Want to Know My Secret?

Guest Blogger-Riley Murphy

Hi all! I’m Charly, Rebecca’s assistant. We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers. Every Friday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. If there is a contest, I’ll randomly draw a winner from the post comments, send the winner’s email address to the guest blogger, and they’ll take it from there. Rebecca will jump in and blog when she can. For now, enjoy as we play!

I’m doing a giveaway for a 25.00 Amazon gift card (to be emailed to the winner) and…

An eBook copy of each book from my completed “Make Me” series.

book coverbook cover a

And my newest release: PERSUADED

book cover-latest release

All you have to do to be entered is answer the three questions I ask within this post in comments. *Side-eyes you* Don’t despair. It’s going to be super easy. Three little questions that require either a “yes” or “no” response. That’s it.

Now, before I get to the dirt, a.k.a the dating portion of my post, I’m sharing one of my biggest secrets right here. I hope you’re ready.

As an author, I tend to look at life as one big unfolding tale. So my ideas about romance and dating are as follows.

I’d liken a courtship to a prologue and a marriage as the culminating story that follows. Think about it. A prologue is meant to tease. It’s filled with all kinds of things that are designed to capture the reader from the very start of the first meeting. In essence, a seduction.

Now the story that follows is trickier because it’s filled with one inescapable truth. None of us are immune to the consequences of the vagaries in life. We all have to move through them in order to survive.

The author in me tries to touch upon some of these everyday trials and tribulations between the lines of my stories. I strive to let my characters ride out their emotional journeys with as much common sense, dignity, and humor, as possible without becoming caricatures. The truth is I prefer my hero and heroines to laugh in the face of the small, but difficult adversities they meet on a day-to-day basis, rather than cry over them. Well…sometimes they cry and when they do, I want it to be a big deal to the reader. Huge. That’s why I consider myself a literary sadist. 😉

*Points right at you* There you go. Now you know my secret. So this won’t come as a great surprise to you when I share what I like to call my dating extravaganza. But before I get to that, I’d like to ask you my first question. Brace yourselves.

Is the earth round?

*Deadpans* Hey, I told you these yes or no answers you’ll need to put in comments to qualify for the giveaway were going to be easy. I got your back.

Alrighty. On to my dating extravaganza that amounted to one month during the summer when I was eighteen. Yep, you read that right. Honey and I met when I was thirteen (he was seventeen, and had a really great car). Great hair too. *Fans self*

Anyways, we dated on and off, mostly on, except for that summer before I left for college. That’s when we both decided to try and see other people. We figured that it would be the grown up thing to do before we made a real commitment to each other. Now that I look back on that time, I see he was giving me space from him, before distance literally would. It might have been a smart move on his part, but it was very painful. I can tell you that.

So don’t judge me when I give you a few of the highlights of what I have dubbed “The Summer of Riley’s Massive Discontent”.

The time is 1980. Think big hair, Blondie singing Call Me, and queen belting out Crazy Little Thing Called Love, on the radio.

Now imagine an eighteen-year-old with a broken heart and a major attitude because of it.


My poor Mom. That’s all I’m saying. Dad would have gone to bed most nights during the extravaganza, but my mom would stay up and wait for me to come home after each date. She’d go through the same ritual with me each time.

Here’s a sample of her greeting me after the first date.

“I’m glad you’re home. Now we can lock up. He seemed nice.”

“Nope. He had a chip in his front tooth.”

*Leans in to whisper to you* The “chip” by the way, had been no more than a hairline crack that could only be seen by my imagination and the poor guy’s dental hygienist during an x-ray. But hey, without it he would have been perfect for me, so San Andreas Fault was definitely riding his pearly whites. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Second date.

“He was nice.”


“Come on, Riley. He brought you flowers.”

“Yes, but he also ordered a giraffe of wine with dinner. I could barely eat. He was so off my list I was making getaway plans faster than dinner was served.”

Third date.

