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  1. Pknv2013 says:

    Would you please let me know if there are going to be anymore books in the Dark Protectors series? I am almost done with the books printed so far, but I thought for sure there would be one about Jase. I don’t see any with his story after almost dying. He really needs his HEA. And I really hope there will be more Realm Enforcers books on the way. I actually read those first. I cannot seem to stop reading your books…….love them so much.

  2. Pknv2013 says:

    Sorry, Rebecca. I just downloaded Shadowed and talked this must be his story. I was checking the books ahead. Pretty embarrassing. But I would still like to know if Realm Enforcers has more books coming, cuz I’m guessing Dark Protectors is completed, except for maybe a novella. Thanks again. Patty

    1. Rebecca Zanetti says:

      Hi Patty,

      You’re right. 🙂 Shadowed is Jase’s story, and then Marked is Janie and Zane’s story. The 1001 Dark Nights novellas also have Dark Protector characters. Teased is out now, Tricked comes out in October, and Tangled comes out next May. For the Realm Enforcers, Wicked Ride, Wicked Edge, and Wicked Burn are available now. Wicked Kiss (Adam and Tori’s story) will be out next July, and Wicked Bite (Bear’s story) will be out next August.

      We’re talking right now about returning to the original Dark Protectors for a new set of books, and if that works out, those will be released in 2018.