I Kill People in Books

I kill people in books.  It’s true.  The lady who cuts me off for a parking spot, the bat-sh*t crazy chick who yells at me in a bar…even the lady at the post office who growls at my many packages.  They die.  And hard.

One of the most cathartic things to do is work out your demons via writing.  Of course, you often end up passing emails to your critique partner titled, “Best place to bury a dead body,” or “Do you think I could snap a neck with a stapler?”  In the name of research, of course.  Other fun notes we pass back and forth: 

  • Does the human body really bend that way?
  • I don’t think a man would really call that “Tonto.”
  • Your heroine already fell off the bed – there’s no way he can reach her now.
  • I think the grave should be deeper.
  • I’m not sure they’d eat his liver first.

So, one of the many fun things about being a writer is that you can talk pretty much about anything.  In one of my works in progress, my heroine stumbles upon a marijuana growing farm.  Well, my husband was using my laptop and went to ‘favorites’ for our bank’s URL.

He finished banking and asked, “Why do you have the ‘hydroponic marijuana guide’ listed as a favorite?”  My answer:  “So I wouldn’t forget the name.”  What’s cool is that he nodded, because that made perfect sense to him.  He lives with a writer.

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5 thoughts on “I Kill People in Books”

  1. I loved this post. Made me laugh first thing this morning. Thanks for the shot in the *** fist thng this morning. I needed it.

  2. Being an author you can do so many great things….Our mind comes up with such creative things that most people would think are nuts and might give us a worried look… Great post…

  3. Lynn Rush says:

    LOL. That’s great!! Yep, I was talking with my husband, who is a physical therapist, and I ask him, “So, I stab you with a knife from the back, where would I have to crack through to hit your heart? Would we hear the cracking bones? How long would the blade have to be…”

    Yeah, if someone were to have heard that they would have run screaming from us, I’m sure.

  4. Brooklyn Ann says:

    LOL!!! My husband used to work in recording studios and I had to ask him if my characters could have a love scene in one. He said, “Not unless they want the technician watching.”

  5. Sayde Grace says:

    I admit the Tonto thing was a joke to see if you were paying attention. Only thing is that not only were you paying attention so was my editor and I wasn’t as I didn’t delete Tonto!