“I suppose there was something wrong with this young man…?”

*Turns and then lifts a brow in your direction to ask you my second question of the post* Wow, does that sound like a snippy tone to you?

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

“And what would that be? He looked fine to me.”

“His nose whistled when he breathed.”

I still remember my mom’s scowl. It wasn’t one of those ones that said, “Are you serious?” It was the one that said, “We’ve got a section eight in the making here.” But I’ll give her credit. She didn’t say a word. She just let me lock up before we both went to bed.

That’s when I went into my Goldilocks mode over the next few dates. Mom didn’t even have to ask when I got home. I’d walk into the house and burst out before the door was even closed behind me.

“He was too short.” Or…

“Too tall.”

“Too rich.” *Stares at that complaint for a second and shakes head* Huh. Maybe I was crazy.

“Smells like dirty laundry.” *Tilts head over that one and decides* True story. That complaint was for real. The guy did smell like clothes left in the washer for days. *Insert a Homer Simpson shudder here* I hate that smell. Man, oh man. That night turned out to be the longest date of my life. And what’s more. I despise a perfectly good classic movie because of it.

“Swears too much.”

“He was too nice.”

“Is not nice enough.”

“Doesn’t like cats.”

“Likes cats too much.”

“Doesn’t like dogs.”

“Likes dogs too much.”

“The guy’s ambivalent about animals. He’s dead to me.”

And then there was the excuse I pulled on the last date that curtailed my dating extravaganza altogether…

“He had a chipped tooth.”

There you have it. By the time things came full circle my mom sat me down and this is what she said, “Snap out of it! You know who’s perfect for you, and if I’m ever going to get a good night’s sleep again you better agree to marry him.”

*Stares right at you* So…of course I didn’t. Not right away, anyways, because while I was dating the plethora of guys who were NOT IN HIS FRIEND CIRCLE and who didn’t measure up to him in my eyes, he was seeing someone I shall never, ever, name, because I smote my ex-friend’s moniker from ever crossing my lips while I live and breathe on this planet!

*Lifts chin up a notch and clears throat* I know this should go without saying, but I shall say it anyways. If “Oh nameless one” miraculously makes it into heaven and we run into one another there, I’m going to do my best to scrounge up a book of matches and char her flowing white robes until she’s hopping from cloud to cloud to put out the flames. This is an oath, people, and I fervently pray The Man upstairs is willing to turn a blind eye for the duration.

Man, I was so upset back then when I learned about their date. What do they say? A jealous woman does better research than the FBI? So true. Unbelievable, I’m mad all over again even now, all these years later.

Actually, mad is kind of an understatement. So while I stew over that, let me ask you the third and final question so you can be entered into the drawing. I want you to think hard about this and tell me the truth. Is blue your favorite color?

“Innocently blinks before I beam at you* What? No need to look at me like that. I told you this was going to be easy. 😉

Good luck!

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering. Honey and I have been married for thirty years, and trust me on this. He’s been taken to task over going on that date so many times. One might say he rues it. Very, very, much.

Any of you guys have a memorable date? Something that can top a guy ordering a giraffe of wine or…did I mention the salad bowl guy? Crap, I forgot about him. Maybe I’ll tell you about that disaster in comments.

Thanks for stopping by!




Riley Murphy writes sexy, humorous, and emotional romance, happy ending guaranteed. An optimist, she believes life is awesome, people are complicated, but in a good way, and we should never stop learning. Riley currently calls Florida home with her gorgeous husband. She has two phenomenal kids and one very bossy pooch. When Riley’s not working she enjoys reading, oil painting, and getting to the Sunday crossword before anyone else does, so she can fill in all the easy answers first and pull the smart card with the family.

