Get Marked Today for the Discounted Price

MARKED TYHi all!  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate!  We had a lot of fun with family and good cheer.  I wanted to pop by today to remind everyone that Marked is still available at the discounted price, and I’m not sure how much longer that will last.  We already have 114 five-starred reviews on Amazon, and the book hasn’t been out a week yet.  I checked for highlights in Kindle books, and here are a couple:

“Hold on, and when we get to your home, stay out of the way when your father tries to kill me.”  (Zane says this to Janie)

“At the end of these talks, regardless of books, science, and geographic boundaries, Janie becomes mine.”  (Zane says this to a bunch of folks)

“When he kisses me, the world makes sense , and when he orders me around, I want to kick him in the balls.” She plucked at a loose string on a pillow. “And more than anything, I want to be his everything.”  (Janie says this)

“I’ve loved you every second of this life, and if I died, I’d love you every second of the next. That, my beautiful Janie Belle, is something neither fate , destiny , nor stubborn will change.  Ever.”

So, if you received a gift card, and you’d like to buy Marked, now is the sales time.  (And this first week of sales goes toward the bestselling lists, just so you know.  🙂  )

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

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One thought on “Get Marked Today for the Discounted Price”

  1. Andrea Trusty says:

    Some of my favorite quotes from Marked.

    “I just, I don’t know. Feel like I’ve lost something.” (Janie to Cara)
    “You have. Zane has always been your soft place to land in this crazy world we forced you into. Turns out he’s not so soft.” (Cara to Janie)

    “I’m not into the whole vampire caveman routine, Zane.” (Janie to Zana)
    “That’s unfortunate.” (Zane’s to Janie)

    Talen glared at Zane and says: “Why the hell isn’t he restrained?”
    Janie smoothly inserted herself in front of Zane and says: “Enough.”
    Oh, hell no. Zane grasped both her arms and set her behind him. Then he held up a finger to Talen Kayrs. “Give me a minute.” Turning his back on one of the most dangerous vampires in history, he glared down at his mate. “Never, and I mean fucking never, get between me and somebody who wants to hit me. Got it?”

    “You’re saying you’ve mellowed Uncle Dage?” (Janie to Emma)
    “Not exactly, but once he figured out I can take care of myself, he back off a little. Is Zane giving you the caveman act?” (Emma to Janie)
    “Oh yeah.” (Janie to Emma)
    “He’ll come around. Do you love him? It’s so much easier if you love the dimwits.” (Emma to Janie)

    “You’ve been in combat before?” (Talen to Zane)
    “For a decade.” (Zane to Talen)
    “A whole decade?” Talen asked, sarcasm evident in the low tone.
    “Not all of us are ancient.” Zane returned.

    “Sweetheart, stop worrying so much. Love is the one thing that makes Kayrs men stronger, so it could never be the thing that takes us down. Trust me.” (Talen to Janie)