Time to Start Christmas Shopping

So, I’ve written a bit about my family here and there on this blog so you’ll have an idea of who I’m talking about.  Basically, Deb, Steph, Brandie and my mom are done with Christmas shopping.  Keep in mind that we have a large family and lots of kids to shop for. 

Earlier today I was talking on the phone with my mom and she mentioned how excited the kids will be when they see all the presents under her tree.  Yes, she’s done wrapping.  I glanced over at my silent tree (which as of last night has ornaments on it)…and saw one, tiny wrapped present.  Okay.  I’m a bit behind.

But the present intrigued me, because I’m fairly certain I haven’t gone shopping yet.  I picked it up, and it’s a present from my daughter to her teacher.  Yes, even my nine-year old is better organized than I am this year.   I mean, I printed out my list of people, but so far haven’t entered any presents or ideas. 

Where did December go?

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5 thoughts on “Time to Start Christmas Shopping”

  1. Bonnie R. Paulson says:

    It went the place as the rest of the year! so sad. I haven’t even got my tree up. It’s sitting in my garage. Going up tonight and I’m getting presents today. For the love.

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    I don’t even have decorations on my tree yet. NO lights…it’s just put together and sitting in the middle of our little dining room area. No gifts, nothing. . .
    We’d planned on having a quiet Christmas, just a couple small gifts (we don’t have kids and really aren’t into gifts a bunch) with my mother & father in law. . . but plans just recently changed and the entire family is coming down (BIL, their three kids, etc). . . So, I need to get moving on the decorating for sure!

    December sure did come fast, and it’s already the 14th. Jeepers!

    Have a great day, Rebecca!

  3. It went by way too fast. Only a few weeks left and the year is done….

  4. Debbie Smith says:

    You are giving me a panic attack!! START SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Debbie Smith says:

    By the way- my list is in the mail!!!