If Riley wasn’t a writer she’d be an international spy with top-level security so she could have a peek at Area 51 and decide for herself if those green guys are for real. Failing that, she’d likely go with chicken sexer. Riley loves her characters and she hopes you do too.
For more information about all of Riley’s books and upcoming releases you can visit her at: www.AuthorRileyMurphy.com or find her on Twitter @Riley__Murphy or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ReclaimedRileyMurphy/?ref=hl



Favorite reader quote in Persuaded:

This is Greyson Maddox speaking to his heroine.

“The world is a better place when I feel the warmth of your breath against my skin.”

A Favorite reader passage. This is Greyson explaining to his girl:

“I want a woman who wants me as opposed to needs me.” He straightened his shoulders and the light in his eyes became more intense. “She’s strong enough to conquer her world, life, and problems without me, but she’s soft enough to know that with me by her side everything will be far better for both of us.”

Reviewers say:

Amazing! This is BASIC INSTINCT meets ROMANCING THE STONE! Fun, hot, sexy and suspenseful!

Clever, fun, and hot! 5 STARS! Rereading this one!

Fantastic! Persuaded grabs you from page one & doesn’t let go.




To enter, either answer the questions, or talk to Riley in comments. Your name will be thrown into a big hat that Charly is going to draw from. Here’s what the winner will receive. Riley’s completed “Make Me” series in the eBook version of their choice (mobi or kindle) and a 25.00 Amazon gift card emailed to them.

To check out some of Riley’s other books visit her author page on Amazon:

other books

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100 thoughts on “Want to Know My Secret?”

  1. Sonia Forbus says:

    you sure did find lots of excuses not to get serious with those guys. yes,yes a little snippy but mom was learning your tricks,sorry no,i lean more towards greens. Great story, hope you have a very Merry Christmas

    1. Riley says:

      Hi Sonia!
      I did find lots of excuses. Heh. The one date I left out was the guy who came to pick me up in a moving truck. I just about died when I saw the huge thing parked on the street. Do you want to know how bad I am? I talked him to picking up a desk my older sister said I could have if I moved it out of her dorm room which was all the way downtown. The poor guy. He did all the heavy lifting and I got my desk. Of course we went the later movie after we got the furniture squared away, but then he never got a second date with me. Why? He was too much of a pushover. Can you imagine delivering furniture for a girl you hardly knew on your first date with her? *lifts a brow at you* I told you I was bad. 😀
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  2. Mary Preston says:

    Is the earth round? Yes, I hope so, I have no intention of walking off any edges.

    Wow, does that sound like a snippy tone to you? Yes, of course!!! Unless you need me to say “No way”.

    Is blue your favorite color? No, purple is.

    Lots of fun thank you.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Mary,
      Yes, Mom was a little irritated, but in my defense? I was so heartbroken at the time I had to put on a brave face and pretend that I wasn’t dying inside. Oh, and I never did mention how my dad handled the whole thing. He gave me the “plenty of fish in the sea talk” and when I got upset he changed the fish to streetcars. Go figure. *shakes head*
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  3. Shannon VanSach says:

    Yes, Yes, and oh Yes:-) The earth is round, you were getting snippy, and I LOVE blue (probably because it goes best with my red hair, but that is only my opinion:-)).

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Shannon,
      Did you ever see Monty Python’s The Holy Grail? The bridge keeper scene is one of my favorites when he asks all kinds of crazy questions, but always ends with the one about color. It’s the last guy who says, “Brown. No wait. Yel-” He never go the chance to finish yellow, because he gets thrown into the valley below. I loved that scene. Bizarre, I know. But that’s me. 🙂
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  4. TrishJ says:

    Your mom sounds perfect! Yes the earth is round, you were kinda snippy and blue is my favorite color. This blog was great. I love humor in my books. I am definitely checking out your books. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, TrishJ,
      Thanks. My mom is perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t have her any other way. *beams* And yes there is a good dose of humor in all my books. I’m one of those women that finds smart guys with a sense of humor incredibly sexy. Probably why I write steamy and erotic stories. My heroes may be bad on occasion, but eventually they make their heroines laugh. I love that most of all.
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  5. Lori N. says:

    Yes, yes, no

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Lori,
      Playing. 😉

      Good luck!

