Hunted reviews

The reviews for Hunted are just starting to come in…I’ll post as they arrive.

Publisher’s Weekly:  “Strong chemistry and steamy love scenes.”  The fast-paced third Dark Protectors adventure (after Fated and Claimed) sends vampire prince Conn to Ireland in search of Moira, the witch he claimed as a mate a century before. War between the vampires of the Realm and the deadly Kurjans is heating up, and the vampires need their witch allies more than ever, so it’s vital Conn and Moira get over their differences once and for all. Moira’s reluctant to give in to Conn’s demands, especially when the leaders of her people are vanishing without a trace and she’s the next likely target. Only together can these two unite their races against external threats and internal struggles. Zanetti continues to mix action, passion, and intrigue as she picks up on threads from the previous books.

Nikki at Ramblings: Made Hunted the April Book of the Month!   “*Le sigh* I. Love. This. Series. So. Much! Rebecca Zanetti is a friggin genius and if I lived in her state I’d be her new bestie. Ok…wait…that sounds stalkerish. Let’s start over. I love this series and it just keeps getting better and better! I think Zanetti is hitting her stride and I for one hope she can keep up the steam.”

Wanda at Good Choice Readings:   In Zanetti’s entire series, she mixes up your emotions, especially with this novel. At one point, I emailed her to ask her or rather to beg her not to do a certain something in this novel. She laughed at me. But that’s how strongly I feel about her novels. They are AMAZING! I have two of my cousins and a friend hooked her this series too. So do I need to tell you how great Zanetti is? I think not. As always 5/5 stars a definite Good Choice for Reading!

Kelly at Books-N-Kisses: I so loved this story.  I love the world that Rebecca has created in this series.  I love all the different types of characters, the complexity of it all.  I am so in love with Conn & Moria.   Conn and Moria is a force to be wrecken’ with.  Both are fiercely strong loyal warriors, stubborn to a fault, but above all else are willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.  But their greatest battle my just be each other. If you have read Fate & Claimed.  Hunted will not disappoint.  There is a lots of action, lots of emotion and even some mile high sex *wiggles eyebrows* If you have not started Rebecca’s Dark Protector’s series.  I would HIGHLY recommend you get started.

Athenna at Paranormal Haven: As all with the Kayrs brothers I loved Connlan he just oozed sexual power, with his new found power from his mate, it only made him even more of a bad ass. He is very much a kick ass and take names type of alpha male…If you want hot sexy dangerous romance with powerful alpha vampires who rule the Realm, this series is for you.

Tiffany at Nocturne Romance Reads:  Hunted received 5 Hoots.  This series is truly hot to the touch.  Readers may want to wear oven mitts before putting their hands on this one because they may be burned from all the magic and pure unadulterated lust!

Grave Tells:  Even if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, Hunted is absolutely a MUST-READ!  It is powerful, original, explosive, addicting, and stands on its own story arc.  And Connlan is to DIE for.  Seriously, he should be illegal.

The Romance Reviews: A Top Pick!  I was highly anticipating this next novel featuring Moira and Conn, and it certainly did not disappoint. These two have enough passion and chemistry between them to start the brightest fire. Ms Zanetti has developed two characters who have a love/hate relationship fueled by a vigorous sexual appetite for one another. …The lengths they would go to protect each other because of their love was absolutely heartbreaking at times. The sacrifices and choices they were willing to make made you cheer for their romance and love and their happily ever after.

Two Lips Reviews: I really liked Conn; he made such an impression that I thought of him even when I wasn’t reading the book. Moira was my kind of heroine—strong, confident, smart, and willing to go after what she wants. There was a lot of page-turning action in the book and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Bring Back Desire:  This is a delicious paranormal story filled with steamy passion, run for your life excitement, and attention to details of the science and wicked witch kind… I loved every minute.