine all the time.  So, readers have sent in a couple questions that I thought I’d answer about Hunted:

1)  How do you think the average reader will relate to Moira, who’s a witch?  Well, I relate to her, and I’m not a witch.  🙂  Basically, Moira is in a situation that we all find ourselves in at some point (or at many points) in that several different paths are spreading out before her, and she needs to choose one.  Her people expect her to lead, her mate expects her to join him, and she wants to be an enforcer.  The cool thing about Moira is that she has the ability to find a way to do all three.

2)  Is Conn as over the top Alpha as the rest of the vampires?  Yes.  🙂  But Conn has a surprisingly sweet side that I think made for some cool scenes.  And as the ultimate soldier, he really doesn’t need to throw his weight around.  He’s smart, and he’s a good guy, and most importantly, he’s in love with Moira.

3)  What’s your favorite line from the book?  Well, it’s out of context here, and I can’t give you context or it’ll ruin some surprises.  But my favorite line is:  With a flash of speed and the shattering of glass, Connlan Kayrs leaped through the window.

4)  What’s your favorite short blurb?  This is a tough one, but I’ve always liked the following:

Conn tugged Moira to straddle him.  His lids half closed.  “No,” he murmured very softly.  “I want all of you, Moira.”  A deep breath lifted her to settle back in place.  “For now, your neck would be enjoyable.”  Twin fangs dropped low.

A guttural growl escaped him and she shivered.  Fighting the urge to clear her throat, fighting the need to run, she gingerly set her hands on either side of his wide shoulders and leaned down.  He threaded his free hand through her hair, tightening his hold and turning her head to the side.

Something natural, something feminine in her sighed, relaxing.  He had her.  And deep down, where certainty lived, she knew he wasn’t letting go.

Okay – I’m off to get ready for the book launching party today.  If you’re in the Cd’A area, stop by Gourmet Way between 5:00 and 7:00 tonight to say hi!