  6. Brandy B says:

    Yes the earth is round
    Yes I believe it was snippy tone
    Yes blue, but also green are my favorite colors

    1. Riley says:

      Hi Brandy, B,
      You sound like a complicated woman with your blue and also green. ;D I like that.

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  7. desiree says:

    Yes and no (it’s purple). I had a date to McDonald’s it was soo much fun we didn’t speak the entire time. He expected a good night kiss too didn’t work. Another date I had was to a prom. I thought we were going as friends I found out right before prom he thought it was more. When he touched my hand or got too close he made my skin crawl.

    1. Riley says:

      Desiree! Bah!
      Skin crawl? Sounds like an absolutely spectacular prom night to me. My condolences.
      Now the not speaking at McDonald’s? Well…sometimes the less said the better. Check this out. I sat with a non-talker during a dinner date over the extravaganza – and finally when the guy did speak he had a piece of spinach stuck between his front teeth. I couldn’t stop staring at it. What’s worse? When I finally told him about it, he used his napkin to wipe it away but it didn’t go! I spent the rest of the meal staring a mole he had on his left. I later told my mom about the mole and she said, it could have been worse. He could have gotten something stuck in his teeth. *Le sigh*
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  8. desiree says:

    BTW if there was snippy it was your dates fault.

    1. Riley says:

      *Sagely nods* Agreed.

  9. Rose says:

    I ???? this !!
    Now the answers, yes, yes and NO.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Rose!
      I heart this too. You guys are a lot of fun to talk to!

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  10. Toni says:

    Yes, yes and no. Coral is my fav

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Toni,
      Coral, eh? Interesting.

      Good luck and thanks for playing!

  11. Toni says:

    Can’t wait

  12. Stacey says:

    Awesome post
    yes, Yes, yes 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your books, put them on my wishlist!

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Stacey,

      Thanks! I can’t wait for you to read them. If there’s one book from my back list you are partial to and want to read, just click on my name. It will direct you to my website. From there all you have to do is use the contact button and let me know you were at Rebecca’s blog and I said I’d shoot you over an eBook version of whatever book you’d like, to get you started. I’m easy, but I ain’t cheap. *Thinks about that for a moment and then shrugs* In this case “free” is the word I’m looking for.
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  13. Steven Burton says:

    Is the Earth round? Yes. We’re you snippy? More bratty. Is my favorite color blue? Depends on what it’s on. More red though.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Steven,
      It’s nice to see you here. Bratty? I like that because I was. *Side eyes you* The operative word being WAS. I’ve mellowed since then. But don’t ask my husband about this because he may have a different version of the topic so, ’nuff said on that, right? 😉

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  14. Linda Brennan says:

    My three answers are: I hope so. No, of course not!! No, my favorite color is green.

    Your stories always make my day, and I absolutely love your books!

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Linda,
      Aw, thanks! I love hearing from readers. You guys make my day!

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  15. Brandi Defries Swendt says:

    Duh.. the earth is round as a block lol

    Yes.. a few memorable and cpl not so much. Like you I met my guy as a teen as well (23) years. Congrats on your long marriage btw

    And my fav is tiffany blue

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Brandi,
      Tiffany blue? Complicated with a side of good taste. I like it. 😀
      Thanks. And congrats. 23 years *Hi-fives you* is nothing to sneeze at.
      Honey and I can still remember when we thought thirty-year-old people were old and now we’ve decided 50 is the new twenty. Heh.

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  16. Tammy Nelson says:

    Love your books. Thank you for taking me away with them.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Tammy!

      You are most welcome. Thank you for reading them!

      Good luck and thanks for playing!

  17. Timitra says:

    Yes, yes and yes!

