Book 1–FATED Excerpt (a)

Cara threw herself against the man holding her child, knocking over the basket.  Clothes scattered across the wooden planks of the porch. 

“Let her go, you bastard!” 

He may not intend harm, but he had no right to kidnap them.  She clutched one arm around his massive neck as her knees dug into his spine.  She jerked hard against his windpipe.  A rush of anger slammed through her body, pushing out the fear.

Even with her struggling on his back, his long strides continued toward the vehicle unhampered.  He yanked open the rear door and placed Janie in a booster seat, and quick motions had her buckled in.  Cara moved to jump off him, only to have him close the door, grab her arm and pull her around.  Two strong hands held her aloft. Hard steel met her backside when he stepped into her, his face lowering to hers.  “Stop fighting me.”

His strength was unbelievable.  Her own vulnerability beat into her as she realized her nightshirt had risen to reveal pale pink panties.  The cool night air rushed across her bare legs.  Dark denim scratched the tender skin of her inner thighs, and she opened her mouth to scream.

One swift movement and his mouth covered hers.  Hot, firm and somehow restrained.  The effort of his restraint belted into her.  He fought to control himself.  Heat slammed through her.  A roaring filled her ears and her breath hitched.  Her heart slowed, and time stopped.  For just a brief moment, his heartbeat echoed throughout her body to a spot below her stomach.

He growled low and his mouth moved over hers, no longer silencing her, but tasting.  Exploring.  One thick arm swept around her waist and pulled her into him; the other lifted to tangle a hand in her hair.  He tugged, angled her head more to the side.  He went deeper.

She moaned in her throat as his tongue met hers.  He explored her mouth like he owned it.  For a moment, he did.  She forgot everything.  There were only his lips on hers, demanding. Promising.  His heat warmed her as she returned his kiss, pushing closer into his hard body, forgetting reality.

Pure strength surrounded her.  Hot.  Dangerous.  Tempting.  Then a bird screeched high above and awareness crashed into her.

She jerked her head back, her lips tingling, her mind spinning. Deep brown eyes kept her gaze.  His arm tightened around her waist while he raised his head further.

 “Don’t scream.”  His voice had deepened to something guttural, something that added to the fluttering in her lower stomach.

“Mama?”  Janie’s voice wavered from inside the vehicle.

“She can’t see us – I have the privacy screens up,” Talen murmured.

Great.  So no one could see in, either.  Smart kidnapper.

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