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At heart, I’m an old-fashioned girl… after living with my best girlfriend for six years running, and a year of serial-dating men I met on an online dating website, I was done. Ready to settle down— but not ready to settle for anything less than a man who would be the perfect husband for me.

DH had just moved to Los Angeles, and I was the first date he had from the dating website. He was my…(ahem) 100th? But DH immediately stuck out from the crowd. He brought me flowers on our first date at Coffee Bean (I never met up at a bar or at night—too dangerous. Coffee for twenty minutes in the afternoon, in public, was my first-date modus operandi).

He paid for my coffee and held the door for me. Bonus points for that, because chivalry.

He asked me questions and actually listened to the answers! Who does that anymore? Not the men I had been dating. Double bonus points.

He had some dog hair on his shirt. I LOVE DOGS. Triple bonus points.

That first date went beyond the twenty minutes of coffee-time I had originally allotted him. We hung out all night talking. From that moment on, we were a couple. He texted and called me every day, without me having to wonder if he was into me or not. No games (crazy, right?!).

After six weeks, on the same day he first told me he loved me, he proposed marriage. I said yes! It was fast— really fast. But it just felt like a perfect fit. Eleven years, one child, and numerous dogs later (we have 3-4 at all times), I am still so grateful to God for dropping this incredible man in my lap.

If you’re looking for a relationship but haven’t found The One yet, keep the faith! They’re out there, looking for you, too.

xoxo Shoshanna Evers
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In the past she was a syndicated advice columnist in New York and a registered nurse, but now she’s a full-time writer and a home-schooling mom in the mountains of northern Idaho. Evers is also the cofounder of, the largest selection of premade book covers in the world.

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The lust in Shayne’s eyes made her believe him. Tonight, she was beautiful.

“You lay back now,” he ordered. “It’s celebration time. I ain’t stoppin’ till I hear you scream my name so loud the neighbors can hear.”

“Ain’t no neighbors,” she said breathlessly, slipping easily into his casual way of speaking. Her fingers gripped the cool sheets beneath her hands, grasping as if the world had tilted on its axis.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about.”


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