How Many Architects, Electricians, Geologists and Senators does it take to solve a 7th Grade geometry problem?

So, I’ve been pretty busy with Hunted copy edits, but just had to share.  My husband (Architect # 1) was at a basketball practice with one of his partners (Architect # 2).  They received a text message from my brother-in-law (Electrician) who was trying to help my seventh grade niece with her homework in geometry.

No…I don’t remember what the problem wasSomething about three corners of a square in a rectangle, or something like that.  Well, the three men couldn’t agree.  So my husband contacted his other partner (Architect # 3), who came up with a completely different answer.  (Keep in mind, this is while basketball practice was going on, and these guys are the coaches.)

So, Hubby texted his uncle, who is a geologist.  The geologist was at a political dinner with a bunch of state senators.  He and two of the senators (one Democrat, one Republican) sketched the answer out on a napkin and forwarded it to my husband.  YES.  Bi-partisan politics is possible…if we’re taking about 7th grade geometry.

Well…they all came up with what they thought was the answer (3) and sent it to my brother-in-law.  My niece got her paper back yesterday…and the answer, was, ah,  5.    🙂

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12 thoughts on “How Many Architects, Electricians, Geologists and Senators does it take to solve a 7th Grade geometry problem?”

    1. The really funny thing is that we can’t figure out why 5 is the answer! 🙂

  1. I hated geometry. I can see I wasn’t alone!
    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Hi Stacy! I didn’t like geometry, either. Probably why I can’t play pool now. 🙂

  2. jeff7salter says:

    I find myself wanting to see some of the buildings they’ve designed. LOL

    1. I spit out my coffee when I read this. TOO funny, Jeff! 🙂

  3. Martha Lawson says:

    How funny!! Rebecca, I just finished Claimed and I have to tell you how much I loved both Fated and Claimed. Awesome, awesome books!! Anxiously awaiting more.

  4. Brooklyn Ann says:

    LMAO! I hated math as a kid and I’m struggling with helping my kids as it is. 🙂

  5. Kimberly Wise says:

    That is hysterical…. Maybe they should have asked a teenager they think they know everything… LOL

  6. Julie Hinsz says:

    Sounds like the family!dad says call him next time! I do not know what a old rancher, farmer , miner would know but he would give it a try! Love the book!

  7. Ha! Now I want to see the problem. 🙂

  8. Lori says:

    Loved the story. I hate any kind of math, geometry or story problems. I think they continually change up things like this every few years just to screw with parents. If you think back school was a lot easier when we went. I’m currently reading “Claimed”. I love it!