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Timitra!
      *Points right at you* Are you positive? 😉

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Sometime I wonder, but then I see the sun doing that up and down thing and think meh there must be something to this round thing. So, yea.
    Snarkiness is sometimes needed in life. The best moms understand this.
    Blue in various colors are definitely my favorite.

    Thanks for the entertaining post. It’s good to meet you. I will be looking for your books!

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Stephanie,
      You are welcome. Nice to meet you too.

      Thanks for playing and good luck.

  19. Elizabeth Stacy says:

    I love the color purple so yes, please. I love Riley books.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Elizabeth Stacy!
      Purple, hm? You know what they say about a woman who loves purple? *insert Jeopardy theme song playing here while I stare at you and then* Seriously, do you know, because I would love to know too. My first thought was passion. Purple passion. Don’t know why. *Narrows eyes at you* Do you? 😉

      Good luck and thanks for playing!

  20. Texas Book Lover says:

    Is the earth round? Yep I believe it is.

    Wow, does that sound like a snippy tone to you? Well if I’m being honest it is a bit snippy…

    Is blue your favorite color? Actually cobalt blue is my favorite is.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Texas Book Lover,
      Honest? I like honest.
      Cobalt blue, eh? First thing that comes to mind is “ice”. Don’t know why. *Shrugs* Blue ice is better than yellow, right? >.<

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  21. Kel says:

    I’m so glad I’m not dating, been married for almosts 20 years. 😀

    1. Yes
    2. Very much yes.
    3. Not my favorite but I do like it, my favorite is green.

    Thanks for the chance and the story!

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Kel,
      It’s funny you say you’re glad you’re not dating. My honey and I recently had a “what if” conversation. You know the kind. Where something happens (we never use death as the likelihood of our marriage ending, because when you think about it, death really doesn’t end a marriage, does it? It’s more murder as in – if he stepped out on me I’d kill him *looks around* I shouldn’t have publicized that *Looks right at you* Keep that under your hat, would ya? Anyways, during this brilliant divorce-seeking conversation he actually said to me, “The stories would be great, wouldn’t they? It’s almost worth letting you go out with some poor sap so I can be entertained.” Wow! *Catches myself before I fall over* Letting me? Poor sap? He paid the proverbial price for those remarks – but then *Taps index finger on front tooth whilst I mull this over* he did have point. 😉

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Linda with the long name! 😉
      Erm…I don’t think I can help you with out that. Rebecca’s fab assistant, Charly, can though.

      Good luck and thanks for playing!

  23. Amanda says:

    3.yes, of course.


    1. Riley says:

      Hi, Amanda,
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  24. DeAnn Gurley says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes and always has been. ❤️

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, DeAnn,
      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  25. TinaG says:

    Loved listening to your Stare Me Down books on Audible!! The narrators add to your hot stories.

    1. Riley says:

      Hi, TinaG!

      Oh, yes! I love the couple who narrate my books too. Their seamless interaction is phenomenal! Truth be told, being an author became very real to me when I heard them speaking as if my characters were in the room with me. Gave me chills and also freaked me out a little. Especially when I listened to my PUSHED story. Jude Wilde was my “all time” dirtiest dirty talker ever. 0.o Crap, I’m blushing right now. I never blush. 😉

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

  26. Stacy Ward says:

    Yes, yes and no! Lol the earth is round, you were snippy, but I understand why, and no my favorite color has been purple for as long as I can’t remember. Love your Honey blogs.

  27. Toula Iliopoulos says:

    Ohhh yes the earth is round. I’d hate to fall off into space . Yes it was snippy (I call it Sarcasim with an edge ) and blue is your favorite color and it’s mine also

  28. Margarita Coale says:

    Yes, yes and yes.

    But while the earth is round the way to someone’s heart is never that easy. I love your Mom and it seems that this holds true for all we are snipy when we are impatient (in fact I have to remember to add that to my New Years resolutions.). And blue is a fabulous color lots of different shades.

