Happy Birthday, Big Tone!

All right…it’s Tony’s birthday today.  Even though the internet and social media aren’t his favorite things, I still wanted to mention his big day.  He’s snowmobiling right now and will have to read this and get embarrassed later.  🙂

We met when we were six or so and he taught me to play Red Rover so he could hold my hand.  (Yes, Tony is groaning as he reads this.)  Here’s the first love letter I ever received from Big Tone.  (Guess what, honey?  I learned how to use the scanner!)

How cute is that?  We’ve been married for 13 years as of this week, and it’s been pretty great.  Tony is quite the guy…and my hero in FATED is inspired by him.  He’s been very supportive of this whole writing career.  The best thing I ever did was fall in love with him.  Here’s our wedding pic:

We were married in December–during my second year in law school.  Tony started working in architecture and we commuted to see each other on the weekends for the next year and a half.   People always ask why he’s called “Big Tone” and it’s because he grew up with a lot of other Tonys around…and was the tallest.  He finally topped out at 6″5, which is really cool, because he can reach all the stuff on the top shelf for me.  🙂

So I’d like to say:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG TONE!  I would REALLY appreciate it if you don’t kill me for putting all of this on the internet.  Thanks.


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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Big Tone!”

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Tony!!! 🙂 and awwwwww to the entire post!

  3. Brinda says:

    What a great story! I’m fairly sure that the Big Tone won’t kill you since that post is a definite tribute that says true love exists in the world. Happy Birthday, Tony, and may you two spend many more together.

  4. LOVE IT!!! GREAT POST! Happy birthday Tone!

  5. Sayde Grace says:

    Oh poor Becca, I have a feeling that you are gonna be in Trouple! Especially now that women every wherer know Talen is based on Tony,you’d better hide Him! Happy birthday Tony and thanks for being sopportive so Becca can bring us more great books. Oh and ROLL TIDE!!! And I guess go raiders 🙂

  6. saydegrace says:

    Lol, I was on my new nook and left some typos on that comment! Opps 😉

  7. Happy Birthday…
    I must say the letter is adorable….

  8. Happy Birthday Big Tone. The wedding pic is wonderful.

  9. Vicki Harper says:

    How romantic is that! Love ya both..Happy late Birthday Tony!

  10. Big Tone says:

    Thanks to all of you… I won’t kill her for now, but might take her up on locking her in the trunk of my 1961 Thunderbird… I swear she asked me too. Says its for a scene… =) BigTone

  11. Debbie Smith says:

    I was there for all of it…. Happy Birthday Tone!!!