A Very Large, Buff Alien/Shifter/Vampire/Were-Dude

Guest Blogger-Cathryn Cade

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rsz_cathryn_cade_shooting_rangeIt is a truth universally acknowledged that kidnapping is not a great way to begin a relationship.

Unless the hero is a tall, buff alien/shifter/vampire/were-dude searching for a bride or baby-mama. Then this can work. The genre is sometimes called ‘capture romance’, and it’s fun! Especially if you’re the invading hero, because, y’know, sex.

Everyone knows Earth girls are easy, right? Heh. Not so much.

I get it, our buff alien/shifter/vamp/were-dude has gifts. He’s fast, powerful, etc. But he can still make a bad choice.

For example, let’s take your average woman up here in North Idaho, USA. She lives surrounded by forested mountains and meadows full of wild game, which means she’s also surrounded by people (husbands, fathers & boyfriends) who enjoy stalking this wild game … with large weapons that go boom! and blow holes in things. She may even enjoy hunting herself.

And around here, as in all areas with good hunting, the more weapons the better.  Buy a firearm, and a strange mind-seduction begins. One is never enough. The firearm owner now needs another for a different type of wild game, and then for game birds, and then ‘Ooooh, shiny, is that an antique firearm?’ And so it goes.

Thus, surrounded by such a wealth of weaponry, a girl’s naturally gonna learn how to use them. I speak from experience. When I travel alone, I do so with purse-size protection. And if my husband is gone and my dog growls at the sound of a nighttime intruder, I know how to cock, aim and fire the shotgun by the bed. Hard to miss with a scatter-gun, especially if the target is a very large, buff alien/shifter/vampire/were-dude.

And that’s just the Inland NW. I have a cousin in California, where the girls are tan (oh, wait, that’s a Beach Boys song). Great place to find that bride or baby-mama, right? Weeell, let me tell about my cousin. She lives on an almond orchard, and her husband is gone a great deal. So this petite, slender woman packs a concealed weapon as she goes about her daily business. She says, and I quote, ‘Cathryn, there are a lot of nuts in California.’

And then there’s my DIL in Seattle area. I’ve been to the shooting range with that girl, and she can lock and load her firearms faster than our hero can aim his seductive gaze. She would not be a good capture choice either—plus, my son saw her first! Hmm. Sounds to me like our capturing hero better be darn careful out there.

I’ll continue to read and enjoy fantasy capture romance (including our own Rebecca Zanetti’s fabulous vampire series!!) Hey, I even began my own latest book by having my hero Jack kidnap the heroine, right here in Coeur d’Alene. And I didn’t let her blow a hole in his manliness, either.

Because it’s romance! All a sexy fantasy, whether paranormal or contemporary.

But in real life, if you’re a large, buff alien/shifter/vampire/were hero out to capture a bride or baby-mama … watch it. We Earth girls are armed, and when I say we’re ready, that may mean something different than you’re fantasizing, dude!


I’m Cathryn Cade. I write red hot romance in the lake country of North Idaho. When I’m not writing, I usually have my nose in a book, or I’m chatting on Facebook. Outdoors, my handsome husband and I enjoy boating, bicycling and walking with Copper the golden retriever. If there’s a new brew-pub in the area, we’re out to try it.

Cathryn Cade
Author of red hot sci fi & contemporary romance

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7 thoughts on “A Very Large, Buff Alien/Shifter/Vampire/Were-Dude”

  1. Sue Finlay Clark says:

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re my sister or you’d taken a page from my life- a pistol packing woman living in northern Idaho who knows how to shoot and isn’t afraid to protect others or herself, if need be. I can hardly wait to read Show Me the Honey.

    1. Cathryn Cade says:


      Thanks so much! Always glad to meet a sistah, right?
      Hope you enjoy Honey. I sure had fun writing it.

  2. Rachel says:

    Interesting and entertaining, I agree totally that kidnapping is a TERRIBLE way to start a relationship, but I think, in all fairness, you should say, AMERICAN Girls are armed. . . . Most of the rest of us have FAR fewer firearms about. And some of us don’t even KNOW anyone who actually owns a gun.

    1. Cathryn Cade says:


      Woot for American girls, indeed! We’re a big, big country with many different lifestyles, aren’t we?

  3. Debra Elise says:

    Fun post Cathryn…I also like the picture of you at the range. I’ve already had the pleasure of reading SHOW ME THE HONEY, now I’m just waiting for he next book in the series 🙂

    1. Cathryn Cade says:

      Thanks for stopping by and you know I’m writing ‘Honey For Nothin” now, so it’s coming soon!

  4. Deb says:

    When my now husband and I were first seeing each other we lived in different states. He would drive in after work to spend the weekends with me, often arriving late in the night. When I finally gave him a key, he said he would come in quietly so as not to wake me up. My reply was, “No. You make a LOT of noise coming in or I will shoot your ass!” Southern Hillbillies know how to shoot, too.