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A Quick Look at the Publishing Process…

on April 20, 2012

I’ve been so busy finishing book 5 and promoting Hunted that I’ve ignored my blog a little bit.  I apologize and will try to do better.  There will be some character interviews coming up that I think might be fun.  Lately I’ve had a few readers write to ask about the writing process, so I thought I’d give a quick lowdown to people who are just starting to write, or who are curious of one process.  (Keep in mind that everyone is different).  So for me, it goes like this:

1)  I sit down and have a fun idea for a scene to write.  It’s usually the first scene of the book, of how a hero and heroine meet, so I just write it.  Yes, I have about 10 first scenes written right now that I’d love to turn into full length books at some point.

2)  Then…I have to figure out who the heck these people are, what they want, and what’s going to stop them from getting what they want.

3)  I write the book.  Beginning to end.  The first 25,000 words, I love the book.  The second 25,000 words, I hate the book.  The remaining 40,000 words, I just want to get the book finished.  🙂

4)  After that first draft, I go back and add anything I’ve missed.  Then I go through and clean up/edit the book.  Then I print it out and do a hard copy edit–then go make those changes.

5)  The book is mailed in hard copy to my amazing agent.  She writes all over it (sometimes phone numbers or grocery lists) – once in a while there’s crayon or sports stickers from her kids.  (I love those).  She also sends editorial notes…like, expand this idea, or bring this out more…stuff like that.

6)  I make those changes and email the manuscript to my wonderful Editor.  She reads it, accepts it, and then emails some editorial suggestions, which I make.  Then if we don’t have a title chosen, we choose one.

7)  Months later, copy edits arrive.  Copy edits are commas, punctuation, misused words…(did you know that pistoning is not a verb?  Yeah?  Well, I didn’t.  Now I do.)  Copy editors are amazing and catch stuff most of use would never catch.  I love copy edits.  So, I go through and either agree or disagree…and then those go back usually within 7-10 days.

8)  Then, usually, we have a cover.  YAY!  This is always fun.  Then coverflats arrive!  Months later, usually ARCs arrive.  (Advanced Reader Copies).  These are the book without corrections and are sent to reviewers and used in contests.

9)  A few weeks after that, page proofs arrive.  Page proofs are a stack of papers that show what the book will actually look like on the page.  These have been typeset in, so there are some mistakes.  I go through it, and about 4 other people at the publisher go through it to catch any mistakes.  These are due back within 7-10 days.

10)  Finally,  my awesome editor sends me early promo copies of the actual book–usually around 6 weeks before release day.  (I also get author copies according to contract, but those come closer to release day).  Then…RELEASE DAY.

So, that’s a snippet of the publishing process.  At least, it’s a snippet of the process so far for me.  I hope that clears up the questions anybody sent.  Have a great weekend!  And remember, HUNTED releases NEXT TUESDAY!  🙂

Tempted Releases Today!

on March 27, 2012

Hi all! I’m still enjoying the very nice weather in Maui but wanted to take a moment and celebrate Tempted’s Release. YAY! I’ve been waiting for Max’s story to be available since turning it in last September.

The first chapter is actually a prologue where it shows the first time Max met little Janie and agreed to be her bodyguard.  This was entirely off the path he’d chosen to go hunt Kurjans.

Then the book starts with Max having to hunt down feisty Sarah Pringle, a teacher who’d been unfairly sent to an insane hospital because she saw a Kurjan and nobody would believe her.  Of course, Max may have an ulterior motive for seeking out Sarah…

Here are the ‘buy links’ in case you’re interested.  Tempted is an e-novella (Currently priced at $2.99) that you can download to any of your e-readers OR your computer.  I hope you enjoy!

The Launching of FATED

on February 24, 2011

The launching party at the Gourmet Way was wonderful and I so appreciate everyone who came by and bought a book!  I thought I’d write a quick run-down about FATED’s release day…in outline form since I’m trying to get organized.

