Are you sure there’s sun in Florida?

BooksigningSo…I’m back home from the Coastal Magic Convention, and it was wonderful!  So great to catch up with friends and goof off with fans.  We may have lost at laser tag (barely), but the team we played was on game three and had figured it out.  Once we figured out how to fan out and attack, we were dangerous.  Boone Brux has a fantastic dive and roll move, and Ciara Knight knows how to leap while firing.  Ciara and I accidentally shot each other at one point, but it all worked out.  (Yes, we were on the same team).  🙂

floridaBig Tone went with me to Florida because I figured I’d have more time to spend with him than usual since none of my editors or agent were at the conference, and also, he loves the sun.  It was really nice the day we arrived (we arrived at night though), and then the day we left was sunny.  Other than that…it rained.  Really, really rained.  LOL!  But we still had fun, and he didn’t even mind when a bunch of ladies asked him to strip.  Big Tone is a hottie, and that kind of thing happens at romance conferences.  It just does.  He also thought the gift package from C.J. Ellisson with the dirty dice was hilarious, and he enjoyed meeting my friend Liz Berry, who’s a bundle of fun and energy and is just brilliant at understanding the publishing industry.

florida2The panels were tons of fun. During one, Sara Humphreys and I came up with a fun promo plan we might try out this year, schedule permitting…and I’ll let you know if it all works out!  I think I also coerced a promise out of her to show me around NY next time I’m in town.  🙂 

Anyway…it’s good to be home experiencing a blizzard.  Seriously.  Tons of snow…and we’re viewabout to move.  Here’s a very snowy picture of the view from my new office in our new home…and yes, we’re trimming trees in the spring.

Everyone have a wonderful week!