FATED is available in e-book format!

“We should not see print and electronic literature as in competition, but rather in conversation. The more voices that join in, the richer the dialogue is likely to be.”
–N. Katherine Hayles

Today Fated is now available in electronic format…Kindle, Nook, Sony and the rest.   I am so excited about this…having not found out until last month that e-book was a possibility.  There seems to be a great debate going on whether or not e-books will completely replace print books.

I don’t think so.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.  But I like the feel, smell, idea of a print book as well as being able to browse in a book store.  Yeah, Borders just filed for bankruptcy protection.  But that’s to reorganize (like GM) not disappear.  And Barnes and Noble seems to be doing well.  I do think that the e-book market will continue to build.  In fact, a couple of my favorite authors are in e-format only.  You can bet I buy their books.

I like a book on a plane…especially during take-off.  To escape the idea of take-off actually.  And I can’t turn on my Kindle until we level off.  So yeah, I’m happy to have a print book.

My print book collection will continue to grow.  As will my e-book collection.  And I don’t think I’m alone here.

BTW – N. Katherine Hayles is a literary critic and professor at Duke.

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5 thoughts on “FATED is available in e-book format!”

  1. I agree whole heartedly with both of the above comments. I hav a kindle and an IPad both. I love both of them and use them for travel. If I want to continue to review for publishers, I also need them because the majority of books come that way. I do, however, love the feel of a book in my hands. I love toching the book and turning the pages. I tell my hubby i have a love affair with books.

  2. danicaavet says:

    I love my Kindle for the simple fact that I was running out of room for my paperbacks. I have over 600 I’ve managed to save because I can’t bear to part with them, but that Kindle has prevented me from having to choose between my favorites. Now all my new book purchases fit in that little gadget and I’m determined to fill it up. Only at 250 books right now, but soon. Oh, soon I’ll have er 1300 😀

    Speaking of the Kindle, I forgot to put it on charge this morning so I could start reading Fated when I got home from work. Darn it!! I’ll read it anyway, at least until the Kindle gasps and wheezes for a charge 😉

  3. Lynn Rush says:

    I love my Nook. I was so surprised I couldn’t have it turned on during take off, though. In airplane mode, I was told it was just like a normal book.

    Yeah, the flight attendants didn’t agree with my logic.
    I sat next to a pilot and he whispered that it really didn’t affect anything and was a stupid rule we couldn’t have them turned on.

    Yeah, so that’s the only bummer about e-readers during flights.

    How exciting your book is on e-book format, too. So many people are reading books that way these days. I don’t see it totally replacing hand held books, but I think they will work together. I buy both. I’m many people are like that, too.

    Enjoy the journey, Rebecca. 🙂

  4. I think that having a book both in ebook and print is fantastic, it gives the reader an option. some people still only will read print books and have not switched to the technology formats.

    Congrats on the ebook…

  5. I don’t yet have an e-reader, but I think if I don’t get one soon, I may be left behind. It’s exciting and sad to me.
    My #1 Favorite date night is a trip to the bookstore to just browse and browse and browse. Somehow I don’t think thumbing through a Kindle at ebooks has the same intrigue. That being said, I understand the convenience of it, and I know I better keep up with the trend.