  • Got up, sent kids off to school and jumped on the internet.  Friends already tweeting about my release day on Twitter—friends rock.
  • Return ‘happy release day’ emails to both Cynthia Eden and Jillian Chantal.  Very happy to be sharing a release day with these two.
  • Run down to Hastings.  Find book.  Try not to cry.  Take several pictures, ignoring the odd looks from other people.  One elderly lady finally asked what I was doing.  Said… “That’s my book.”
  • Drove to Borders, hoping but not expecting to find book on shelf.  Not there.  (Borders filed for bankruptcy last week…lots of books not there.)
  • Drive away, get phone call from sister who just had surgery on her lower leg…sister needs a latte.
  • Take sister a latte.  Sit and listen as she calls the Spokane Valley Barnes and Noble, using a high voice with slight accent asking about my book.  Don’t know why sister is using the accent, but it’s hilarious.  Then high-five sister when she finds out that not only is FATED there, it’s on the front table.  BTW, sister’s name is Debbie.
  • Swing by Gourmet Way.  Everything is in order and I’m just in the way.  Do happy hop and take off.
  • Grab a sandwich from a deli—carbs don’t count on release day.
  • Go home, get on internet.  Lots of best wishes.  Brandie calls, has a surprise, lasts about thirty seconds before she reveals she bought some really cool cookies with FATED on them.  Am impressed Brans lasted half a minute.  Am also thankful Brandie has arranged launching party.  Brandie rocks.
  • Look outside; realize it’s starting to snow.  Think…crap.  Roads will be bad and nobody will come to launching.
  • Get text from critique partner Sayde Grace that says…”relax.”  Am happy crit partner knows me so well.
  • Go and get ready.  Hate outfit I thought I’d wear.  Try on sixteen other outfits.  Finally put the first one back on.  Husband comes home, says ‘great outfit…but you have lipstick on your teeth’.
  • Wipe off teeth.  Head to Gourmet Way.  Nearly sigh at the pretty flowers from family and nuns.  Notice Deb’s eyes dilated from the pain meds from her surgery…prop her next to table.  Notice she is drinking white wine too…figure she’ll be fine.
  • My folks show up with big smiles. My folks are the best.  Husband and kids arrive…son wants to know when the paparazzi are showing up.
  • Friend Bonnie Paulson shows up with a cool mat for people to sign.  Bonnie rocks.
  • Sister Stephanie shows up with camera…she’s ready to roll.
  • The doors open.  Spend three solid hours signing book.  Lots of family show up from the Silver Valley and all around.  The Hintz girls bring goodies and Aunt Lisa brings gorgeous flowers.  Lots of friends from town, as well as people I’ve never met walk through the door.  My entire town rocks.

 So, that’s my debut launching day in a nutshell.  It was a truly wonderful day and I’m so grateful for everyone who shared it with me-both online and in real time.

FATED releases today

on February 22, 2011

Hi all!  So, today is the release of FATED.  The e-edition will be available on March 1st for kindle, nook, sony, etc.  For anyone in the area, we’re having a launching party tonight at the Gourmet Way from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm…regardless of the winter storm warning just put out.  🙂  I hope to see you there!

I’ll post tomorrow or the next day about the launching and how it went.  Today I need to go help unpack books for the launching, and I thought maybe I’d drop by Hastings and Borders to see, ah, my book on the shelves.  I’m also over at Savvy Authors talking craft in the terms of layering and lasagna.  And…I have some friends with releases today:  (And for the life of me, I can’t get the books to be of equal size!  WordPress is being difficult today.)


Writing Away…October, Blogging and the Name Game

on October 22, 2010

First, a quick note that my critique partner, Sayde Grace, has a release today!  THE HARDER THEY BUCK is available for purchase from the The Wilder Rose Press.  Is the cover hot or what?  And believe me, so is the book!  Sayde will be here guest blogging next Monday, the 25th of October.  Click on the cover to link to the Wilder Rose Press and purchase it.

Earlier this week I blogged for Cynthia Eden on Monday about October and Bad Guys.  If you haven’t read her newest book, DEADLY FEAR, you really should.  It’s excellent and I couldn’t put it down.  Then I blogged on Brava and interviewed Maeve Greyson, who is a finalist in the Writing with the Stars Contest.  She writes about really hot Scottish heroes.

It occurred to me that I haven’t blogged on my blog in a bit.  So, what’s going on?  Well, I think I already mentioned that Megan accepted book two in the Dark Protectors, which is now called CLAIMED.  Cool name – it’ll look good in the same font as FATED.  I’m pretty sure book three will be HUNTED.  Which fits the story line.  I’ve written one chapter of the third book and think it’s going to be a fun one to write.  Lots of action and spice.  Oh, and I created a book trailer for FATED, which was rather fun to do.  It’s on my website and also on YouTube.  Take a gander.  FATED is also available for pre-0rder at AmazonBorders and Barnes and Noble.

I sent HEALER to my agent and I’m feeling pretty good about it.  HEALER used to be DEMI and I’m afraid neither name really works.  Right now I’m taking a class about titling your manuscript from B.R. Paulson, so I’m hoping to get the hang of choosing names.  But I’ve found that the class helps me concentrate not just on names but on the book itself…different themes and character arcs.  It’s a great class.  If she gives it again, I highly recommend it.

Now I’m working on a romantic suspense book that I’d like to wrap up in three weeks.  This is possible by writing 5,000 words a day.  I think I can do it – we’ll see. 

Otherwise, I’m just enjoying the month of October.  The sun is still out, but the leaves are turning red tinged with gold and a fine mist covers the ground.  Something howls late at night, and well…maybe I should be writing a paranormal right now. 🙂