  29. Jane says:

    well Isuppose the earth is roundish but I might use spherical as it is lumpy
    define snippy I think that you are definitely showing spunk ..
    while blue is a lovely color I am also a fan of red …thanks Jane

  30. Tashena Smith says:

    Yes, last I checked, earth is round…haha yes, yes, that tone was a little bit snippy, and while blue is my second fave color, my abso fave is tiedye. What? That’s a color! Anywho, that story so cracked me up and I cannot wait to get started on the “Make Me” series!!!

  31. Delane says:

    Yes, yes, no…sorry Red’s my fave.
    I had the lunch date with a guy. I wouldn’t do dinner first because he seemed just a little too pushy but benefit of the doubt let’s try lunch. We go, he adamantly tries to get me to eat escargot. I told him before, during, and after he ordered. ..no way… he thought he could get me to anyway. So after that disastrous date he kept asking even sent roses but stayed strong and he finally got the message.

  32. jodi marinich says:


  33. Amber M says:

    yes, no, yes my husband setup a candlight dinner following by a fun evening, and it was so wonderful.

  34. Debra Reeves-Debbie Jo says:

    My answers:
    Yes, the earth is round,
    Heck yeah that tone was snippy but you kind of deserved it,
    Not just any blue, my favorite color is sky blue
    And I have a question for you: What the Heck is a chicken sexer?

  35. Michelle says:

    Lol…poor unsuspecting suckers. To answer your 3 EASY questions: Yes, yes, and no – I tend to prefer reds. ?

  36. Victoria Harris says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes and

    Yes, would love to win the drawing.! <3

  37. Victoria Harris says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes…

    Yes, I would love to win the drawing.! <3

  38. BeckyM says:

    Yes, yes, no 🙂

  39. My answers are yes, yes and both blue and green. I love reading your stories about you and Honey. Keep up the good work.

  40. Ok Riley! You know I love you, but you are so silly! As for the earth being round no it is square! LOL, just joking yes it is round. As for being snippy with your mom I would have to say yes, but I think it was because of your frustration over everything at the time which is completely understandable. And as for my favorite color being blue, this is a very difficult question for me because I love blue, but I also love pretty much every other color; except for chartreuse maybe, because that color just reminds me of someone getting sick. Thank you such for this opportunity and good luck everyone!

  41. Teresa Travnichek says:

    Loved that

  42. Jennifer Eastman says:

    No, orange

  43. Gail Siuba says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes (truly it is blue)

  44. Phe says:

    Riley, I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your books that I’ve read!

    In answer to your questions: Yes, yes, and … no. My favorite color is green…like my eyes 😉

    Happy holidays!! And wishing you and Honey another wonderful thirty years!

  45. Cathey Thompson says:

    Beautiful story, so glad you got your HEA with the one you wanted.
    Earth is round…yep
    Where you snippy…yep
    Blue my favorite…yep since high school

  46. Helena Gant says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No…purple is mine.

    Thanks for the chance!

  47. Kerry says:

    And yes again

  48. Cathy Ma says:

    Yes, yes and yes! My favorites shelf is filled with books with that perfect touch of humor and romance.

  49. Lori H says:

    Nice story 🙂
    Yes, yes, and no!

  50. Melissa Crisp says:

    Yes, yes, no.
    I can’t wait to read it.

  51. Cindy Hazelwood says:

    I loved this post. Thank you for the opportunity. The answers are yes, yes, and no it’s purple.

  52. Elisa D says:

    Uhm…such hard questions…
    1) Yes and no. We commonly say it’s round, but it’s not perfectly round! *yep, I’m nit-picking like that*
    2) Definitely yes!
    3) No. I actually prefer green, but light blue tones come right after in my favourite colours list!
    Thanks for the fun post and the chance at the prize 🙂
    Have a lovely day!

  53. Robyn K says:

    Yes, Yes, No

  54. Judy Grimes says:

    Yes, yes and yes. Riley, your books look like what I enjoy reading. Will forward to ready the first one in this series.

