Against the Wall with a Giveaway

AtW 300px for websitesCongrats to A. Bradley for winning! 

Hi all!  Today is the release day of Against the Wall!  Yay!  To celebrate, I’m giving away an ATW mug as well as a cool journal.  I’ll draw a name of one commenter a week from today!  Good luck!

Also…I’m on a blog tour with the overall prize is either a Kindle Fire or $199 at Amazon to spend on whatever.  The Blog Tour Banner is below to take you to the blog tour if you’d like to enter.  🙂

Never challenge a cowboy in the courtroom…

Surveying the proposed site for a high-end golf course should have been a breeze for spunky Landscape Architect Sophie Smith. But when this born-and-bred city girl is suddenly—and quite literally—swept off her feet by a sexy cowboy on horseback, she realizes that the country life has some serious (and seriously steamy!) possibilities. That is, until she finds out exactly who her smokin’-hot wrangler really is.

Cowboy and Tribal lawyer Jake Lodge is desperately trying to block the development. And if that means playing hardball—and being every inch the shark lawyer—so be it. But Sophie is a distraction he didn’t expect. A distraction that makes his blood burn.

Two different worlds. Two opposing sides. And when they finally give into the exquisite temptation, the consequences will shake the foundations of both of their lives…



So, what do you think about a cowboy in the courtroom?  Or the cover of the book?  Or the spring weather?  Just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for:

ATW Mug and NB

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39 thoughts on “Against the Wall with a Giveaway”

  1. says:

    Can’t wait!!!!! Sounds very fun..

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  2. Happy Release Day! I don’t want to be part of the drawing, but still wanted to wish you a happy new book day. I just downloaded Against the Wall on my Nook. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Rebecca Delio says:

    The cover is great, can’t wait to read the book, will download today on kindle.

  4. Lori Meehan says:

    I like to think of cowboys just about any where. Their hot sex males that look great in a stetson, jeans and boots. A suit or maybe even dressed like a fireman…hmm i think i might need a fan.
    Just because he’s a cowboy doesn’t mean that’s the only thing he can do.
    Thank for such a great giveaway.

  5. Phyllis M says:

    Happy Release day, Rebecca and congratulations on another winner!!
    I loved the idea of a dark, sexy, brooding Cowboy in the courtroom. The fact that he is a lawyer, and a Tribal one at that, is set off by his doing his ‘cowboy’ thing, which is like being polar opposites in my estimation.

  6. First off, I love the cover!! Nothing better than a good looking man to entice the mind. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading the book!!

  7. Mary K N says:

    OOOO waiting to read this one!!!

  8. Marie Brown says:

    HAPPY Release Day!! I think this cover is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love the whole cowboy thing and im definitely going to be looking into this book more! 🙂

  9. Wendy says:

    I love all your books and Im sure Ill read this too. The cover? Im very visual so to me it looks like he’s biting his own hand, weird hand placement just saying. Congratulations!!

  10. ronnie cornett says:

    I loved Against the Wall as I’m sure everyone else will too!!! Happy release day!!!

  11. Catherine Vatta says:

    Love your books!!! CANNOT wait for the next book…nails are chewed….chocolate is ready and waiting, then you post the cover!!! ARGHHHHH….now I need to divert myself some more before I get to read it.

  12. Chelsea B. says:

    Fun fun fun!

  13. Sounds like an interesting read. Love the cover and I think a cowboy in a suit is hotter then just his hat and jeans..:) Congrats on your release.
    Carol L

  14. Heather Pucillo says:

    I love the idea of a cowboy in the courtroom. I can’t wait to read this one!

  15. susanhow says:

    Forget the mug. Forget the notrbook. I want the book! If I don’t win, I will buy it.
    My husband has now created a separate category in our household budget for my books. UNFAIR! I don’t tally what he spends on woodworking, or at the shooting range, wine, beer, etc.!

  16. martha lawson says:

    Congrats on the new release!! Love me some cowboys no matter what they wear or where they are!!

  17. Read it. LOVED IT. WANT SOME MORE OF IT. lol I’m a litany all on my own.
    Don’t need to be in drawing. Just wanted to say AWESOME-SAUCE Rebecca. You’re amazing and I love the cover and I love a cowboy ANYWHERE. Jeesh, I have enough capitals in here. My word. Happy release day and hugs!

  18. Yvette Cervera says:

    Just finished the book and I loved it! I can’t wait for the rest of the siblings’ stories.

  19. bn100 says:

    Nice cover and premise

  20. jackie says:

    Nice cover and sounds like an interesting story

  21. Michele says:

    Happy Release Day Rebecca!!

    Super excited to read this book! Very intrigued on how these opposites come together! Can’t wait to see what this cowboy has up his sleeve when he is in the courtroom :). Cover is super hot!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Hi! Wow, this book sounds really good! Just the title is sizzling! The cover is amazing! Thanks for this chance!

  23. GladysMP says:

    Cowboys make great heroes in the courtroom or elsewhere. The story sounds great.

  24. Happy release day to you! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  25. jackie says:

    I hope you are still going to continue the Dark Protector series….:)

  26. Lisa says:

    Super great book, been following your name waiting on more Dark Protectors Books and found this. Hope more to come with the “Lodges” But don’t stop the others.

  27. Mica says:

    Great book…just finished. Do you plan to make this a series?

    1. You bet! Book 2 (Under the Covers) comes out in May. 🙂

  28. Kimberly says:

    I am reading ATW now and I think I am in love!!! Can you write a e-book epilogue that explains that Jake leaves Sophie and finds a book lover named Kim who he can’t resist? No? Damn! I had to try!

    1. Maybe he has a twin brother, who’s single, who he never knew about? 🙂

  29. Kimberly says:

    Who’s story is Under The Covers? Quinn? I can’t wait to read every single book in this series! So different and so great!!!

    1. Yep – Under the Covers is Quinn’s story. 🙂 I’m hoping to see the cover soon!

  30. June M. says:

    Great cover….very sexy! So far here (Kentucky, USA) spring is being very slow about getting here. We have still been having snow flurries at least once a week. I, for one, am SICK of it and want warm weather so I can wear capris and flip-flops, LOL.

    Congrats on the release, I have already put it on my must have list 🙂

  31. Lisa Cashatt says:

    Never thought I find a series I like more than Dark Protectors. WRONG!! Guess lawyers can be sexy as vamps, minus the teeth. So happy I have a new series to read. Read the first in a day, please write fast. Lisa C.

  32. Cheryl Sanders says:

    Great cover! I’m up for a cowboy just about anywhere 😉 I haven’t read any of your books but I’m going to have to correct that right away. Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. ronnie cornett says:

      All of Rebecca’s books are great and great rereads!!! So glad you’re interested Cheryl, you won’t be sorry!!!

  33. Vivienne says:

    What a hot cover!! I love anything having to do with cowboys!!

  34. Danielle says:

    Love the Cover! *steamy*
    -Danielle @ Coffee and Characters

    1. ronnie cornett says:

      Congrats and best wishes on release day!!!