Are you FATED to win a Kate Spade Tote?

Hi all!  Today I’m blogging over at Cynthia Eden’s “Deadly Days of Summer” blog.  Leave a comment and you’ll earn a chance to win a Kate Spade Renwick Street Annabel Tote – the perfect accessory for holding your belongings while running from evil vampires.  Here’s the link:

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2 thoughts on “Are you FATED to win a Kate Spade Tote?”

  1. Jennifer Meyling-Childers says:

    Coach sunglasses would be my most definite accessory of choice! When on the run you still need to be in style, and to be able to look around without seeming suspicious. These glasses would be a nice compliment and addition to the Kate Spade tote, which is, literally, holding everything I need to protect my life.

    1. Hey Jennifer! You know, I really think Kate Spade planned ahead when creating her totes this year. You never know… 🙂