  55. Wendy Humbarger says:

    No,earth isn’t “round”…technically
    Yes it was snotty
    No..love red

  56. Carolyn says:

    Yes, the Earth is round

    No, Mom’s don’t have snippy tones it’s in the attitude of the daughter.

    Yes, blue is my favorite color

  57. Brittany Maness says:

    I used to think the earth was round, but I learned a lot more as I got older!!
    Yes of course, it was snippy!! But I would have had the same attitude about it!
    Yes, Blue is one of my favorite colors, along with black!!
    Thanks so much for a chance! Happy Holidays!

  58. Angela says:

    Yes , yes , no it is Forrest Green

  59. Sharon Baker says:

    Light blue has always been my favorite color.

  60. Brenda Hyde says:

    OMG, I am laughing to myself in a quiet house. Seriously giggling.

    Is the earth question a trick one? Like “no, silly, it’s not round, it’s a sphere.” I will say yes, but it better not be a trick:)

    OMG, I love your mom and I can assure you she did have a snippy tone. (My kids are 22, 21 and 15) I know these things.

    No, blue is not my favorite color. Sorry. It’s a soothing sage green.

    I once was forced into dating a guy that literally sat across a room from me, and acted like he couldn’t get any closer. I found out years later that he was gay. Yep. The girl was his best friend and obviously oblivious to this, so he just went along with her setting him up. O_O There were many college dates that I’d rather not relive. LOL

  61. Donna says:


  62. Elisa D says:

    Wars pretty sure I had already left a comment but I can’t see it…
    1) Yes and no…we commonly say it’s round, but it’s not exactly round.
    2) Yes, definitely, yes!
    3) No, i actually prefer green, but blue shades come in a cose second piace in my top favourite colours.
    Thanks for the chance and the entertaining post!

  63. Rosemary P says:

    ooh yes, yes, no

  64. Karen K Hrdlicka says:

    yes, yes and yes.

    Thought I had the market cornered on bad dates–ear tonguer, high school steady outed himself in college, the hubby’s cousin I was dating who left for the army without a word. Then bam, my “boyfriend’s cousin” and I became friends until one night he grabbed me and kissed me and I knew he was the ONE. Thirty-six years later he still is.

  65. Wendy Thamer says:

    Yes, yes and yes!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed readin about you not being an easy target for boys.

  66. steph brady says:

    NO! Its pink!

    And no horrible date stories.

  67. Mary Carnahan says:

    I’ll say yes, but it’s more of a sphere.
    Definitely yes. I probably would have been in trouble with my mother.
    Yes, also green, purple, black etc. etc……

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  68. Holly Lynn says:

    Yes, yes, no (red).
    As for dating….I’m not even positive I’ve ever been on a date….my relationships seemed to all skip that ritual…I can’t even imagine what to do on a date…
    36 years old, and I’m a “date virgin” ???

  69. Jennifer Mishoe says:

    Yes yes no

  70. Joye says:

    Enjoyed reading the article. I am always looking for new authors to read. You write the kinds of books that I enjoy reading. I have added your name to my
    TBR list.

  71. JackieW says:

    Yes, yes and no. Your se ret isn’t isn’t secret now. Enjoyed reading the blog today.

  72. Janhvi says:

    yes yes and yes. i love blue!

  73. Charly says:

    UPDATE: The giveaway winner is Texas Book Lover. Your info has been sent to Riley. Congrats!

  74. Elise says:

    I’m ever so late to this post – sigh. Yes, factually. (but No figuratively), yes (that’s a mom’s job sometimes lol), and no (Turquoise, which is close).

    Honey likely dated your ex-friend because he missed you. Men are simple that way. lol.

    Happy upcoming New Year’s. He’ll be kissing you at midnight and not even thinking about her :).

  75. Jenny B says:

    Yes, Yes , No (orange) 🙂