Beginnings of a Romance…

I’ve been working on revising a young adult book into an adult romance – which completely changes the way the hero and heroine meet.  Since they’re grown ups, they can’t exactly meet at a college frat party.   Well, they probably shouldn’t anyway.

I love hearing real life stories about how couples have met.  I met my husband camping at the river when I was seven years old, and he taught me to play Red Rover.  (He let me break through  his and his brother’s grip so I’d be on his team and we could hold hands).  Even at seven, Tony was smoooooth with the ladies.

One of my favorite stories is how Tony’s great grandparents met.  Great-grandpa Zanetti left a fiance in Italy to come to the Pacific Northwest and seek his fortune.  He bought some land, opened a mine and returned to Italy to find out that the lady’s parents had married her off, figuring Zanetti wasn’t going to return.  Well, he couldn’t exactly return to the States without a wife – he’d told all his friends he’d be bringing her back.

So, great-grandpa went down to the local orphanage and they lined up all the 18-year-old girls who were about to be kicked out.  Grandpa explained who he was, that he had his own land in the states and he needed a wife.   Great-grandma Zanetti looked him over, pushed the girl next to her out of the way and stepped forward, declaring, “I’m going to America.”

They got married, settled the land in the Pacific Northwest and had…thirteen children.  Yep.  Rumor has it they had a very happy marriage.

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6 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Romance…”

  1. Becky says:

    That is one of the neatest romance stories I have ever heard! Wow. Funny how we all look back and laugh at how we met… I met my husband, George, at the grocery store where I was a clerk. He came through my line, wrote a check and it wasn’t imprinted with his phone number. I asked him for his number, wrote it on the check, and called him that night when I was closing out the till. After 21 years, we are still going strong! Not as romantic as the red rover story… but it’s our story…

    1. Becky – I love that story! I can just see you planning that phone call at the end of the day… 🙂

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    OMG. That is a GREAT story! Becky, I love your story, too. That’s great.

    I’ve been married going on 14 years (anniversary is next month!)

    I was the Resident Assistant of his dorm in undergraduate school in a tiny Minnesota town (Marshall). One night I knocked on his door and asked him out!

    He said yes and the rest is history.

    As I type this, he’s lying on the couch, holding the remote, and his eyes are at half-mast.

    I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    1. Lynn – 14 years! That’s fantastic! Tony and I will reach 13 years in December…time flies, doesn’t it? Happy Anniversary next month! 🙂

  3. Chris Bailey says:

    How about the adult equivalent of a frat party? Where I live, they could meet at a charity ball thrown in support of their favorite cause; or a food/wine tasting event; a block party; a concert; a sports event; college homecoming; professional conference; a movie in the park; a high school reunion. . . .

    My husband and I met at a public concert in a park that followed a holiday parade. Mutual friends introduced us. He always says I ran off his date, but that couldn’t be true, could it? I never saw her! And he can’t provide an answer for why she would have left him!

    1. Now that’s funny! I wonder where she went??? 🙂